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Golden Age-New world religion-Illuminati (New world order)

Updated on December 13, 2017

The writer recalls a lady he met on Facebook ( who claimed she walked with Jesus in her past life and she was sent to tell the world the truth about Jesus. She wrote a book on the subject, and she said humanity should expect the golden age because it is what Jesus wants. Her claim of reincarnation is fascinating having it in mind that the writer published a book, “the formula for reincarnation (the rebirth equation).”

It is certain that some Christians already believe that the golden age is evil. The Golden period which is a time religion will no longer separate man just as colour once separated man.

A time man will no longer be judged by his religious faith or belief just as the colour of the skin was used to judge a man.

Someone wrote a hub “New age religion” ( in which he pointed what he thinks is evil about the anticipated golden age also called new age religion or new world religion. It is clear that he wrote like an outsider because he does not know what the golden age is all about although he is right to say that the concept may not be anything new as the name “New Age” suggests. He also listed the devils of the expected new age religion. In as much as it is true that some, if not all, the organisation he listed wants to see a world not divided by religion which should be the desire of anyone that is spiritual. Although spirituality is now a personal business because there is division in spirituality and it is now difficult to know those that are spiritual. It is also clear that he saw anyone that seeks power by any other means expect “Christianity” as being evil based on the groups he listed and his comments about them.

He sounded like the type that believes a man should fold his hands and watch God in that nothing extraordinary should be expected from man even when God said he had given power to man and Jesus said ‘Ye are gods.” Maybe he is among those Christians who do not support the belief in miracle. That is why the term “Christianity” becomes difficult to understand the sect he had in mind. He also saw the listed religious groups/societies as mystical and secretive then he forgot that Christianity, just like other religions, has its mysticism and secrets. The mysteries revealed to Paul, as he said, is a prove. It is because most of the contemporary Christians lack the knowledge and the truth of such secrets that only a few still perform miracles. Such few are not well looked upon by other Christian sects. He also commented on the teachings of the Gnostic Christians, but the truth remains that we may never know if the Gnostic is the real Christians or not because most of us only know what those in authority want us to know.

The problem with humanity is their inability to allow people believe what they want to accept as truth. We want to save others while we can’t even redeem ourselves or our family. The mystery is not made for all to know because not all will understand or will desire the knowledge of it. There is division among Christians which means their house is not in order so they should put their home in order before correcting others.

The golden age does not and will not demand that anyone leave his or her religion. But it is merely a call for man to respect the faith of his fellow man and learn not to judge people by their religion but by their fruits which will be seen by their works and actions. It is just similar to the case in which an end to racism will not stop anyone from being black or white, but colour will no longer be a problem.

Why is it difficult to understand and practice it?

Is it possible for all men to follow a single religion?

What they claim is that the Illuminati will bring in the new world order which is expected to bring about a new world religion. It is even unreasonable to understand why the said devil would desire to bring peace when religion and God failed to do so. What this means is that the religious should not wait for anyone to teach them peace because they should be the ones to show friendship and unite humanity. However, we know that it may be a difficult task because their first interest is to convert their fellow man consequently no reasonable effort is being made to unite humanity. Some Muslims are killing people in various part of the world with the claim that they are fighting for God and want to save humanity from sin.

There would be no need for a call for religious unity if the faithful put their house in order. It is certain that many people think that religion has failed. That is why some people claim not to be religious but claim spirituality. Even Christians claim that Christianity is not a religion but is a way of life. That shows the level of disappointment in the harm religion has done to man. But the writer is aware that religion has never been the problem. The problem is human-made because it is a man that uses religion to kill, hate, discriminate, make hate speeches, judge, and threaten others. It is a man that has failed to let his fellow man have peace when their religious views differ. It is because of this simple fact that same person that claims to be holy and more righteous than others now call the golden age, an evil age just because it is meant to stop them from hating, killing, and judging for religious sake. Well, the writer is aware that the devil does not create people just as the theory of creation can confirm. Then it follows that God sent the writer to welcome man to the golden age because the writer stood above all religious borders right from his beginning. The writer is also aware that many people are now awake to this reality.


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