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Jesus and Judas Iscariot- The Truth Uncovered- Gospel of Judas...

Updated on April 25, 2010

Jesus and Judas

Maybe the kiss means something totally different.  Judas is actually one of the only ones Jesus could trust.
Maybe the kiss means something totally different. Judas is actually one of the only ones Jesus could trust.

The Disciples are Angry (34,18-35,21)- Gospel According to Judas

Jesus recognized that they did not [understand, and he said] to them, "Why has your conceren produced this hostility? Your god who is within you and [his powers] have become angry within your souls. [Let] any of you who is a [strong enough] person bring forward the perfect human being and stand before my face."

They all said, "We are strong."

But none of their spirits dared to stand before[him], except Judas Iscariot. He was able to stand before him, yet he could not look him in the eye, but he turned his face away.

Judas said to him, "I know who you are and from what place you have come. You have come from the immortal realm of Barbelo, and I am not worthy to pronounce the name of the one who has sent you.

Jesus understood that Judas was contemplating things that are lofty, and he said to him, "Move away from the others, and I shall explain to you the mysteries of the kingdom. You can attain it, but you will go through a great deal of grief. For somebody else will take your place, so that the twelve[disciples] ma be complete once again with their god." (Nag Hammadi Scriptures, Marvin Meyer, pg 761)

What does This Say about Judas and Jesus?

1) Judas seems to be very close to understanding Jesus' purpose.

2) Jesus knows before hand that Judas will have to something very difficult.

3) Jesus the son of god- knows all- and is not victim of anything- nor is sacrificed by his god- some other mystery is going on- something beyond what humans understand.

4) Jesus taught disciples that were advanced different things because their spiritual understanding was deeper than others.

The Gospel of Judas was found in 1945 right near the Nile River by an Egyptian peasant. "Iranaeus of Lyon(Against Heresies) denounced the Gospel of Judas around 180 as a text read by people he called Gnostics-Marvin Meyer, Nag Hammadi Scriptures, Pg754) So 180 years after the death of Christ this Gospel was not accepted as were many, The Gospel of Philip, and The Secret Book of John and the Revelation of Peter.

According to the Gospel of Judas the disciples respond to Jesus while they are having a celebrating feast. "The disciples said to him, "Master, you are...the son of our god?"

Jesus said to them, "How is it that you know me? I tell you the truth, no generation will know me amoung the people who are with you."

Jesus pretty much says no not the god they worship, not the First Testament God. Here is another interesting part where Jesus seems to predict the future, and why wouldn't he if he he could walk on water and heal.

 "Jesus said to them, "Why are you upset? I tell you the truth, all the priests who stand at the altar call upon my name. I tell you again, my name has been written on ....of the generations of the stars through the generations of people. They have planted trees in my name, without fruit, in a shameful way."

It is all very mysterious and complex. I think this is more of a real portrayal of what was going on with Jesus and the disciples. They had a different teaching than the masses.

 Lines 46 and 47 in the Gospel of Judas states this: "Jesus answered and said(to Judas),"You will be the thirteenth, and you will be cursed by the other generations, but eventually you will rule over them. In the last days they will.... up to the holy generation."

(This translation is unclear- many of these gospels are in coptic -a form of Egyptian language used during the Roman.) Researches think the original texts were written in Greek. As you read closely the Gospel of Judas it is clear tha Jeus knew exactly what was happening with Judas. It also appears that Judas was quite advanced as a disciple and received secret teachings from Jesus. You will have to decide for yourselves. Just remember that men, that may or may not have been holy, decided what texts were important to the movement. The Roman Empire, Popes and bishops decided what texts would become the present day Bible in 323. That means 323 after Christ's death- men decided what was important portrayal and what was not. Think of our forefathers in America and how they wrote the Constitution- how many amendments and interpretations their are- and we haven't hit 250 years yet. They were building a church/religion. So all scriptures that did not match their ideology were deemed heresy and the mayhem began. Remember there is Jesus and there is a religion with a book.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Nice work. I only encountered this a couple years ago and discovered your work after publishing a hub about the same subject. Very impressed with your interpretations.

    • days leaper profile image

      days leaper 

      5 years ago from england

      Interesting. Here's a thought: Could it be that the bible is "limited" in order that this 13th Appostle You mention, is to regroup and one day come amongst us and "rule" by guiding all out of the misconceptions left for, I guess the sake of Free Will?

    • profile image


      8 years ago



      The nature of my experience is as follows:

      My childhood was quite ordinary, plenty of outdoor activities : Fishing, Bike riding, Playing outside with friends – nothing out of the ordinary. A rather rebellious teenager, often in trouble at school, mixed with the ‘so called’ wrong crowd – considered a ‘no hoper’ up until I was about fifteen years old. Then I developed an aptitude for Art and woodwork and was given encouragement from a few teachers who believed in me and who thought that perhaps I had some potential. I performed quite well in these subjects and went on to further and higher education.

      Following a path that lead into the field of Engineering Design instead of Art. This path I chose because I thought that it would at least supply me with a steady pay cheque. I first developed a curiosity for Religion as a student and often wondered at the enthusiasm and sometimes secrecy that my Christian colleagues seemed to display at times. This lead me into contact with the student Priest at my college. Of the few talks that we had I remember feeling confused and unhappy about having to chose a particular Church or branch of Christianity over some other. This I felt would somehow distance me or separate me from all of the followers of the other Churches and I was told that I had to make up my mind which path I wanted to follow before I could progress any further.

      I decided not to sign up with any particular Church and instead to defer my decision until a future date. I do remember however that that Priest had suggested that, as I was not really a prayerful sort, to say every night the simple phrase “O LORD JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD HAVE MERCY UPON ME A SINNER” and that I should direct this prayer towards GOD who at that time I knew not. This simple phrase I quickly memorised and have said every night since and always proceeds any prayer that I make, even today.

      My family although quite ordinary were not really Religious at all, my parents simply did their best to raise their family of six children on a single low income, no mean task at any time. My Father worked long hours, as a guard on the Railway and we just got by living a fairly modest existence. My Father was quite strict with us and always made an effort to teach us right from wrong and to be honest and truthfull. We learnt however, as we were left to our own devices for most of the day, to be street wise and how to survive off our own wits and efforts. I attended a local Sunday school as a child on occasion, with my elder Brother and Sister, but only because they used to give us free sweets afterwards I am sure.

      I had never really managed to meet a girlfriend and this was starting to trouble me at nineteen or so. I had managed to avoid having a fling with a so-called ‘easy girl’ that my elder brother had set up for me, because it just didn’t seem right. I wanted more than a ‘one night stand’ I wanted a proper relationship. I was looking for real love and all that comes with it, I needed a lucky break. I thought I would have to throw in the towel and just go for it as in the college halls of residence a certain girl approached me to go out with her. I was thinking that although I wasn’t physically attracted to her , I had to give it a try even if just for the experience, and at least I wouldn’t be so lonely. Whilst I was troubled by uncertainty and as the next morning I was due to make the journey home for the Christmas holidays, I decided that perhaps for the first time in my life I would really get down on my knees and Pray to my newly found saviour Jesus, for help. I don’t remember much of that prayer but I remember that I was sincere in pleading and I desired only for direction in my life and help in resolving this dilemma. The link between this prayer and what was to occur the following morning only became clear to me some years later.

      As I went to board the train the next day I noticed an attractive young lady sitting on her own by a window. I sat down opposite her and soon became enamoured by her beautiful appearance. I made a few comments and to my surprise she seemed to accept my company. We talked some more; I bought her a coffee and the journey passed timelessly. As we left the train I plucked up the courage to ask her out and she accepted. It seemed as though my feet were always a few inches above the floor from then onwards. I was in Love at last and life seemed to be just about as good as it gets. After meeting in the winter we were married in the spring. I was in love with a beautiful woman, married, four children followed and everything that came with it; home, family life, work, more work, nappies, etc.

      The other blessing that came from that union was that my wife introduced me to her eastern Religion ‘The Bahai Faith’. You see my wife was from IRAN and was here as a student and a refugee because of the fact that her family had been persecuted in their own country because of their religious beliefs. None of this really meant anything to me because I was in love and my wife was here with me and nothing else mattered. This new Religion however I immediately warmed to, its members seemed very nice people, they were very positive and optimistic about life and the future in general. They were all united in their beliefs and all of their teachings seemed most agreeable. This seemed to be the sort of Religious philosophy that I had been hoping to find all along, a Religion that actually accepted all the others to be equally true. I started reading a few books on my wife’s Religion and as I seemed to agree with everything that I read it wasn’t too long before I became a member myself. Although this Religion is relatively new, it only started in 1844, and its Prophet founder a man titled BAHAULLAH (the Glory of God) lived during this century up until 1892 when he passed away in Israel, after having suffered many years of persecution himself. I soon discovered that this Prophet as well as founding a new world Religion had also made the ultimate claim that he himself was none other than the return of my Lord Jesus Christ. A claim that filled me with wonder and hope and intrigue, I simply had to investigate this claim further, could such a thing possibly be true. The flame of search for my Beloved had been kindled in my heart, a flame that burned brightly for several years of searching and seeking, asking and pondering. But alas with increasing family commitments as my children were growing up and of the demanding responsibilities that this entailed, my search seemed to be increasingly distracted and gradually waned until only the spark of search remained. Ten years passed by, ten good years, busy years, my time preoccupied with simply trying to keep my head above the water. These years took their toll however on my spiritual well being. I had hardly read a book on bahai subjects or indeed on any other spiritually related subject. It had been several years since I had said any prayers of any sort, I was so wrapped up with everyday life and work and commuting through the traffic that I just couldn’t find the time anymore. I became distant and withdrawn, disillusioned about my personal problems and about worldly concerns. I had lost my enthusiasm and had entered onto the pathway of despondency and despair. Against the principles of my religion I had started drinking alcohol with my friends at work during the lunch breaks and this seemed to be the start of a slippery slope. My marriage life was suffering and my wife and I seemed to argue more while I slipped deeper and deeper down that slope.

      All of these things were happening during the year leading up to my long awaited visit to the world’s centre of the Bahai Faith on mount Carmel in Israel. The centre in Israel contains the tombs or sacred shrines of the founders of this Faith along with all of the surviving relics and artefacts that used to belong to them. There are also well-maintained and restored buildings where the Prophet and his family used to reside. All of these places are normally visited during ones pilgrimage to the Hol


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