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Corrupt Church Government

Updated on December 19, 2018
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My goal is to write about certain subjects to pique interest and hopefully help to connect some dots.

Unfortunately, Christians who have taken on the worldly structures and authority ideologies of the world. Anytime there is rule over people by enforcement through decision, opinion, subservience and obedience without question, it is a religious deception. Many fear that they might not be pleasing God unless they fall under the submission of a salaried ministers or other church clergy. They are taught not to question authority, even when their demands are ungodly and unbiblical. They think that they are pleasing God by submitting to self-appointed men to be mediators between them and God. They fail to understand that blind submission and unquestioned obedience to church hirelings is a hindrance to spiritual growth in God's ways.

Submission to the right authority is good, but the wrong kind is foolishness. Submitting to God requires discernment and understanding that He takes precedence over everything. It is not about conforming to a religious institutionalized church system where you become a slave to the traditions of man in a worldly hierarchical framework.

Why do think there are so many religious denominations and belief systems?

Man-made authority structure.
Man-made authority structure.

Coming under the authority of God's ways is being obedient to His instructions. Those in the false counterfeit church system will twist Scripture to justify their rebellion against God they are bound to worldly concepts.

Godly authority does not behave like the world authorities. Many people’s spiritual lives have been destroyed because they have been deceived into believing that church clergy are mandated by God.

Spiritual Authority Figures

The natural mind cannot reconcile being in a position of authority without being able to exercise the authority over others.

Can we show love for others whether they are in opposition to us or not?

God given authority comes from the manifestation and objective demonstration of the His principles. They are recognized by their humility and service to others, not a special title attached to their name requiring monies before they will do anything.

True submission to God is not about appeasing religious men.

Levels of Authority

  1. There are different levels of authority that should be considered. Having an understanding of the right order will bring freedom, not bondage.
  2. God is first and foremost of importance to whom we are submit to. What He says is paramount.
  3. The word of God is the standard that we use to weigh and test our walk and relationship with Him. Third, is our understanding of what Scripture says with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Our conscience under God.
  5. Other followers of God and secular authorities.

Our own conscience under God is more important than any of the demands of church clergy. Our faith is not about someone else telling us what to believe, but what is stated by God. What does God say?

The conviction of the Holy Spirit will disturb and convict the hearts of those who are in bondage to religious authorities. God is calling those who will heed Him to come out of the worldly religious systems into the freedom of allowing Him to be our Saviour. The inadequacy in bondage will urge those to move out of their deception into truth.

I, I am the Lord, and besides Me there is no Savior. - Isaiah 43:11

Many are afraid to come out of Christianity because they will feel the manipulation, rejection, persuasion, coercion and a maligning spirit of the indoctrinated. The professional clergy who have made their own kingdoms for themselves will go into protection mode and bully those who they deem 'divisive.'

Although the rejection is a rough process, it is only through obeying God over the traditions of man that will cure spiritual blindness. God will open your eyes to His ways that will bring knowledge, understanding, wisdom, peace and joy.

It is important to love and pray for those who are in spiritual captivity of religious self-appointed. Although they will oppose, slander you in their spiritually blind carnal mindset, we must pray that God will open their eyes in their lives that they too will will come out of their captivity.

Do you take part in the modern "church" system?

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