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Grace And Grace

Updated on September 9, 2011

Grace For Faith and Grace For Grace!


February 27, 2004

Angelic image of a picture in my mind, grace to see this and then

I think of divine providence as the answer for many of my concerns

That will be resolved through prayer and with Jesus.

Being a problem solver is a goal and desire because my father is excellent

With that. And I do like fixing things when I can.  Truth is of perfection and

seeking perfection was what I was taught when I studied with the Carmelites.

As God, Our Father, in heaven is perfect.

For fixing the details, that are making things clearly on faith as an act of courage,

I now lay my pen aside to make prayers.

Commanded to rejoice and rejoice for our life’s sake and hope of immortality and grace.

Choosing silence, choosing peace, choosing prayer for inner peace and beauty and inner beauty.

While I am loving myself enough to pray, being an intercessor for my family, the Shea’s

And loving and thinking of them all with mercy in the day and peaceful thoughts

Abounding through my prayers. At a place of beginning and seeking hope in God.

Jesus is the Lord of my life to the glory of God the Father. I live for His Presence in my soul and spirit. To

create joy in life is my objective. We pray for more grace for our lives and do hope to grow holy.


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