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Gratitude after storm the Sun must shine.

Updated on September 1, 2015



Gratitude after storm the Sun must shine

Gratitude after storm the Sun must shine.

Kb Baba ka Kayelo to more growth Blessings.

Happiness. Dreams materializing.

New discoveries, Ah My Bra GP Thank you for your brilliance.

May you continue to make your family proud.

May those you love cherish you.

Stay Gee and look after the money.

Don't forget to give Bongiwe 20% to save like we discussed.

I wanted to give Bongiwe 60 percent.

Get Nkgwete a am Play station 4 R4500 or a vinyl CD dvd USB radio wooden player

with a michael Jackson Vinyl at Musica for R3000 she said I must just take care of

get myself a job.

She said she will speak to Buthi Pheko, when she becomes a Psychiatrist I may study

Psychology full time that would be 5 years no cannabis.

‎I get R1.260 I will ask her is I can give dearest Bongiwe R 400 to save when is see her

month end.

‎I just need to settle my debt R74000.

Then save R5000 a month.

At my last job I was getting R8.700.

I was saving R4000 with my room mate giving me R2.700.

So in 5 years I should have no debt and R250 000 in cash.

Then study Psychology.

Get my self a demo Polo Vivo Red R90 000.

Rent out other room and study full time Wits.

‎Abuthi KB when I get my ground house unit in centurion, with a yard comfortable

enough to house, my two bull dogs Shaka the Female for they are larger than the

males in the animal Kingdom.

Nandi the Male.

A Cat named Socrates.

3 parrots fluent in English Zulu and Afrikaans.

Rent out me and Dearest Bongiwes Town House for R7000.

Share my 40 percent, deposit R3000 into Nkgwetez savings account ABSA Brooklyn.

Which he can draw or save R36 000 a year, I should be 48.

Nkgwete 24.

My next job if I save R5000 a month.

Work for 13 years at that company I should have R900 000.


‎Stay Gee and look after the money.

Don't forget to give Bongiwe 20% to save like we discussed.

You Amazing KB Nthathe Kekana remember we Family.

‎KB Nthathe you told me to go with my baby sister Bongiwe for my Grant.

We got it together.

She Loves me as her Brother I adore her exsistance.

May Life be kind.

May all those dear to our destiny and heart flourish eternally on earth, for in Heaven

we are also Kings.

Gods Poet Nkosi.

Nkosinathi Ncala.


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