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Great Ghost Videos

Updated on March 16, 2011

Welcome To Great Ghost Videos

Here you will find a great selection of Ghost Videos that we are sure you will enjoy. Plus we will be adding a few great ghost stories and other paranormal information for everyone to enjoy.

The Brown Lady , The Most Famous Ghost Photo Ever

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We Hope You Enjoy The Ghost Videos

When you watch the above videos you may just start believing in ghosts if you don't. Do you believe in ghosts. Have you got a ghost story. If so we would love to hear from you. Send your ghost story to with " Ghost Story " in the subject line.

Abandoned Church

My best friend Ranay and I had borrowed my Mom's car to cruise for the day. Living in a small town there's really nothing else to do. While cruising some back streets of town we sort of just followed the road. It's not a road that I was very familiar with as it turned from asfalt to dirt a few miles out. We just kept driving, singing along with the radio, we had the windows down letting the wind make a mess of our hair. Before we knew it we had passed an old abandoned church, curious, we turned around and went back, parked the car, and began the task of checking things out.

Upon closer inspection, the church didn't "look" abandoned, no weeds, no broken windows, the inside was spotless. Now this may not seem odd but being where we were and given the fact that the church was completely (almost) empty...we got spooked. You see all we found in this church was the Covenant . It was sort of laying on the floor like it had fallen from the wall. Ranay was into reading tarot cards and such and decided it would be a cool thing to hang in her bedroom so we held onto it while we explored the rest of the church. There were a couple of Sunday school rooms, perfectly kept and a tiny bathroom, also neat as a pin. At this point we began to feel as if someone was watching us so decided to make a quick exit. Ranay and I drove around for another hour or so and headed back to my house. She spent the night and went home the next day taking our "find" with her", thank God! That Covenant gave me the willies!

Two days later I related our discovery to my friend Hugh who was enthralled by our outing and wanted to go check out this church for himself. I agreed to go along for the ride because he didn't know where it was. We arrived at the church, parked and got out of the car. Immediately I felt a presense, like someone was watching us. I was ready to get the hell out of there! Hugh however had other plans. He had reached the steps before I did and made his way into the church. When I reached the fronts steps leading into the church I freaked! They were rotten and most of them broken, there were weeds growing up through them, etc...I made my way inside without breaking my neck only to discover that most of the windows were now broken, there were a few trees growing in through the broken ones. The entire inside of the church looked as if it had been abandoned for years. Ceiling tiles on the floor, in some places holes in the walls. Now this may seem perfectly normal to see an abandoned church, and to see that it's been neglected for some years. The weird thing is that only 2 days before, it was in perfect shape... now I'm not a rocket scientist but I know that it takes longer than 2 days for a building to get in such a state of disrepair. All this combined with the feeling that something or someone was watching us scared me silly! Needless to say, Hugh and I beat a hasty retreat...but something followed us...but that's another story.

I hope this wasn't to long and that you all enjoyed it.

Funeral Home

My grandmother and my grandfather bought a house in 1942. It was a beautiful 2 story home. And was about 60 years old the time they purchased it.They have been only married 4 months and were very happy to finnaly have a house of their own. (Before they lived with my granfathers parents.) When you walked in the front door you have 2 big parlor rooms on your right and left and a nice sized basement. My grandmother absolutely loved her new home and nothing could ever make her leave it.

After they moved all of their furniture in to it, and got everything situated, they went to bed. About 3 in the a.m she was awoken by the sound of children running around in one of the parlors. She got up to see what was going on and she did not see a thing. So she shrugged it off and went back to bed. The next morning she was outside planting flowers, so was my grandfather. When a woman from down the street approached my grandmother and introduced herself. They talked for about an hour or so, about the neighborhood and the town. The neighbor woman was about to excuse her self when she said quietly "Do you know the history of your home"? My grandmother said no, and was interested in finding out. The neighbor started telling her about the old funeral home that used to be ran here. My grandmother was startled to hear of this.

Nevertheless, after the neighbor left she went inside and looked around. She finally realized why the two parlors were so big. They were showing rooms for the deceased. This frightened her. MY grandfather came in from the yard and sit down in the kitchen to have a nice cold cup of lemonade. As he sit and drank he felt to small hands on his lower back, he turned around and no one was there. He immediately got up from his chair and ran to my grandmother. She was still in the parlor walking around and thinking. He said "Jane, I felt two small hands on my lower back"! She told him that the night before she heard the sound of children playing. Then she began to tell him about what the neighbor woman said about there home. He said "Oh, Jane I do not believe that, that is silly talk."

Later that night after dinner they were sitting in one of the parlor's listening to the radio when out of the corner of my grandmother's eyes, she saw a woman kneeling at the wall. My grandmother was speechless and very frightened about what she saw. So frightened it was like she was frozen. My grandfather looked over at her, and said. " Honey, are you OK? What's wrong"? She mumbled "Do you see the woman kneeling, Do you see her" !! He said no Hun, I do not see her. He started to get a little uneasy about his wife saying this. He said, "Jane I think you need to lay down". So he took ahold of her hand and walked her upstairs to there bedroom. She laid down and fell asleep almost instantly. My grandfather, watched over her until he knew she was asleep.

He walked down stairs and into the parlor were the radio was. He sit down and listened to the news broadcast. After about an hour he became tired. So he thought he would go on to bed. He got up turned the radio off and walked to the stairs. As he came out of the parlor. He was stopped by what he thought was the sound of a strong howling wind coming from out of the kitchen. The next thing he saw frightened him beyond belief. A pine ghostly casket with a woman inside rolled through the hallway and stopped in front of him. He let out a scream of terror that awoken my grandmother. Which shot out of bed and ran to him? She saw him standing, there in absolute shock. She called out to him in panic "George what is wrong" !!! All he could say was " I want out of this house, I want OUT"!!!!! So they packed there things and went to stay with family about 10 miles away in the next town. They arrived at the family's house and told them about what had occurred. They looked puzzled and agreed to let them stay the night. The next day, my grandmother and grandfather and their family went back to their ghostly home. The packed up there things and moved out that very day.

Door Ghost

I had a whirlwind romance that led to a very bad marriage. I married Eric when I was 22. He was in the Navy in Norfolk, VA and I decided to move down there to join him.

Not knowing the city at all, I was drawn to a particular old bulding in Norfolk's Ghent area called the Aberdeen on Redgate Avenue. The building still had the dumbwaiters to bring coal up to your apartment and the original coal sheds in the basement where past tenants could store their own personal supply of coal.

We rented a 3 bedroom apartment on the first floor-- wood floors, claw foot bathtub, steam radiator heat. I was in heaven. We used one bedroom, converted the other into the TV room/library and the other room (because it had no radiator) served as storage and a possible guest bedroom with a daybed.

Our marriage (which lasted only 6 months) began going sour as soon as I moved down to Virginia. I soon discovered that I had company in the apartment that resided in the bedroom that we had reserved as storage. I always had a feeling that I was being watched but I was never scared. This something looked out for me. It turns out, it hated my husband.

I would always try to keep this door to the bedroom closed. I would close it, listen for the click of the door, check the door by pushing against it. I would walk two steps down the hall and hear the creak of the door open. After repeating this several times, I decided to let it remain open. My cat used to have a ball playing with something in that room. The stranger part of this is that whenever my husband closed the door, it stayed that way.

Once he was taking some laundry downstairs to the basement (which was creepy enough) and left the back door open for a few seconds. He closed the screen door which had to be forcefully closed as it scraped against the concrete. Our kitchen was directly above the washing and drying machines and he definitely would have heard someone enter the apartment. When he came back upstairs, the screen door was locked (and this was a metal hook lock that had to be swung into an eye or metal loop). My husband had to climb through a window to get back in and proceeded to search the entire house as he thought someone had broken in. Nothing. It locked him out on several more occasions.

When I moved out, I maintained contact with some neighbors in that building. When we would go out, I would always sense something watching longingly from the window of that bedroom when we walked by.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Cool picture

    • lorddraven2000 profile image

      Sam Little 

      7 years ago from Wheelwright KY

      I am a bit into the brown lady picture myself. I am always on youtube skoping ghosts vids.

    • Boston_Girl profile image


      8 years ago

      Hmmm the picture is amazingg (:

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks I am glad you liked them. Some really spooky paranormal activity there for sure.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Goose bump stories, this is GREAT!


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