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Growing in God

Updated on August 24, 2011

Many people ask, “How can I grow more in God”? The answer can be broken down into a simple step by step list of things that will help you grow in your relationship with God. The Lord wants you to spend more time with him and have a closer, stronger relationship too. The Lord wants you to spend time daily relying on him and his strength. Spend time dialoguing with the Lord and see what he has to tell you. Here are some steps to follow to grow closer with the lord.

1. Accepting Jesus as your savior: if you haven’t already began this process and come to recognize Jesus as your lord and savior then you will want to start here. Begin by praying to the Lord Jesus Christ and telling him you accept him as your personal savior and ask him to come into your life, heart and soul.

2. Repentance: next important step in growing in God is repenting of your sins. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to wash away your sins and truly mean it deep down in your heart. Jesus will take away the sins regardless of what they were or how bad they might have been, Jesus always forgives.

3. Praying and praising: nothing can replace time with God. Sitting in silence listening to what he has to tell you. Prayer is a dialogue, not a monologue. Starting out your prayer time with praise, worship, and thankfulness opens the door for the Holy Spirit to come in and begin a one on one conversation with the Lord. Listen to what he says in your heart and even sometimes you will hear him whisper in your ear. Tell him how you feel about certain situations and how you should handle them, then wait upon the Lord and see what he reveals.

4. Attending church: This is a very important step in the walk of faith that many people seem to miss out on quite a bit. I understand sometimes you can’t make it due to certain things you have to do, but try your best to spend time in the Lords house. The times you miss church, try and have the family gathered together and have bible study with some worshipping time. Like it states in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather together in my name, there I am among them”.

5. Reading the Bible: Take time to read the Lord’s word, soak it up like a sponge. Reading the Bible is food for your soul and spirit. Just like your body needs the right foods to stay healthy, so does your soul and spirit need the right words to stay healthy and glow with God’s Glory. Devotional books are very useful as well, so I would advise to start your mornings with a daily devotional reading, a chapter or two of your Bible, praise and worship and some alone time talking with the Lord.

The steps listed should help you strengthen your relationship with the Lord and get to know him more personally. You will be amazed at the difference of joy and the growth in the Lord God you will have when you do these steps and put them into your daily lives. God bless!


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