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Guardian Angels - do they exist? - an answer to Make Money's forum post

Updated on December 1, 2009
With thanks to Dan Brown's movie of the same name.
With thanks to Dan Brown's movie of the same name.

With thanks to Make Money...

I give thanks to Make Money for his forum post: The Guardian Angels: Something To Be Thankful For (which was a little long!) which prompted this hub as both a reply and further exposition of Make Moneys question and answers.

Unfortunately there was little point in trying to discuss it on the forum, as the topic had already been hijacked by the resident atheists cabal and ridiculed off topic beyond belief.

It is a shame that atheists cannot simply live with their non belief, and allow other to live with their beliefs.

Anybody have a clue why a normally rational sane person suddenly becomes a five year old child when confronted by a subject that they propose not to believe in?

If you don't believe in something......ignore it and it may go away, if your disbelief is correct.

But then we are discussing spiritual forces, those of Gods and those of Satan's, so maybe it was their little demons doing the childish behaviour in an attempt to disrupt and bury the debate.... well sorry little demons, your childish behaviour has just given it a wider audience, if God desires that!

Make Money wrote....

The Guardian Angels

See, I am sending an angel before you, to guard you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared. Be attentive to him and heed his voice. Do not rebel against him, for he will not forgive your sin. My authority resides in him. If you heed his voice and carry out all I tell you, I will be an enemy to your enemies and a foe to your foes. (Ex 23:20-22)

See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father. (Mt.18:10)

To try and avoid this hub being labelled as duplicate, I'm going to ask you to visit the forum, and read the rest of Mikes (Make Money) forum question, if you want to read the whole thing.

The Guardian Angels: Something To Be Thankful For 

Angels: define

Angels: noun.

  1. A typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth, especially in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism.
  2. A representation of such a being, especially in Christianity, conventionally in the image of a human figure with a halo and wings.
  3. Angels Christianity: The last of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology. From the highest to the lowest in rank, the orders are: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations or dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.
  4. A guardian spirit or guiding influence.
  5. A kind and lovable person. One who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness.
  6. Informal. A financial backer of an enterprise, especially a dramatic production or a political campaign.

[Middle English, from Old English engel or Old French angele, both from Late Latin angelus, from Late Greek angelos, from Greek, messenger.]

Now my reply...

We know God has spiritual entities to carry out His commands and to wage war in the spiritual realm against Lucifer's forces (also spiritual entities)

We know that these 'spiritual entities' (from now on called angels (messengers) in this reply) can manifest in human form and have supernatural powers.

Both sides of the spiritual platform, i.e. Christians and Non Christians, accept the presence and viability of angels.

  • Christians seek to be protected by God's forces.
  • Non Christians call them spirit guides and consult with them.
  • Spiritualists seek to communicate with them.
  • Witches seek to invoke them.

But the fact is, they are either from God and under the control of His Holy Spirit, or they are from Lucifer and are demonic, and under Satan's control.

In my life I have had both take an active interest in my existence.

Once I had accepted Satan's 'spirit guide' I was led by that entity until I came to faith in Christ, when the 'guide' was dismissed and I was in filled with the Holy Spirit.

People go to 'Padre Pio' type of saints (meaning by that ONLY that all Holy Spirit filled believers are saints, not referring to any papal decision made by man)because they may have made a commitment to their church, or Christ, but they have not been spirit filled by the Holy Spirit.

Amazingly even today whole chunks of Christianity do not realise that the presence of the Holy Spirit in ones life IS the mark of Christ.

So do I believe in Guardian Angels, well yes I do, but perhaps not in the way that Mike and his Friary does, nor in the way that most non spiritual believers would.

I see them as Gods warrior spiritual forces, ranged against Satan's warrior demonic forces, pitched daily in a battle for the protection or destruction of souls on earth.

Where were the Guardian Angels for Baby P?

Somebody asked that.... it's a normal 'old chestnut' attack on God that comes out at every occasion.

Well I would imagine that the spiritual countenance of the folk who killed Baby P were probably under the control, (self) willingly of Satan's demonic spirits.

The social workers from Haringey would have tried to have your children taken into care if you had spoken to them of God or Satan, and the public cared nothing until the news came out.

Let's examine the cuplrits:

Haringey ordered its own serious case review into the death by the Local Safeguarding Children Board, whose chairman is Sharon Shoesmith.

Mrs Shoesmith said: 'The child was killed by members of his own family. The agencies are not responsible for his death. The very sad fact is that you cannot stop people who are determined to kill children.'

Hmmm.... something tells me that the leader of the Local Safeguarding Children Board, just provided the reason for her cosy little quango to be dismissed, becuase IF what she stated is the truth, then the name of the quango is in itself an oxymoron.

If you "cannot stop people who are determined to kill their children" then what use is there in having any such board who purport to be in charge; probably have the power to take a child into care and must be connnected to the local police authority?

All authority carries equal responsibility, if there is no responsibility, then there should be no authority and vice versa. I would never accept a position where I was responsible, but not granted the authority to complete the charge entrusted.

WE as Holy Spirit filled and controlled believers hold authority to intercede with God for any situation, however that authority is not recognised by the secular authorities, so we are denied the right to exert it fully into a situation.

We can intercede certainly, but I know from experience that unless whoever is in authority, is prepared to submit that authority, to the authority of Christ, then Satan will come back into the situation with strength, because until someone surrenders their rebellion against God and gives authority in their lives to Christ, they are by default under Satan's authority.

So it is small wonder that the local authorities, who are socialists in any case, were powerless to stop Satan having his will with these people.

Socialism is Christianity without Christ, and as such has no God given authority, therefore, by default all socialism is under the remit of Satan.

Christian Socialists are another oxymoron. If you have Christ, you need no political creed to follow.

Baby P, the abused and murdered child
Baby P, the abused and murdered child
Steven Barker, the killer of Baby P
Steven Barker, the killer of Baby P
Jason Owen, who is actually the brother of Barker and had changed his name.
Jason Owen, who is actually the brother of Barker and had changed his name.
Tracey Connelly, the 'mother' of Baby P
Tracey Connelly, the 'mother' of Baby P
and the injuries inflicted by these people
and the injuries inflicted by these people

The murderers of Baby P


The police said she was a consummate liar who could provide an explanation for every injury her son suffered.

She was cohabiting at 17, got married, pregnant, bored with her husband, dumped him and secretly moved in a new boyfriend when the baby was just three months old.

Now 27, she left their first home - described as cramped, untidy and smelling of urine - for a housing association property they shared with three dogs.

Her own father told how she would lay on the sofa complaining about how tired she was or smoking and visiting chatrooms on her computer.

Only on the first day of her trial did she enter a guilty plea to the charge of causing or allowing the death of P.


The killer of baby P was more than 6ft 4ins with broad shoulders. He could not read or write but could text on his mobile phone. Viciously bullied as a child, he became a bully himself.

Claiming he was 'toughening P up for when he was older', he treated him the same way he trained his dog.

When he and the lodger clicked their fingers the child would touch his forehead on the floor in fear of another beating. He and the mother would smear chocolate over the toddler's bruises to try to fool social workers.

In 2000 he underwent treatment for alcoholism.


Owen moved in to the Haringey home because there were people 'after him' in South London, the court heard.

He had split from his family after sex and abuse allegations and had been convicted of arson for burning down his home to try to be rehoused.

The court also heard allegations - which he denied - that he had made threatening phone calls to his sister. Owen stayed in the house for the last five weeks of baby P's life. After P's murder he was tracked down camping in Epping Forest with his 15-year-old girlfriend.

Doe's anybody see that God was in any way welcomed into these lives?

If God was not invited to protect them, invited to be their guide and counsellor, then Satan by default had the absolute right to do as he willed, and as Satan is named; The accuser, murder, liar and deceiver, by God , in His bible, I think we can assume that it was Satan that held dominion in this situation.

So ask Satan why he killed Baby P, why he destroyed all those lives, why he put those people into a situation that caused the death of an innocent person.

Every word we speak is either a request to God or Satan - think on that the next time you attack or slander God, who are YOU speaking to, and WHO is controlling YOUR life?

Bar girls, order them like a drink and just as disposable
Bar girls, order them like a drink and just as disposable
and for the homosexual tourist, some nice young men... who's inviting God into their lives in this picture?
and for the homosexual tourist, some nice young men... who's inviting God into their lives in this picture?
Whose god was in control here?
Whose god was in control here?
Tsunami strikes, too late to change now!
Tsunami strikes, too late to change now!

Where were Gods Guardian Angels when the Tsunami struck?

Yeah, you guessed it, they asked that as well.... some people just don't use logic to work things out

Again you need to calculate which team were in control during that event, I mean who was taking care of the sex tourists, druggies, bar flies and hedonistic holiday makers who were using the Christmas 'celebration of Christ' to slip away for a beach holiday in Phuket? hmmmm.... let me see.

I wonder how many packed a bible and asked God to protect them the night before?

When the Tsunami broke onto those resorts, it was already too late to do anything to change the outcome.

But if you are reading this, its not too late to change your life and what happens in it, you just need to know who to ask.

You see, you get what you ask for in this realm, for better or worse, and it's the spiritual realm that provides your desires, from one team or the other.

You just need to be sure who you are asking, and whose team you want to be on.

Gods by choice, or Satan's by default.

Do you believe in Angels

See results

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