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Guilty Conscience

Updated on May 11, 2015

 The atmosphere had changed

There was no other place to go,

I needed to approach God,

An element of authority

Whose love is unconditional.

I went lurking quietly

Like a baby crawling around

Then stopped to visit a moment.


Some mysterious inner force

Supplied me with power

To not lose courage and flee.

Thoughts have tremendous power.

Prayer adds to power,

Brings healing to the soul.

I needed to change my heart.


He did not avoid noticing me.

Concerned for my distress,

He tuned me in

With natural grace.


I'm not obliged to know everything

Just dust off cycles of guilt and fear

And scare away evil.

Spirit of Man

 Man sees fun so he is happy,

Man sees joy so he is joyful,

Man feels sorrow so he weeps,

Man feels God so he submits,

Man dies-spirit lives.


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