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Updated on October 23, 2016


Have you ever stopped for a second and asked yourself “what if”? This is a question many people ignore, but the fact of the matter is it is a very important question to ask yourself every day. Asking yourself this question can really improve the quality of life and appreciation even more. There are a lot of questions you can ask yourself but I will just touch on a few of them below.

The first thing you can ask yourself is “what if I was not a human being, I was an animal instead”? We are very fortunate to be human beings and we should be grateful and thank God every day because he created us in his image. In life we find ourselves in situations where we ask ourselves the what if question due to regret. “What if I didn’t go to that club”? Or “what if I told him I love him”? The fact is people don’t ask themselves this question more often and it can really help us with our everyday lives.

The big question that I often ask myself is “what if God didn’t create us”? What if God didn’t create the earth”? This is a very scary question because I really cannot imagine how things would have been. There would have been absolutely NOTHING OVER NOTHING. I haven’t even started to answer this question or imagine how things would have been. There wouldn’t have been life, thoughts, emotions, there would be no existence of anything at all. I always imagine this as complete silence and there’s NOTHING but then there wouldn’t even be any imagination at all. This shows that we are really nothing without GOD. All the fancy cars we see today, all the beauty around us, the technology, those special people in your life, none of that would have been.

It’s a constant battle every day between Good and Evil and we should start to live our lives asking ourselves this question. Ask yourself “what if I died tomorrow”? We should appreciate the beauty around us, live our lives to the fullest being grateful to God for being there for us. If it weren’t for God we would have nothing and be nothing. We should love God, praise him and embrace what he has given us.


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