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Explaining The Unexplainable

Updated on August 19, 2015

A Superimposed Image?

More Questions Than Facts

Society is bombarded daily with myriads of messages ranging from the occult and space aliens, to the sublime, ridiculous and unbelievable. How does our culture explain these things? There are more unexplained answers than facts.

However, there are certain things each have in common. Most reported accounts of mysterious happenings lack serious proof.

Take ghosts sightings for example. Have you ever seen one? Any photographs or recordings people claim to have of them are so blurry and out of focus it’s impossible to say with any certainty what they actually are.

Credible witnesses you say? They may have all seen or experienced the same thing…but what was it, really? If you really want to know, consult the bible. The answers are there.

Don’t believe in the bible or Christianity? Then why believe in ghosts who have far less credibility and documentation? The bible clearly warns of who and what these things are and how easily gullible humans can be deceived by them. They are demons masquerading as ghosts. Wouldn’t that make God’s word out to be a lie…that there’s life after death?

What’s that…you believe demons might exist but not God? Well, where did demons come from? The bible explains God created them as angels but they rebelled and were thrown out of the heavenly realm. The greatest of these angels was Satan which the rest followed.

So, the existence of ghosts would make God’s word out to be a lie, wouldn’t it? Then logically, the best way to deceive the world is to convince it the bible is untrue. This great deception was foretold a thousand or two years ago.

The material world teaches us we are products of random chance and there is no such thing as “intelligent design”. This is about as believable as people who claim humans were brought to Earth from another planet. That theory kind of throws a monkey wrench into Darwin’s theory of evolution, doesn’t it? The fundamental question would still remain…how the aliens were brought into existence. Back to square one.

It’s clear mankind can’t explain all the mysteries of the universe. The answers to these questions may never be answered. But if the bible isn’t the truth, then what hope is there?

People should give serious contemplation about what they believe to be truth.


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    • JY3502 profile image

      John Young 2 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

      Oh well, I guess everybody missed the point!

    • outdoorsguy profile image

      outdoorsguy 7 years ago from Tenn

      the answer is 42. but to understand the answer you have to know what the question really is LOL

    • profile image

      Chasuk 7 years ago

      In the same manner that you can believe in Odin without believing in Zeus, or Shiva without believing in Yahweh, you can believe in sentient, malign otherworldly beings without believing in Odin, Zeus, Shiva, or Yahweh.

      When you choose to believe in something that lacks serious proof, you can also choose the origin story. Sentient, malign otherworldly beings (demons) needn't have anything to do with Yahweh.