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Updated on August 4, 2013

Spiritual Health vs. Physical Health

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Each day, before any part of our body comes into contact with any other thing, our spirit awakens!! Our spiritual health is important to our physical health. The appreciation for having the ability to get out of bed is important. If you are excited in your spirit your footsteps have more spring!!! When your spiritual health is intact, you look forward to all the things that your physical body is able to do--whatever your journey is for each day. Our task each day should be to allow our spirit to drive our actions which will in turn encourage us to do everything that we can to protect our physical health. With the help of God, the Holy Spirit will encourages us to walk, exercise and do all that we can to protect the well being of our bodies. We will never really appreciate the great results that you we will experience in our physical heath, unless our spirit is right with God. After we accept Christ, our bodies become temples of the Holy Spirit, therefore, it does us no good to just take care of the outside of our bodies and forget to take care of our spirit. We can no longer offer any excuses, we must learn to start our days with God. Then we can get busy doing all that we can to take care of our physical health. This encouragement to recognize our spiritual health is about understanding that it is not enough to only care of our bodies, but we must also be mindful that we must take care of our spirit as well.

We must guard our spirit as well. Remember where our joy comes from--it comes from God. Your situation may change from day to day, but God does not change. He will give you the strength to overcome many adversities in life. The worse thing that a person can do is to take for granted the joy that comes from living through God's Holy Spirit. We must never miss the opportunity to ask God to fill us with the Holy Spirit each day. It is the Holy Spirit who takes the charge of guarding our temples. As we allow Him to take charge, He guards our spirit, mind and gives us the gumption to strive forward. This not just happen--we must ask and accept the leading of the Holy Spirit each day. Each day is full of grace and mercy and the Holy Spirit is needed by every believer to equip us to walk in the divine spiritual health that God has ordained. Our bodies will decay as we age, but our spirits are made new each day. OUR SPIRITUAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT.

We bloom like flowers when we are spiritually healthy

Did you "nurture" your spirit today?

Seriously speaking, many of us need to be reminded to give time and attention to nurturing our spirit. We have to spend time encouraging our spirit through prayer and reading God's word. Before anything else, we must understand that true will power to deal with day to day issues are much easier when we are walking in the spirit. It is imperative therefore, that we learn to dedicate time each day to nurture our spirit. For years I have asked those that I would teach in Sunday school, "how much time do you spend reading your Bible?" There would always be quiet--so I would then share how many hours are in one day--24 hours. Then I would share how many minutes are in one hour 60. Then I would share how many seconds are in one minute-3600. Then I would ask, "how much of that time do you spend with God?" It is a simple question of simple math. If we understand how much time is given to us each day and truly appreciate that each day is a gift from God, then how difficult is it to spend time with God in prayer and reading His word. It is the best way to nurture our spirits and it offers such a great reward. When our spirits are nurtured, we are motivated in all kinds of ways. If our jobs are stressful, when our spirits are nurtured we will be motivated that "this too shall pass". If we are "challenged" in a relationship a nurtured spirit will encourage us to be at peace. God's Word is powerful and praying to God allows are spirit to be comforted.

One of the steps in nurturing our spirit requires reading a translation of Bible that is clear and accurate. I recommend the New King James Version and the English Standard Version. These two translations are just that--translations, not interpretations. Many Bibles offer an interpretation of Scripture, instead of just translating it word for word. To worship God in spirit and in truth, requires that we are reading the "truth" as God intended us to read it. His word must be read in the correct context in order to get the correct meaning. There are many ways to apply God's Word, but there is only one true meaning. The versions that I recommend that you read, will help you to see the wisdom and knowledge that will help you to understand God's revelation in such a way that your spirit will be nurtured. You will then hopefully want to read it more!!


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