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How to Better Understand Your Life Purpose

Updated on April 10, 2017

Your purpose in life

Your life's purpose is that energy that is held by your soul, which represents itself as the journey in the circle of life. Your soul is the custodian and presenter of your purpose, to better understand purpose we need to better understand ourselves, yet because we live in a distorted world that allows illusions to infiltrate our perception, our purpose is held captive, waiting in a cage for the day it is freed from its cage.

In order to learn our purpose, we need to unlearn our false realities, be brutally honest with ourselves, question who we are and who we are not. Understand the life that is bigger than us and the life that is within us, silence the noise that surrounds us and opens ourselves up to a deeper voice.

Ours is not a complex process, where you need to acquire certain skills, speak or act in a certain way, as simple as the breath we take, our purpose is ought to be that effortless. We breathe in and breath out that is the art of life, we take a breath and give a breath, no matter who you are or what you do the purpose that is bestowed upon your life lies in this parameter. The parameter of giving and taking, receiving and giving, planting and sowing. This elaborates to us that we are meant to be receiving from somewhere and giving to somewhere. The beauty of it all is that we are guided by understanding that this need not be a struggle when we struggle and force we should know that something is misplaced. When we find the simplicity it all we also find the abundance in it. Picture the world with 7 billion people and air enough to for everyone. The air never runs out it is always there, in our purpose, our true purpose there is abundance an everlasting flow of energy that feeds us and gives a chance to feed others.

The beauty that is in our purpose

It shines a light into endless opportunities, when we have an energy withing us that feels stuck and unable to move forward, then surely we are outside the bounds of our purpose, because our life's purpose exists withing the laws of evolution, a forever growing and evolving state of existence, this ensures that we never get bored or feel as though we are stuck in a routine. We progress and grow within our purpose making way for those that are younger to come in with fresh new energy. Imagine a situation where people stay and grow old in one position in life? Not only would they feel miserable there would be no circulation new in and old out.

There are proven methods and ideologies that help us better understand our life's purpose.

First, there must be Silence

It means more than a moment without sound. We have very loud jobs, very loud children, loud spouses, families, technologies, we owe this much on that account, so and so owes us that much, we have so many thoughts, we have loud neighbourhoods and societies. We need not a moment of silence, we need moments of silence. The human brain can only take so much loud vibrations before it is sick and tired, as a matter of fact, sickness is linked to stress and stress comes from an unbalanced mind cluttered with noise.

The myth that it is not possible to find the silence that can balance you as a lifestyle is rife amongst the working class, those of that need jobs to feed our families believe that meditative practices are only for a certain group of people, and this is not true. Balancing yourself is as important as breakfast and it is a necessity for all. The myth that is, you need to go on a holiday or retreat to balance yourself is dangerous to anyone who wants to take a journey towards aligning themselves with their true purpose, when truth is that you need a moment a series of moments that you give yourself each and every day. To silence everything, to worry not about anything, when you don’t carry any burden, you don’t owe anybody anything, where it's just you and the universe. We all want to be pleasant and forever at peace, to rest. There is no science to this, just silence.

In silence you can hear your voice, you can hear heaven's voice, your sense of truth is heightened and you are further away from illusions. That drown your peace, silence is a gift from heaven one that should be treasured and appreciated, ever wonder why there is so much noise? Why your time is used up so much? This is because we live in a space that has negative energies on a task to separate us from our identities to further its agenda, if we are not careful we find ourselves serving and defending these energies, acting as energies that aim to protect the status quo, a world with no silence the world where people are only dedicated to nine to five jobs the world where mothers do not spend time with their children and all we have to offer the next generation is a larger pile of noise.

The first thing you have to do in order to align yourself with your purpose is to find silence.

Next is the process of unlearning

It really is not about what we learn, but what we unlearn. Most of what we are today is a result of what we were told and thought yesterday, our world has been shaped by society and all its constituents. Our families and friends have to a large degree defined how we define our world and ourselves. We have are a people that have not fully developed its sense of self-discovery. That is why we need to unlearn, but often we are challenged in unlearning, by the very same people who give you a book that says all things are possible, they come right around and tell you to not believe in certain things, because even when society says be yourself and you do, they turn around and say but not like this or not like that. Taking back the supposed truths in order to find our own, is a degree higher in understanding your purpose, and truly is a lot harder than the first one, it is the phase of not accepting the things people have told you, and not identifying yourself with the ideologies that insult your soul. There is a great deal of information we have stored in our hearts in our minds that truly does not serve who we are, that only insults who we are. If you are a fish you cannot be made to believe that climbing tree is for you. Clearly, the route that defines who you are is different from that of a monkeys route.

your energy throws away false identities which involve losing friends, losing family. Unlearning throws away cultures that do not serve your purpose, if you have dedicated Friday nights to clubbing, you find yourself not clubbing, you let go of certain habits, some people report finding no means to consuming meat and become vegetarians as they move closer to who they are, this, however, is not the case for everyone. But one thing is true losing an ideology will shake your world up

heavily and you will feel it.

From primary school right through to tertiary we enter a thinking process designed to test us and grade on how well we do it, if this does not worry you deeply, then honestly speaking you are consciously far from your senses. Your sense of self, your sense of being is put aside, for you to learn, master and embody a relative reality, or in the worst case scenario a distant reality, one that has no knowledge and understanding of who you are, but instead makes you an entity, for training and development. Then we turn around and celebrate that.

Then you enter a phase of questioning

Not only have you taken things out, you have begun asserting yourself from the illusion, the matrix. The learning you are taking in is not one where someone comes and tells you what is right and what is wrong, what you should or shouldn't do, it is a very clear self-induced state of awakening, where you seek to make sense of the things that surround you. Every step you take you take in a conscious and awakened state, you search within the depths of you if something makes you feel good or bad and go through an internal process of what means. There more you embark on this journey the more you get closer to realising what really drives you, there more you realise what drives you, the closer you get to your passion, and where your passion lies your purpose.

An essential thing about living in a world full of illusions and trying to find our purpose is being aware that some institution along with their procedures are also an illusion. We put a lot of faith in things that we find in this world, and not only does that limit us it also depresses us. Many people myself included can tell you that their passion is not necessarily this one thing that will lead to this one style of life, but because a child is asked what's your passion and they answer, helping sick people. Then autocratically they should be a doctor. When reality outside of the matrix is that there is more to being drawn towards assisting the ailing than being a doctor. Becoming doctors, lawyers and teachers, all of this is part of the matrix, a boxed in an institutionalized world where people have to make efforts towards achieving diplomas and degrees in order to live half of their potential it is sad.

Say nature, why then must you be a zoologist? Simply because that is a career closer to what you like? Who created that career field? And why should your passion for nature put you in some category?

Honestly, the questioning phase may make you seem like an unreasonable rebel, to many you seem to be walking a destructive path. Yet when you enter it, you find your soul puzzling with your heart and taking the front lead.

Not only is it satisfying to live in a reality true to you, unfortunately, that comes with a price, and that price is appearing insane to many. But if you do, take the time to find out what your purpose is, your reward will be endless happiness and peace.


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    • Lydia domes profile image

      Lydia Domes 13 months ago from Johannesburg South Africa

      thank you slock62, working on clearity

    • slock62 profile image

      slock62 13 months ago from Florida

      I don't mean to criticize but... You seem to be trying to make a point but it is not clear what you are saying. Grammer is incorrect and sentence structure is not understandable. I'd suggest asking someone to review your article that can help you with changes.