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HPI Haunted Paranormal Investigations International

Updated on April 9, 2012

What is HPI?

HPI, Haunted Paranormal Investigations International, is owned and operated by Shannon McCabe. After may years of training and research, Shannon founded HPI in 2004. HPI is a leader in investigating paranormal activity of all types. HPI is regularly called upon by people to investigate private residences. Depending on the situation,a spiritual cleansing may need to be performed on the location. Many of HPI's clients have been very grateful to HPI for helping them to regain a sense of comfort within their homes. Accomplishing that for people, is what Shannon says gives her the most satisfaction within her work. She followed that up with "The traveling isn't bad either."

Shannon McCabe, and her paranormal investigative company, HPI, have traveled far and wide conducting investigations, appearing on television, and consulting with researchers. HPI's General Manager, Paul Dale Roberts, is scheduled to travel to Costa Rica in the spring of 2012, for an international investigation. They have appeared on many television shows, too many to list here. They have traveled to ancient Mayan Ruins in Mexico to delve into the Mayan's 2012 prophcy with the HBO Penn & Teller Show BULLSHIT. HPI was interviewed on the History Channel's hit show, Monster Quest. They have appeared in a documentary about Angels & Demons and a pay per view special called, Off The Hook. HPI was a guest on and consulted with the popular show, Conversations With A Serial Killer. HPI was featured in the United Kingdom's, Sky 1 Network, program, Micheal Jackson: In Search of his Spirit, just to name a few. HPI is currently in discussion with a prominent cable network about developing a television series.

HPI does private investigations that are only open to HPI's team of investigators; as well as public investigations at haunted locations called scouting missions. These scouting missions usually last overnight and require renting a hotel room at the location. In general they include a ghost hunting workshop, seance and very spirited night. In January 2012, HPI held an overnight scouting mission at The Ione Hotel, located in Ione California. The group in attendance captured several EVP's and clear orb photographs. In 2012, HPI will be hosting some evening events at the Ione Hotel that will include dinner, a workshop and seance for only $35.00 per person. Of course if a seance isn't the kind of spirit you are looking for then you can kick up your heels in the Ione hotels haunted saloon where you can dance or sing karaoke. There is a 10% room rate discount for HPI guests who rent a hotel room for after the event. You can find out more about these events at the Ione Hotel at or

HPI has another open to the public overnight scouting mission to the very haunted Hotel Jeffery scheduled for April 21, 2012. This date coincides with National Parks Week where all USA National Parks are FREE of charge. The Hotel Jeffery in Coulterville, California is less than 30 miles from Yosemite. The Hotel Jeffery has been recently refurbished and is offering a 20% reduction on room rates for the overnight scouting mission. You can get more information at or

HPI has an interest in all things paranormal. HPI is often called to investigate UFO sightings as well as Bigfoot, or various other worldly creatures and monsters. At HPI, they are interested in breaking through the misty shroud, of all things paranormal, to shed light upon the things we do not fully understand. HPI has a facebook page and also a website full of information. HPI's Public Relations Manager, Wendy Williams, told hubber, Rtimes "This is a very exciting time for HPI," she continued "and if the Mayan calendar ending doesnt mean the end of the world, and if the world doesn't end in 2012, then next year will be even more exciting."

For more information about HPI or any of their upcoming events or activities, please feel free to check out their websiteor or join the HPI International Group on facebook You can also watch for more hubs on HPI from Rtimes. HPI has many upcoming investigations, scouting missions and television appearances scheduled in the near future and hubber, Rtimes, is looking forward to writing about them.

Shannon McCabe Owner of HPI International

Shannon McCabe is an experienced paranormal investigator with an open mind.
Shannon McCabe is an experienced paranormal investigator with an open mind. | Source

Shannon McCabe Is Experienced

Shannon has always had an eye for the unusual, a way of seeing things just a little differently than everyone else does. She sees more than just what appears on the surface. She looks deeper; peering into realms that many people never dream exist. Shannon's interest in the paranormal began as as child and grew from there into HPI. She told, hubber Rtimes, "We are here to learn; there is so much that we as mere humans, do not understand. I want to understand more. My mind is always questioning, so I find myself always seeking answers, looking beyond conventional boundaries of time and space, life and death." Her inquisitive mind and keen intuition have led her to follow her dream of helping others understand the paranormal.

Shannon McCabe also discovered, developed and patented, the McCabe Method of collecting EVP's. This McCabe Method has become the most popular way to collect EVP's. It is the method most commonly depicted on television, as it allows for real time interaction. In stark contrast to setting up a recorder, asking questions aloud and reviewing the recording later, when interaction is no longer possible. For decades that was the popular method for capturing EVP's. Not anymore, not after Shannon McCabe looked at or in this case listened to things just a little differently than everyone else was.

This is what Shannon likes to call her "Quick and Dirty EVP Method". Bored with setting up recorders and waiting, Shannon's impatience led her to try something new at an onsite investigation. She had a hand held recorder and asked a question aloud, waited onsite quietly for just a minute, hit rewind, play and then listened. To her amazement she heard a muffled voice respond to her spoken question. On instinct she quickly hit record again, asked a follow up question aloud, waited less than a minute and rewound. Once again her question was met by a response showing an intelligence and willingness to communicate. This happened a third time and like a charm, The McCabe Method of EVP collection was born.

This is only one of the ways Shannon McCabe leads way the way in bringing the power of the paranormal to the people. "Yeah," she says, "Anyone can learn to collect EVP's with my McCabe Method. At our Scouting events we hold workshops and teach people how to record EVPs with hand held digital recorders. We also discuss orbs and photographing orbs in our HPI workshops." She believes this gives her guest and clients the ability to hold the power of the paranormal in their own hands. It also makes more interesting television and radio programming. With the help of modern hand held recorders, Shannon McCabe, became a leader in the paranormal field.

Shannon McCabe is a powerful presence, armed with an intelligent quick wit, charm and beauty; she is the full package. Her keen business sense is tempered with spirit and guided by intuition. With Shannon's bubbly personality, it is no wonder, she is a regular guest on television and radio both in the USA and abroad. Shannon McCabe is unstoppable. In wrapping up her interview with hubber, Rtimes, She winked and said, "from what I have learned even death won't stop me." Then she flashed that winning smile and laughed.

You can learn more about Shannon McCabe or her at her website or the patented McCabe Method of EVP collection at the HPI website Shannon McCabe also has a facebook page for herself and for HPI She invites you to visit her sites.

HPI's Paul Dale Roberts

Paul Dale Roberts, General Manager of HPI.  He is also known as 'The demon Warrior"
Paul Dale Roberts, General Manager of HPI. He is also known as 'The demon Warrior" | Source

HPI Paranormal Poll

Do You Believe Paranormal Activity Exists?

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HPI's Demon Warrior, Paul Dale Roberts

Paul Dale Roberts, the General Manager of HPI, comes from a military and law enforcement background. He is adept at checking the facts and searching for clues. He has also found some of the less scientific methods of investigation to have validity. Besides his military and police training, Paul Dale Roberts, has done extensive research into the paranormal. He has emphasized the study of monsters, UFO's and other unexplained paranormal activities, beyond a casual haunting, accumulating a vast knowledge of all things paranormal. "There are always new reports of what I like to call 'High Strangeness' to investigate," laughed Paul, "it's my own term and I like to use it."

Paul Dale Roberts is often called, the Demon Warrior. That means he will go to extremes. He is willing to handle situations for HPI's clients that others would have refused to investigate. He has learned how to perform exorcisms and has helped individuals regain their lives by thwarting demonic possessions. Paul Dale Roberts is not a coward, that is certain. He has looked evil in the eye and cast it out. In his own words, to hubber, Rtimes he said "I do not scare easily. I could not do this job if I did. Believe me there is a lot of pressure when you perform an exorcism."

Paul Dale Roberts is also an accomplished author with two books under his belt. He has written hundreds of articles on his website Many of his articles regard investigations for HPI and their findings. This is a website he created to feature aspiring comic book artists. He is currently writing another book and staying very busy with HPI investigations and television appearances.


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