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Happiness Spell

Updated on June 30, 2012

To Surround Yourself With Happiness


1 Cup Ginger ale
3 Cherries
4 Berries

This seems to easy, but this is all you need to do! First, cleanse ingredients using spring water, while doing so chant:

I cleanse thee
Elements of my spell
To enhance your power
And do me well

Now place the cherries and berries into a cup of ginger ale and chant:

I ask the Divine
From up above
Surround me with
Happiness and love
I take within me
The power to find
Bliss before me
And make it mine
This spell is true
And harms no one
As I will it
It is done

Drink your concoction and while doing so envision yourself in happy situations. Feel the happiness grow inside you and actually feel yourself emit your happiness into the world. Be sure to eat the berries and cherries to enhance the power of your spell.

This a tasty spell that you can perform everyday, if you so wish. Be happy with yourself, be happy with your life, be happy with your family, be happy with your friends,... Be happy!

*Never consume ingredients that you are allergic to*


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