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Happiness is a Conscious Choice

Updated on March 19, 2015

Cause ripples of happiness


Happiness is a flower in bloom

Your mind can be as bringing flowers to bloom or your life into desolation. The choice is yours.
Your mind can be as bringing flowers to bloom or your life into desolation. The choice is yours. | Source

Happiness is a choice

We ultimately choose to feel happy or sad. Everyone experiences things in life that makes them sad, there is no choice in that. But we do choose how we deal with it. If something or someone makes us sad or angry we need to first release these feelings, by letting them run their course and express them. Then after we have had time to vent and express our sadness or anger, one needs to try to move on. We can do this by trying to see something good in our situation and not finding blame in ourselves or others for it. One good way to accomplish this is to look at the positive things we currently have in our lives. Be grateful and thankful for what we have. Try not to dwell on the sadness or anger. Sometimes the longer we think on things the worse they become in our minds. We can consciously use our thoughts to make ourselves feel better, rather than worse. Being thankful for the good things we now have can help us overcome what we just lost. When we lose a loved one, we will always feel sad and it never completely goes away. But life moves on and so must we. Finding fault in ourselves and others will just make us feel worse in the long run. People sometimes keep themselves in a state of negativity with self pity. Self pity can never lead to good feelings about ourselves or another. Blaming others for our mistakes can only make us feel worse in the long run.

Please watch the complete movie to get the message

Wishes can make honey

Please use your desires and internal dialog to make honey for yourself.
Please use your desires and internal dialog to make honey for yourself. | Source

Positive self talk

Each morning upon waking up count your blessings. Remind yourself of the good things you have in life and the bad things will begin to fade. Rather than waste your energy pointing the blame or kicking yourself. Use your energy to solve the problem. Once my friend was robbed and spent his time and energy finding ways to get revenge. I was then robbed too. I felt lousy because I lost all my money. But, rather than waste my time on revenge I spent it figuring out how to earn the money back. Two months later I was happy and had all my money back. My friend was still miserable and working on plans to beat and rob the person who stole his money. He still did not have any of the money back and he was still upset about it.

Each day revisit your goal and tell yourself you will succeed. Imagine how your success will play out. Soon it will arrive better than you even imagined. Rather than sit around thinking about what I will do when I have lots of money. Better to think about what you will do to get the money. Best is to imagine you already have the money and feel your riches right here, right now. Rather than thinking about a hope somewhere off in the distant future, feel it now and live it. That does not mean spend money you do not have, I am talking about your state of mind. Be in the here and now, rather than projecting into the past or future. And I'm not saying do not plan, I'm saying do not dwell. Do not occupy your mind too long in a fantasy of something you imagine to come or has past. Enjoy your time now, because that is all that is real and not imagined. Do you catch my meaning? Nothing is absolute, except that we are aware ... right here, right now! I am the same as everyone and must remind myself over and over to do this because its easy to get caught up in it all.

The truth is that objective desires like money never makes us happy. After we get the money we may find the best part of the experience was earning it. I have found the feeling of being loved and needed is happiness. Looking at riches as the source of happiness is a fantasy. We are simply focusing on what we do not have and the problems we experience from this. The money may solve those problems, but it will not bring us the core happiness we desire. Once we have the money we will just find the next problem to overcome, it never ends. It's very easy to fall for this illusion, we all do. I have been thinking that happiness is inherent to our nature, it is natural for each of us. Then something comes along that obscures that happiness and causes unhappy feelings. Then we think on this and it begins to feel worse. I am saying to you that when we naturally think on this to use that same pattern of thinking to bring yourself to feel better, rather than allowing it to become worse.

I find happiness each morning when I look into my wife's eyes and see her love shining back at me. Happiness when I use my attention to focus on the beautiful life I now enjoy. Even when I go to work and complain because of the stress. I am secretly happy because I feel needed and I do my best to succeed in the task at hand. Sometimes it just feels good to complain and vent a bit, but never take it too seriously as its just a form of therapy to relieve the immediate stress one is feeling. I realize how corny this sounds, but it's true because it is all the state of mind that we subscribe to that regulates our happiness. Things happen as they come and go, this is life. But it's how we think about it and feel about it that either brings us happiness or makes us sad. We may not be able to control all aspects of life, but we can control how we feel about them by controlling the way we think about them. It is that easy or that hard, your choice.

The magic is you


Positive wish

Always wish for the positive change you want, never wish to lose the negative thing that troubles you. Imagine the positive coming to you, not the negative leaving you. Because it is a law of nature and mind that what you focus your energy on is what you attract to yourself. Your giving commands to your subconscious mind, who does not know the difference between good or bad, positive or negative. Unconscious mind only knows what you are focusing on. Focus your attention on your true desire, not on the negative that causes you trouble or pain. It's the law of attraction at work, energy flows where attention goes.

Create positive Memes

Create positive memes for yourself. To make yourself feel good and / or to succeed in goals. By a meme in this context I mean a phrase. Or it can even be a symbol that has special meaning for you. That you hang on the wall or colors you wear on your body as a type of talisman or what ever name you want to call it. These days the word memes has become a sort of buzz word that can range from simple word phrases to pictures to patterns of belief. Use it the best way it works for you. What works is good. You can mentally attach feelings to your special meme to empower it for yourself. As simple as it sounds, it can be very powerful for you. But once again its all your choice, its what you put into it. These types of things only work as well as you allow them to. The magic is you and your mind.

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    • Randy Horizon profile image

      Randy Hirneisen 2 years ago from Philadelphia

      Thank you Wiccan Sage, I need to check the book out.

      Thank you Manatita, I love Mooji and his clear pure wisdom. The Divine Mother shines her love into my heart always, she has my deepest love and may she bless you as well.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      I like the drawing Randy. Cool. A wonderful video and a very wise man.

      Finally, a Hub with super-excellent and positive vibes. May the Divine Mother bless your heart.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 2 years ago

      Very true, great hub. I've always liked Dennis Prager's book "Happiness is a Serious Problem." It made me start looking at my own perspective in life differently. Nice job here, voted up.