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Happy Birthday The Honourable Doctor Arnold Lawrance.

Updated on July 1, 2015

Grace Time and Effort


Happy Birthday The Honourable Docter Arnold Lawrance.

Doctor Arnold ' The Honourable' Lawrance.

Happy Happy Birthday!

‎Thank You Psycho Analysing Me 2008 February to

April 2012.

I relapsed Once in 5 years,under your care and


Thank You for Your Precious Time as well as

Psychiatric Knowledge.

Thank You for helping Me beleive i can turn my

Life into my SuccessI

Have not smoked Cannibus this year.

I last smoked December 23rd 2014.

The best part.

I have peace in my mind,i can Rest day and


The voices are gone.

Doc they Vanished.

It was people in my community saying bewitched.



Thank You for Your Efforts on my Journey.

It is Gods Grace i am still on Earth, may The Lord

watch over Bongiwe and keep her Cosy.‎

May Your Daughter Zowie make You Proud.

And Your Son Baron May he find a Bride and

Unconditional Love on his path as a Human


May You make a thousand wishes, may your

deepest desires come to Life.

i will keep grooming saving every penny.

Love Nkosinathi Ncala Doctor Bongiwe Ncala Tailanez


Gods Poet Nkosi


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