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Hare Krishna. ( To live is to die with peace in your heart).

Updated on February 5, 2016

Hare Krishna.


Hare Krishna. ( To live is to die with peace in yoyr heart).

Hare Krishna Consciousness ( To live is to die with peace in your heart).

‎A tribute to Ashley D.W Maharaj and all her dependents.

To all souls may peace dwell, where darkness, larks. ‎

‎The soul lives in the body.We are born a boy perhaps a girl.We inherit comfort or hardships.That is not the ending we can enhance or demolish our quality of life, at the blink of a heartbeat.
The anatomy of the spirit.Within our body the spirit, soul, and our dreams take shape.

Our life.We have an immune system which is an indication of how healthy we are.Our white and red blood cells which fight viruses.Our blood cells think of them as our angels.Should we be born healthy, which is out of our hands, it is our path our inheritance, the cards we were dealt‎.

‎We can be healthy, athletic and train even harder to be better and faster, it is our will.We can also become complacent, and remain average, it is in our control.

‎We can be meek, venerable, prone to the flu, sinuses.Yet we can dress warm, eat healthy and we can excel academically.

‎So now that we have taken a look at our spiritual world, let us take a closer look at the battles which arise within our reality and world.

There are viruses, Demons which are parasites they also live within us there is good and evil.They thrive and survive off our misery.Viruses give humans the flu.Yet our Angels fight back and we heal.

Yet it gets complicated.‎There are viruses,demons that are heartless.Some attack innocent souls babies are born with cancer, and our blood cells have little chance of winning this battle with all our advances in medicines..

‎There are demons which attack us through the sexual partners we choose to engage with, good or bad intentions.Some viruses like H.I.V only breed through inter course the side effects are fatal, at times resulting in death or life long medications.

‎Some demons attack our thoughts, when we are negative sub consciously or by nature we are prone to depression, this can lead to suicide, or failing to cope in society and the pressures of relationships, finances, and reality.

‎‎Demons attack the skin cells.

Demons attack a living organisim‎.

‎Good and bad they have been there since the beginning of time.Where there is life there is death.Angels and demons. Man and woman.Lust and being faithful.
‎‎‎All a soul needs is love, it's got nothing to do with money, money makes us comfortable, yet we need to be what we wish to attract, it takes experience and time, we all still learning patience.

‎Youth and wisdom.

‎Our dreams are born in our youth, nourished by our childhood and upbringing.Weather we heed the advise and caution of our folks, determines the path of our comfort perhaps misfortune.

‎We all have dreams.Yet what better does a child know that you invest your energy in today will shape your reality tomorrow, regret or glory?

‎Wisdom comes with age, time and experience.By the time we realise the importance of our dreams we are adults.We have materialised our dreams.

‎Perhaps circumstances mind challenges have not made us stronger.

‎When dreams shatter, the wise say it never late to try again, yet youth is short lived.So being cautious besides being born privileged is amongst the greatest joys.You can be wealthy yet if reckless, you can squander your inheritance.You can be needy, yet if cautious you can build an empire.Then it is up to your off spring to continue the heritage.

It don't stop not even when the casket ‎drops,Tupac "Amaru" Shakur.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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