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Haunted Dolls: Robert The Doll

Updated on July 3, 2014
Robert The Doll
Robert The Doll | Source
The Otto House
The Otto House | Source
Eugene's grave.
Eugene's grave. | Source

Key West, Florida

Annabelle the doll is the only haunted doll there is.......think again. There’s all kinds of haunted dolls in the world. (Wonderful). Robert the Doll is one of those dolls. The doll currently resides in Key West, Florida.

It all started when the Otto’s, a rich family, moved to Key West, Florida around 1896-1897. Rumor is they were not very kind to their servants. One of the servants, a Behamian girl, always watched their youngest son Robert Eugene (also went by Gene). The Otto’s didn’t like the girl and treated her the worst, because Gene thought of the girl as his best friend. Since the Otto parents treated the girl cruely, she planned to get revenge on them. She made a present for Gene’s 6th birthday. A doll that was made with pure evil. It’s believed that the girl practiced Voodoo. It was made with a porciline head, and filled with relics and tiny animal bones. This is how Robert the Doll was born.

Gene received the doll. He was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. He spent much time with the doll in his locked room. The parents would walk by the room and noticed there was a different voice in the room. One night, the 10 year old child woke up in the middle of the night to find the doll staring at him at the foot of his bed. Intuitively, the kid gets an uncomfortable feeling from his face with no expressions and glassy eyes. He is overcome with extreme fear, and screams for his life. The mother then runs to the room and hears what sounds like furniture being thrown in the room. She gets to the room, but the door is locked. She heard giggling along with chaotic noise, and her sons scream as well. She was finally able to bust the door down. She learns that her sons room was completely destroyed. The boy was hiding under the covers, as the doll sits at bedside. He then says, “Robert did it!”

Later on, the father died, and Eugene inherited the house. He became a famous artist and married a woman named Annette. He now only referred to himself as Eugene Otto. Eugene always did his artwork alone, with Robert by his side. He talked to it as if it were a real living being. Annette didn’t approve of the doll. She got an uneasy feeling from it, and how her husband was obsessed with it. Annette made Robert stay in the attic for a few years. In those years, Eugene claimed that Robert was getting very angry. He said that Robert needed a proper room with a view. Eventually, Annette gave in. The kids passing by on the streets on the way to school would look straight ahead when they walked by the house. Apparently, Robert was dancing around and mocking the children as they walked by.

As the years went by, Eugene and Annette’s marriage began to deteriorate. Eugene would have bizarre episodes of rage, yelling, and throwing things in the house. He would then apologize to his wife and blamed it on Robert. There was a plumber that worked on the house. He was permitted to nap upstairs where Robert was. He could hear the doll giggling and saw him giving him angry looks. He then ran out of the house screaming. As Eugene became ill, he spent his last days with Robert by his side. Ann was both saddened and relived. She sold the house and left the doll buried under many boxes.

Another family moved into the house shortly after. They went up to the attic and found Robert buried beneath the boxes. The parents didn’t like what they saw of the doll. However, their 10 year old daughter did. After this, It didn’t take long for Robert to act up again. The little girl claimed that Robert was running around in her room, jumping up and down, and attacking her on her bed. The doll was sent to the Key West Florida Martello Museum. The girl is now in her 40’s and says “The doll was alive and wanted to kill me!”

Robert is still at the museum today, some visitors are instant believers to the story. Others laugh thinking how redundant it sounds until they come face to face with the doll. When people try to take pictures, their cameras fail, especially with new batteries put in. The ghost of Ann is said to reside at the former Otto house, protecting it from the doll’s evil spirit. Employees at the museum leave peppermints in Robert’s case as closing time comes at the museum. Employees claim that when they open in the morning, the wrappers are by Robert’s feet.

A psychic payed a visit to the doll and feels that the spirit of Robert is dying slowly. The doll is getting worn out, and even has it’s hair turning white! Let’s hope the doll stays in it’s case and doesn’t come out anytime soon.

Do you believe the doll is haunted?

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      3 years ago

      I feel safietisd after reading that one.


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