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Haunted Florida

Updated on June 28, 2013
Saint Augustine Florida is said to be one of if not America's most haunted cities.
Saint Augustine Florida is said to be one of if not America's most haunted cities.
Exploring Haunted Saint Augustine by Horse Drawn Carriage
Exploring Haunted Saint Augustine by Horse Drawn Carriage

Haunted Florida

One of the most visited vacation spots in the United States is Florida.Florida is a favorite vacation spot for people from all over the world. However did you know that a lot of haunted and paranormal hot spots can be found mingled in with Florida's top tourist destinations.

The Peabody Hotel in Orlando world famous for its every afternoon duck march also has its share of ghosts. And the location has a much darker history than the hotel staff will ever tell you about. For some reason more people have committed suicide in the Peabody Hotel than in all the other Hotels in Orlando. There are cold spots all over the hotel and people claim to see ghostly apparitions in the hall ways.

Orlando's Rouse Road Cemetery is said to have a quite evil ghost that is angry and threatening to anyone he meets. The hoot of an owl signals his arrival and he has been known to pinch and shove people.

Gainesville is the home of The University Of Florida and also home to many ghosts and other paranormal happenings. People report various ghosts at the University and there is a horrible smell like rotten meat in one dorm. The ghost of Ted Bundy has also been seen here.

And these are just a very few of the ghost stories around Florida. There are thousands of ghost stories from all over the state of Florida. So if your planning on visiting Florida why not come on a ghost hunt.

St. Augustine Ghost Tours

St. Augustine Florida located about 35 miles south of Jacksonville Florida is America's oldest and most haunted city. The cities turbulent 400 years of history has left the area filled with the spirits of all kinds of people who died over the years in many different ways. The city has all kinds of Ghosts. Everything from the ghosts of plains indians said to haunt Castillo de San Marcos which is the old spanish fort on the edge of St. Augustine to a ghost ship said to be seen often in the waterways around the old city.

And in St. Augustine you can even go and meet the ghosts. You can stay at the St Francis Inn Bed and Breakfast which was built in 1791 and is the oldest Inn in St. Augustine. Guests who have stayed at the St Francis Inn claim to have seen and heard all kinds of strange and unusual paranormal things. People see a young African American girl dressed in white who floats down the halls in the Inn and people also see her in their rooms. People also find their bed linens thrown on the floor and furniture moved around. The Casablanca Inn is also a ghost hot spot. There was once a widow who lived here back in the day and she would walk out on the widow walk and signal with a lantern to rum runners when federal agents were in town so they would stay away. The widow has long been dead but shrimpers and other boaters out on the water still see the widow signaling with her lantern. A gruesome murder of a young woman also happened here and people see her running down the hall with a bloody gown. Some people have run out of the Inn after seeing her. You also hear strange sounds and the noises of cows in the Inn when there are no cows anywhere near the Inn.

Haunted St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine Lighthouse
St. Augustine Lighthouse
The Spiral Staircase inside the St. Augustine that goes up 14 stories.
The Spiral Staircase inside the St. Augustine that goes up 14 stories.
The Old Lighthouse Keepers Cottage at the St Augustine Lighthouse.
The Old Lighthouse Keepers Cottage at the St Augustine Lighthouse.

Paranormal investagators including the famous TAPS investagators say that the St. Augustine Lighthouse is a hot bed of paranormal and ghost activity.Some paranormal investagators say hat they have never been to a place with as much paranormal or ghost activity as there is in the buildings and on the grounds of the St. Augustine Lighthouse. People have claimed to see ghosts of children , adults , a dog and a cat. People all the time talk about the beautiful yellow cat that they see on the steps in the Lighthouse. There is no large yellow cat there. There was one that was kept by a Lighthouse keeper in the 1870's. There is an old tin type photo in the Caretakers cottage of that Lighthouse keeper and his cat. People who see that photo claim that the cat in the photo is the one they see in the Lighthouse.

Many EVPs have been recorded over the years in the Lighthouse and other buildings. In fact some of the best and most clear recordings ever made. The voices of children and adults both have been recorded. Several tragic events have occurred in the lighthouse and on the grounds and people say the spirits are restless on the lighthouse grounds and in the lighthouse.

In 1999 I visited the St. Augustine Lighthouse and near the top of the stairs inside the Lighthouse I heard some one say help me. It was very clear and I am quite sure no one human said it. It brought cold chills up on the back of my neck and to this day I have wondered if it was a spirit or ghost and what kind of help did the person need.

Orbs In The Tampa Theater

Look at the photo carefully and you can clearly see orbs up there in the air.
Look at the photo carefully and you can clearly see orbs up there in the air.

The Tampa Theater

One of the former projectionists at the Tampa Theater died in this downtown Tampa landmark and he wasn't ready to move on. People have seen Fink Finley for years and he is said to have quite a since of humor. He hides people keys and moves all kinds of things around. Many times he has locked the door of the projectionist booth from the inside. A lady in red is also seen on the stairs above in the photo. She has walked right thru many people. And no one has ever been able to figure out who she was in life.

The Belleview Biltmore Resort & Spa

And what ghost wouldn't like to haunt this beautiful place. And there are said to be many spirits wandering the halls and guest rooms. The Travel Channel did a special on haunted Hotels and this was one of the featured haunted Hotels on the special. A very unhappy bride killed herself by jumping to her death from the fourth floor balcony and she is said to haunt the 5th floor of the Hotel.

Colony Theater Miami Beach Florida

Here there are many ghosts including the ghost of a white toy poodle who is seen often on the back stairs. People claim the dog walks towards them and simply vanishes. Footsteps are heard in the second floor hall and a woman in 1930s dress appears often seating in seats only to vanish when people approach her or try to talk to her.

Do you have comments you would like to post about Florida Ghosts. Why Not Post Your Comments Below Now.

Another Orb In The Tampa Theater
Another Orb In The Tampa Theater

Why Not Post Your Comments About Florida Ghosts Now. Have You Ever Saw A Florida Ghost Tell Us About It.

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    • profile image 

      5 years ago

      Hello, I have done all the research I can, and haven't found much, maybe y'all can help. Around 30 yrs ago my parents were camping at Huegenot on hecksher dr. They were sitting in lawn chairs as a girl in a white dress walked up from the water and walked right by them . She looked over at them. They could see right through her!!! Googling all the key words hasn't only found me something saying" the man came here to investigate after hearing about a ghost in white dress on the beach. I'm hoping to hear from others who have seen her. If you can help me please email me. @ Thanks

    • profile image

      Jason Nichols Offline.  

      7 years ago

      Helo crazyhorseghost! I have just spotted a ghost in one of your pictures on this hub. The picture is The first picture of the lighthouse. Now just look below the lihthouse, there is a white colored house with a brown tiled roof. Now i hope that you must have spotted a lady walking by.

      Just look closely at the ladys face and hair and hands. Its grey!!! Have you ever seen a person with grey body? No right! Even her dress is slightly faint red! You can almost lok through it! And a little ahed of her you can spot a white big orb! That's a ghost i have spotted! What do i win?

      You can visit my hubpages profile here.

    • doodleplum profile image


      8 years ago

      St. Augustine has many wonderful "haunted" places to visit. I myself have captured EVPs at the St. Augustine lighthouse not once but on two separate occasions. There is supporting evidence of the fact that life continues after we have left this earth. Anyone who doesn't believe that life continues after death is going to be in for a rude awakening when their time comes.

    • sfj54 profile image


      8 years ago from orlando, florida

      I believe there is a logical explanation for all 'paranormal' activity, orbs, apparitions, etc. Science has explained away these things and have proven that there is no such thing as ghosts. A person who wants to see and hear a 'spirit' will do so because they are looking for it.

      Sure, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures are fun shows to watch and I watch them because it is pure entertainment and I love to see the old places they go to.

      If you notice however, most of their 'findings' are debunked or simply cannot be explained. This doesn't mean ghosts exist. It simply means it can't be explained. These guys have admitted that they have faked some things on their show for the ratings. Do you think this is the right thing to do? No.

      Until the day or night that I meet a ghost and cannot debunk it, I will tell you about it. I have been in places where I should have heard and seen things but never did. My mind doesn't work that way. I feel the same way about UFO's and aliens. Even if I watched a space ship land and creatures walked out of it, I would probably think the government was behind it. It would take a lot of proof to convince me that it was real. A lot.

      As for ghosts, hasn't anyone wondered why they think cemeteries are haunted? Just because a body is buried there, it doesn't make sense to me that their spirit would be there. To me, if a spirit or ghost DOES exist, it would make more sense that it would be where the person died like in a hospital or battlefield or where ever they died.

      People who claim that spirits inhabit certain objects and can travel from place to place doesn't make any sense to me either. Why would they do that? Don't even get me started about people who claim to be 'Mediums' and can communicate with the dead.

      No offense to those of you who are actually believers but try to think about these things in a scientific way. Sure, there are things we don't know about like what does Heaven and Hell really look like and do they exist? Angels. Do they exist or not? Phenomenons in the sky. What causes them and what are they? No one knows for sure. This is how I feel about aliens. IF there are beings from other planets and IF they have visited Earth, they more than likely saw how primitive and backwards we are and decided that there are no signs of intelligent life here. That's why they haven't made contact with us. They moved on. I don't believe that Earth is the only planet with life on it. That would be absurd to believe that considering the vastness of the universe and we are only a speck in it. However, because Earth is a 'speck' in the universe, no other beings are interested in us. They most likely don't even know we exist because Earth is so tiny and so hidden.

      Believe what you want if it keeps you entertained but never stop wondering because you just might come into something interesting and amusing.

    • profile image

      Diane Blanton 

      9 years ago

      See I have seen a Ghost. I have also captured photos of Ghost on Amelia Island(Fernandina Beach), Florida. I am pa Tour Guide for the Amleai Island Ghost Tours and yes I believe in Angels, Ghosts and Spirits. I have photos to prove they exist.


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