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Haunted Hollywood: A Ghostly Tour of Hollyweird

Updated on December 4, 2011

Hollywood is the city of dreams; the place where people come from all around the world for a shot at stardom. For every person that makes it big, there are hundreds or even thousands that fade into obscurity. The ghosts of Hollywood are a mixture of big names and those that didn't achieve their dreams.

Haunted Schools

Visit Hollywood High School and you might encounter the ghost of Toby, a former student. Toby loved his girlfriend, but she broke his heart when she started dating another boy. He was so distraught that he killed himself at the school. The stories claim that Toby likes moving things, slamming doors, and making a nuisance of himself. Supposedly another student died in the school swimming pool and now haunts the area around the pool.

Stop by the Immaculate Heart High School and you might encounter the ghost of a former nun. The shadowy figure of the nun is often spotted walking near the drama department. Others heard the sounds of the nun walking across the stage and some have felt cold spots on the catwalk.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is home to several ghosts, including legendary actor Lon Chaney Sr. Chaney portrayed The Phantom of the Opera and is often spotted wearing the same costume. Chaney's ghost plays with the lights and slams or opens doors. Several people heard the sound of a chandelier moving. The chandelier from the movie once stood on stage, but is no longer there.

Also at Universal Studios is the haunted Back to the Future Ride. Employees working the ride experienced dozens of odd things over the years. After closing and clearing the ride, they find trash left behind. Employees and guests both experience cold spots, supposedly related to a former guest that died there.

Chateau Marmount

Chateau Marmount is best known as the hotspot for new and older celebrities. Comedian John Belushi died at the hotel and even Marilyn Monroe stayed there for a time. There are hundreds of stories from guests claiming to see apparitions or people that disappeared before their eyes. Others report experiencing cold spots, hearing voices and hearing people walk through the hallways, when no one is there.

Rudolph Valentino

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is home to a woman in black, who is one of the area's most famous ghosts. Legend says that the woman was a lover of former silver screen star Rudolph Valentino. After his death, visitors spotted her laying two red roses on his mausoleum. Though the actor died decades ago, she continues visiting him.

Famous Spots

The Hollywood sign is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. Legend claims that two people killed themselves there and now haunt the surrounding area. Both locals and visitors claim to see shadowy figures walking around the sign late at night and some have even spotted ghostly lights and orbs.

A haunted tour of Hollywood cannot skip Mann's Chinese Theater. Victor Killian was an actor that was murdered in front of the building. Many visitors claim to see the man, still looking for his killer long after death. Inside the Theater, visitors report seeing shadowy figures, lights that turn on and off, and weird noises. Rumors persist that the downstairs ladies' room is haunted and that the ghost of an employee that killed himself haunts the Theater.

Hollywood was not always Hollywood and if you doubt it, just head to the intersection where Lookout Mountain Drive meets Laurel Canyon. The ghost here consists of white horses pulling an antique carriage. Drivers slam on the brakes to avoid the carriage, only to see it completely disappear.

All Star Cafe

The ladies' restroom or "Vanity Room" at the All Star Café is also haunted. Women visiting the restroom alone saw flickering lights and felt cold spots that seemed localized to one spot. Other guests report seeing the ghosts of two young children. The boy and girl dart through the café before disappearing as quickly as they appeared.

The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store might not sound like it should have a ghost, but rumors say that it does. A dark force reportedly haunts the basement area. As if wax museums were not creepy enough, the Hollywood Wax Museum is also haunted. Guests report feeling cold spots and hearing people talking inside.

Errol Flynn

The former home of silver screen star Errol Flynn is haunted, even though most of the residence is long gone. People living nearby and those passing through hear the vague sounds of people partying on the grounds. They hear sounds of people laughing, talking, and generally having fun. There are some reports of weird lights moving across the property.

KCET Studio

KCET Studio is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a mother and her two kids. The family makes a nuisance of themselves and likes leaving surprises for workers overnight. Many workers have reported arriving early the next morning and finding heavy objects moved across the room.

El Capitan Theater

Hollywood's El Capitan Theater is haunted by a man that committed suicide in the balcony. Supposedly, a former manager and a projectionist both died in the theater. Legend says that the owners blocked one window because people walking on the street could see the manager's ghost. People get an odd feeling, as if someone does not want them there.

Vogue Theater

The Vogue Theater is haunted by no less than nine different ghosts. One is a projectionist that died on the job and employees call Fritz. Prospect Elementary School once sat on the property and several ghosts are those of students and a teacher that died in the fire that burned down the school.

Haunted Apartments

If you are new to the area and looking for a new apartment, you might want to avoid the Beachwood Drive Apartments. Residents claim to see a man wandering up and down the staircase or walking around the base of the staircase. When they look at him, he disappears.

Marilyn Monroe's Ghost

Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel is haunted by Marilyn Monroe herself. The actress had a favorite room and after her death, workers moved a mirror from the room downstairs. Many people spotted the reflection of Monroe staring back at them.

El Compadre Restaurant

The El Compadre Restaurant is haunted by at least three different spirits. Two ghosts are those of former patrons, often spotted standing or walking around the piano at night. The other ghost is sometimes seen in the mirror hanging along the wall.

Todd A/O Building

The Todd A/O Building is haunted by a man that killed himself there during the 1970s. Even after death, the man is still ready for work. Workers report seeing things move or disappear and hear weird noises. Supposedly, the ghost makes himself most known at night, walking through the hallways and talking in a low tone.

Wattles Mansion

Last on the haunted Hollywood tour is the Wattles Mansion. Many people heard the sounds of a horse on the property or a woman screaming. Others saw a ghostly white woman walking across the estate after dark. The city even moved a bus stop because of complaints from residents, making it one of the more famous haunted spots in town.


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