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Haunted Michigan

Updated on September 15, 2011

This is going to be the first of several articles having to do with hauntings, ghosts and strange occurrences and phenomena in Michigan and other places. As well as places to visit like museums and historical places.

I decided on this because I just came back from Michigan. I travelled all the way to Minnesota and Wisconsin and visited West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee(of course I've visited Tennessee and Virginia quite a bit before but not with the idea of museums and historical places in mind and haven't looked much for hauntings).

There are a number of lighthouses that are allegedly haunted in Michigan(which I will talk about more later) but for now I'm going to concentrate on strange occurrences.

For those of you who read my blog may already know the strange, weird stuff that happened to me on my first visit to Michigan four years ago. It was right after a real bad car accident and I started experiencing sleep driving which is basically sleep walking only behind the wheel. It occurred more prevalently along hwy 127 near Grayling. I woke up more than once at the wheel of my car or something would jolt me awake. I could never remember how long I'd been driving or where I'd driven and had little memory to what went on in between. I remember being frightened a few times wondering if I had run over someone as I had no memory of anything.

I did some research online and found nothing about haunted places in Grayling(other than a couple of places nowhere near where I fell asleep) or strange occurrences. I chalk it up to whatever happened to me in the accident. I now have a much greater interest in the paranormal.

There is a military base in Grayling but other than that there is little about the town except for a post I found online which is on my blog.

Other than lighthouses(I visited a couple that are allegedly haunted) and the normal places like cemeteries, hospitals, houses, wooded areas, etc., there is little that is any more strange about Michigan than any other state. Except for the Michigan Triangle which is similar to the Bermuda Triangle where ships have gone amiss, people have experiences strange phenomena such as time standing still, slowing down, speeding up, weird occurrences, UFO's and strange creature sightings.

The Lakes are beautiful without a doubt and Michigan is one of my favorite places to visit due to all the beauty of the Lakes but they however can also be vicious and unrelenting.

A few places that I find quite interesting are Cheboygan, at the old train station, where a ghost supposedly inhabits the area due to an accident. The Chesaning Market Street Square where merchandise seems to move by itself and voices can be heard. I used to live in Chesaning and it's a quant little town. The old state cemetery in Grand Blanc where people seem to levitate, Hartwick Pines River bottoms in Grayling and the Pere Cheney cemetery that died out in 1900. Those are the only two places I could find in Grayling. Mackinac Island is another place with many reports of ghost sightings. There are several places in Marquette that are allegedly haunted. Marquette is also a nice town and is favorable to tourism. If you feel like something to eat that is healthy you can try the Sweetwater Cafe in downtown Marquette. I ate there and really liked it. Everything is organic(even soda pop) and many dishes are vegetarian and can be made vegetarian at your request. While there, although no ghost sightings that I know of, you might want to visit Manistique and Munising and if you like a drive you can drive up to Copper Harbor. It's about a two hour drive and ends with hwy 41 which runs from Copper Harbor to Miami Florida and runs through eight states. On the way to Copper Harbor is da yoopers tourist trap. I stopped and really enjoyed it and took lots of pictures.

Let's not forget the lighthouses. I visited the Presque Isle Lighthouse and a couple of others. I experienced nothing paranormal but it is a nice place to visit and I will go into more detail in my article on lighthouses.


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