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Have Faith, hope, and Love.

Updated on February 9, 2017
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John has traveled to more than 400 countries and territories. A student of Human behavior, philosophy and religion, Christianity mainly.

Faith is from within. Love is From above. Hope is more than wish.

Where do these virtues come from? From a much higher power than ourselves yet also from inside of ourselves. These are just Three of the talents that we have been given and are to develop. Those three are most "Important". We must invest in them to build on them. We are given all of our "Talents" to increase and share.

Graces; Three that we all need.

There are three graces that all in Humanity are endowed with but we are in large part unaware of and usually do not tap into or make use of. Can we try to do so?? We can but we ourselves must taken action. Those three graces are "Faith", "Hope", "Love". We are given them to share, and expand, to grow in self so as to help others. The success of our "Spiritual Life" depends thereon. We need to act.

Faith is from the heart. When we share faith, it grows.

When we reach out and share our faith then that act of reaching out Boomerangs back to "Build" and so increase our "Faith". Thus our ability to "Love" and our capacity for "Hope" will grow with it and so we will have all of our love be reflected back to us in huge tenfold amounts. We are given our talents to spread far and wide and to grow wisely. We are given our talents, all of them, that we may invest in our selves and in others. We must not bury what has been given us but we must freely share what we have been given in love and care for our Brothers and sisters. Freely we do receive so must freely give.Share our "LOVE" -- "Hope" -- "Faith". Decide to share all three, Plus.


Faith, more than belief, does not come from the intellect. Faith is from the heart, from the spirit and is the evidence of that which we can't see or touch in a physical sense. Faith is heart Knowledge and feeling knowledge, a knowledge that is spiritually factual and has no waver. True Faith can never be FANATICAL and is open to discussion.

DO not fear to share your Faith.

When we share our faith we strengthen our faith. Faith does not exclude doubts but will give answer to those doubts and rule them out. True Faith will always allow us to examine our doubts and places them in a clear perspective. True faith will always shine through to illuminate our "SOULS" and enlighten our lives. Faith gives to us inner strength and the quiet assurance (From our Greater Power". We are not alone. Real Faith gives Courage. When we share our faith we develop and clarify our reasons from the heart.

Faith cries out to be shared.

When we have a valid faith we will have the ability to change our lives and can brighten and give a share of love to the lives of others. We can reach out and embrace those less fortunate and impart hope thus helping increase the faith of others. We develop our faith in ourselves and then our love for ourselves deepens. In so doing this we increase the love, the charity and concern that we have for others.

Build your ability to love.

When we have self love, (NOT selfish love,) we find that we can more easily love others with love that is a decisive love. Love must not be self serving and should always be giving. Faith and Love together give Hope. Hope coupled with faith becomes love and love is the giver of care and compassion. Consideration of another persons well being is one of the greatest virtues that we can attain and develop. We can and should adopt this concept.

Love Humanity, let everyone know it.

Please send out love to the world and so begin to improve our societies and Civilization, with hope of ending all manner of WAR and VIOLENCE. We have to develop the will and the ability to share the wealth and riches of the world in a more equitable manner. Ask what we can do to serve not what we can receive. Have FAITH;.. Believe in the Goodness of GOD and the Inner good and kindness of Man Kind. Have Faith!!! Radiate Love!!! Show Love. Give LOve!!!

Hope, Benefactor of Man and Woman.

Hope, some would describe as wishes but Hope is much more than wishful thinking. Hope is a good deal more than what we wish for. When one has no Faith then one can have no hope. Faith joined with love gives Hope. Hope joined with both with both Love and Faith allows us to have Charity.


When we speak of charity we are usually meaning the giving of donations or goods or other handouts to salve our conscience. That kind of giving to someone in need is degrading to the person receiving and does nothing for the giver. Handouts are alms giving and tends to evade involvement. Charity is the practice of love and does involve the giving of oneself. It means that we do care for that person and recognize their true worth. Every person, no matter their state in life, has value in the eyes and courts of God. Charity, real love rewards two people. It rewards and helps the person in need, but it also rewards the helper greatly. Give of yourself show Love to another. Pass on your "FAITH". Gift Faith, Hope, and Love to the world one brick at a time, to each person that we come in contact with. Beginning with "Our Selves". The art of compassion of "Faith -- Hope -- Love" always starts and begins with "ME". before we can reach out to others, We must reach out and in to our very Human selves. We have to bring to the surface our very Real Selves and be willing to be Vulnerable.

Faith, Hope, Love will save the world. Leave a legacy to love.


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    • profile image

      John Ward 24 months ago

      Paul I am glad that you found it Helpful and will endeavor to give more information as time permits.

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 24 months ago from east coast,USA

      Helpful ideas there on how we can live our lives in ways that can benefit all of us and the world around us. Thanks.

    • faith-hope-love profile image

      John Ward 2 years ago from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

      There is more to be added to clarify this statement and I will as I find the opportunity. I had submitted this for publication but do not expect that it will be. So there is no need to rush. Please if it does get read, will those who read leave behind a thought as by discussion we make clear our own minds.