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Have You Reached a Turning Point in Life?

Updated on February 12, 2016

Our lives are mostly mundane with each day similar to the one before. However, at certain points our lives can change drastically. This is when everything seems to be falling apart. These times of upheaval and change can be called turning points.

Turning Points Are Scary.

When your life enters a turning point phase, everything seems to be turning upside down. This can leave you feeling lost like a ship without a rudder. It often feels like all your progress is going down the drain. It seems like you are losing things instead of gaining.

Turning Points Are Times of Growth.

The truth is that during turning points in life it feels uncomfortable. This is because the amount of growth that is taking place in your life is vast. Just like a diamond is created by pressure, the same principle applies to people. When you are growing, you are out of your comfort zone.

Turning Points Involve Taking Risks.

It has been said that without risk there is no reward. This is completely true. It is necessary to get out of the box of your regular thinking in order to expand and grow. Taking a risk can sometimes pay off greatly. Unfortunately, it can also be that making a certain decision is a terrible mistake. However, until a person goes ahead and makes a decision and takes an action they will never know.

Turning Points Can Sometimes Be For the Worse.

Unfortunately, turning points can be for the worse at times. This is something that no one likes to think about, the idea that they make take a step and it is the wrong one. Mistakes don't have to be fatal though. They are just a sign of life. If you make a mistake and everyone does at some time or another then simply make another choice. We are always free to make choice that affect our destiny.

Turning Points Will Be Your Favorite Memories.

Although they feel awful at the time, when you look back turning points may have been your best times. You will have a sense of pride that you went through that. You may feel a sense of strength that you made it through something. It is an all-important part of your journey through this life. There is no doubt that turning points can be very frightening. Some of your greatest growth will occur during turning point times in your life. They are times of great growth that involve taking risks. What are some turning points you have already gone through?


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 22 months ago from The Caribbean

      " Some of your greatest growth will occur during turning point times in your life." I totally agree and there may be always turning points up ahead.

    • kj force profile image

      kjforce 22 months ago from Florida

      I never thought that my life would be compromised,both physically and mentally... a tr to the ER changed everything...2 surgeries, 2 rehab facility later, I spend ALL my days in a wheelchair and everyday is a challenge regardless. My eyesight has been compromised due to inability ( due to meds) to be treated .Having always been a " free spirit " I must depend on someone 24-7 to do for me, for another year at this point...The fight I always had in the past is fast dwindling from who I was.

      The road back seems so unobtainable it took me almost an hour to write this comment using a magnifying glass. being a published writer has been most important in my life...that too is compromised at this time...

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts..deeply appreciated...have a wonderful day...kj

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 22 months ago

      Very interesting hub. I really never thought about having turning points in my life, but looking back there have been lots of them. Some have been minor and some have been major. Getting married was a major turning point however I don't regret that. Retiring from my job and starting a business was major, as was selling that business and really retiring.

      Now it is age that is a major turning point. There are things I used to love to do that my old body just can't do anymore. But I find that these things can be replaced with new things I find challenging to take the place of those I left behind.

      I love the way you write and call attention to things I had not thought of.