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Anyone Can Learn Tarot

Updated on June 19, 2013

Do The Tarot Cards call you?

Tarot can seem unsettling with all its meanings, plus the pictures themselves. Throughout my forty years as a tarot reader, and twenty plus years as a teacher, it has become common place to hear someone tell me, they are fascinated with the cards, but they can’t learn them. I always replied that I could relate, which surprised them. Usually they would ask why it was so hard for me, when I seemed to read so smoothly. Often they would comment how I can read the cards and pulled out information no one ever knew. This was my opening to explain that I too had difficulty remembering the meanings. I have a learning disability, and learning meanings was tasking to say the least. When I told them that, they looked surprised. I even had one say, “but you read so well. No one knew about my safety deposit box that contained my grandfather’s watch. You even described the watch. “

My reply was that I was taught by my spirit guides to read tarot as if I was a story-teller. They showed me how to enter the cards and see what each card offered to tell me. As I explained this, many people would ask me if I could teach them. This I did and to observe their passion grow as the cards started to speak to them was very rewarding. Tarot and reading is an art. If the cards call you to read them, but you cannot understand how the meanings fit in, do not fret about it. There are many ways to learn tarot. The key is to feel them calling you. Tarot is a system of sharing one’s story as they live on their stage of life. This system can show daily accounts, similar to reading your astrological daily report. Tarot though does not stop at the daily mundane meaning. That part often is seen by many as fortune telling, which is an area I do not subscribe too, for we have freedom of choice. Tarot can aid one who is one a self-healing journey, discovering their soul-path journey and also take you into the esoteric vision of life. Tarot, if used correctly, can help you to break –free from old self-sabotaging patterns, when asked the correct question. Tarot for me has become a guide in my everyday living in many areas.

One of my favorite decks

Tarot and You

Tarot cards describes your life

We all have days, months and probably years where we are living through the tarot card, The Tower. There is no one who escapes this, for it is part of life. You too have had a personal account with The Tower. This is when life was turned upside down. This can happen with a loss of something we value; be it a job, relationship or just going through a major change as we get older. The Tower is to help us let go of what is not working in our life any more. Often we might have a job that we hate, but because of the money it brings in, we do not try to leave our job. Than months or years down the road that job is gone. We are fired, laid –off, or the place of work closes down. We are forced to seek new employment. This is the Tower entering your life, and forcing you to seek another job. This was one example, another is when a person loves their job, but they are let go. They might not understand why, and hold antagonism toward their employer for a while. Than out of the blue they get a new job, which is not similar to the one love, and yet they discover a passion for their new work. The Tower affects us because it is time to move on. Using the tarot daily through this can aid us in how to pick healthier choices, verses reactions that may harm us.

Tarot in reality does not speak of the time factor, though so many try to fit the meaning in a time slot. This, as a reader, I have seen mess up so many people. They focus on the outcome, and then become upset when it does not happen. They ask why, and choose to lean on the saying, “I will believe it when I see it”. If they have learned to use tarot correctly, they would not have just sought the outcome, and ignored the lessons to be given before the outcome. We all have lessons, and these too must be learned before we reach our outcome. If we do not, how can we expect the outcome to be the same? I also see this as an area the tarot reader needs to express to their client. Instead of putting the focus on the outcome, help them with the lessons they need to embrace first. Of course, I do know a reader cannot do a thing, if the client is not receptive.

If you are seeking an answer regarding a possible long-term relationship, do not just look at the outcome. Use the tarot daily, weekly and monthly as a tool to help you work through your lessons. An outcome can have the Sun card in placement, which means success with that person. If however, in the Celtic cross spread, you have the 5 of cups in the psychological/ how you feel position, it is best you work on the emotional areas that you have surrounding relationships. If you do not, you will shift the outcome of the Sun. Your thoughts carry so much weight, and if you believe constantly that you will be let down, hurt and other alarming factors, you will self-sabotage. How does one work through this with the use of tarot? Pull a few cards from your deck, and look at them. The card in the center will show the overall picture of what you need to overcome. The card on the left shows the receptive side, and how you think. The card on the right shows how you act. An example of this would be The Star in the middle, Strength on the left and 5 Swords on the right. One might say, oh the Star, so I have no problems. Not true! Star in the center tells you that you have problems with believing that you can receive what you want. It is showing you the shadow side of your thinking. Look at that card and become the Star. See where you are blocking your hopes and wishes. Than look at the Strength card, are you able to quiet your inner lion? Can you quiet the ego? What fears are constantly on your mind? The 5 of Swords will clue you in on how well you are doing so by your actions in life. Who do you feel will take something of value away from you? How do you approach this person? Do you use jealousy, self-doubt, doubting them and are you showing signs of impatience or wanting to change them? There are times that I have used the Celtic cross spread and took a picture of it. This gives me the opportunity to continue to work through the spread for a month or so, as well as keep abreast to what is occurring in the present time. By doing this, I can see new stories weaving in the spread, which gives me a new perspective.

Anyone can learn tarot

Tarot is the door to self growth

Tarot is a tool for you to enter your mind, and make the corrections that are needed to live your life with positive purpose. It is a guide to use, as you would use a self-help book. The more you use it, the better you can understand the trappings of your mind. Anyone can learn to do this, and I know because I have taught many who considered themselves unteachable. If you have a Tarot deck put away why not dig them out and lay out a card for the day. Take that card with you everywhere you go, and sleep with it. Keep this question in mind, as you do this, what do you wish me to see? A notebook comes in handy for this exercise. I hope I have wet your interest in using your deck again. Do not think you cannot learn, for you can. Tarot will teach you with the help of your spirit guides or a tarot teacher. I do hope you will embrace your cards as a way to help you on the level of self-healing and daily growth.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Demetre for your comments.

    • Demetre Winfield profile image

      Demetre A Winfield 

      5 years ago from chicago

      I read tarot myself. I realized a lot of people are not honest with themselves. So now I interview the person to see where their mind is before I do their reading. Great hub I enjoyed it.

    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you ikepius. Absolutely not, and I am glad that I gave another view on how the tarot can help a person, without seeing a professional.

    • ikepius profile image


      5 years ago from Twittosphere: @ikepius

      And I thought tarots were for professionals only. Great hub!


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