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He Said, "Lord, I Believe"

Updated on September 7, 2012

Moments of Truth

Scripture Reading - John 9: 18-41

Jesus heard that they had driven him out, and when he found him, he said, "Do you believe in the Son of Man?" John 9:35

When do you first remember saying, "Lord, I believe." Did you first encounter Christ during childhood? Perhaps you were in church when Jesus found you. Yes, Jesus found YOU. He came looking for YOU. Have you ever thought about this marvelous truth? I have heard many testimonies in my life and almost every single testimony includes the following line, "I found the Lord." In reality, Christ comes to us just like he came to the man that was born blind.

The man was ecstatic. He could see. He could really see and it was because of the kindness of one man. But, he was not an ordinary man. How could an ordinary man heal the blind. This man had been given a gift, and it was a gift worth telling the world about. Sadly, no one believed his story.

"How did he open your eyes?" the Jews demanded to know.

" I told you," the man said to the Jews. "Do you want to become his disciple too?"

The Jews cast him out.

The account of the man born blind is intriguing; and, when you think about it, it is one we can relate to all too well. In addition to receiving his sight, the man also received confidence. He was no longer blind. He was no longer a burden to society. His peers did not have to remind him that he was blind because he had sinned. However, things did not work out for the man like he had envisioned. Instead of accepting him as a viable member of society, he was cast out.

Like the man born blind, things often do not work out like we plan them. How many times do we work and strive to become part of a circle that refuses to accept us? We fantasize about being part of the "in-group" only to be rejected by people we admire. In the end, we feel discouraged and alone.

Just when we think all is lost and there is no reason to continue trying, Jesus finds us. Like the man born blind, we may not recognize who Christ is at first until He opens our eyes to the truth.

In today's passage, we read that Jesus had heard about the man's plight and went looking for him. John does not tell us how long Christ searched for the man. In fact, that part is not important. What is important for us to understand is that he was found. We serve a Saviour that loves us so much that searches for us like the shepherd searches for the lost lamb. We serve a Saviour that gave his life so that his sheep may live eternally.

What is even more beautiful than this is that Christ keeps searching for us. No matter how far we stray from him, he will always find us; and, then we will say, "Lord, I Believe."


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    • teacherjoe52 profile image

      teacherjoe52 5 years ago

      Hi Sherri.

      Very well said.

      I am very happy Jesus not only found me but has never given up on me.

      God bless you.