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He cares for you greatly!

Updated on July 7, 2011

A starting point for healing.

God is always waiting, as you approach the throne of grace and spend time at the feet of Jesus, He has a way of giving you the feed back you need. It is when we do bring the most intimate things to Him, such as the things that are on your heart, that He does respond and we experience healing and restoration. God has always meet me in my brokenness, in it I realize how i really felt and what He could do about it. No fix it answers just truth that soothed my soul and brought me peace concerning the things i have brought to Him...


There are many ways in which one can be broken, financially, emotionally, and physically. When an individual experience true brokenness, it is as if someone has pulled the rug out from underneath all that you know. You feel as if your world has truly fallen apart, and you have no reason for being. The pain experienced in this state of being can not even be placed on a scale for comparison, for it can differ in each case on so many levels. To really try to classify someones pain would be a great injustice. Pain is a good thing, for it is an indicator of that something is wrong, and can be useful for the identifying of an underlying problem. Once an issue, if you will, is identified an individual can aim to work through and bring about resolve or healing in a matter. It has been once said by another "that if you feel pain, then you know that you are alive.." author unknown. Being broken and working through your brokenness, as hard as somethings maybe for others to understand, can be quite a blessing. One who is broken is in a great place for God to produce amazing results, with a person is such a state who is willing, and turn around and equip them to be effective in the lives of so many more who maybe experiencing brokenness and have be come be stuck in all areas of their lives not knowing how to go about dealing with the hurt,the habits, or hang ups that may have come about because of such events in their journey called Life...

Jesus told us that we would know the Truth and that the truth will set a free. Jesus is the Truth. And when the son sets you free you are free indeed. In a persons life they can become prisoners to their emotions, such as fears, and bitterness, resentment, as well as unforgiveness. When we acknowledge such things and the cause we can experience the pain and move forward to true freedom. Being free from the different bondage's that are produced from such experiences that have caused great pain and actions that have lead to bad choices. For most these choices have been the cause to their brokenness or debasement in life. The lose of family and loved ones, and material possessions as well as mental and emotional stability.

The freedom brought to us through the acknowledgment of the truth, as well as the brokenness, can only come from one source and that is God. He is the restorer of the Soul. He is the redeemer and is the one who wants to meet us in this place of brokenness to help bring about His ultimate place and purpose, in which can produce the most satisfaction and fulfillment in this life. Ultimately through this brokenness and process we end up with a greater understanding of who God is and His true desire and intent for the life that endures and preserves through such trials and hard ship.... The proof is in the pudding, God is always there for YOU and I. He said He would never leave us or forsake us. Though it is not easy at times in this life, He is there to help you through it all.. To Trust and rely on Him is the Only thing that I believe I have come to learn in order to come through such times... He is worthy of Praise, All the TIME..


Prayer request..

I am willing to pray for you and the matter you would like to share. I believe that prayer moves the hand of God. So feel free to share and I will pray for Gods will according to circumstance or situation... May God bless You and your family with all that He has for you, In the Name of Jesus.Amen.


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    • Michael Adams1959 profile image

      Michael Adams1959 7 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

      Amen, wonderful hub.