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He might have been an Angel

Updated on October 29, 2012

My first book

The Lord Still Speaks, are you listening?
The Lord Still Speaks, are you listening? | Source

An Angel, I believe he was

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Hebrews 13:2

Angels are all around us. I believe at times there are, perhaps, actual heavenly angels sent by God to protect us or guide us and we never see them again. Other times He just sends someone our way with a message we need to hear.

The following story is an excerpt from " The Lord still speaks, are you listening", my very first book. Names have been changed for internet use. Real names are used in the book.

In the incident that Sue was kind enough to share with me the messenger was in the form of the janitor who was working in her office building. He may have been an actual angel, as she had never seen him before nor did she see him after he delivered God’s message that she so desperately needed to hear. It matters not if he was a heavenly being sent to Sue or an earthly being used by God to deliver a message.

My voice from God came from the mouth of a janitor at my workplace.

The church I had attended for years was doing things that were not right. The leadership of the church seemed to advocate ignoring the Bible in favor of what is acceptable in modern culture. The pastor was having an affair with one of the church members. The leaders of the youth group were both openly running around on their spouses. If I ignored what was going on or just left the church, I felt like the devil was winning. I felt God wanted me to stay and fight for His church. I prayed for strength, wisdom, insight and guidance.

I was at my desk at work one day while a substitute janitor was sweeping the floor. He was sweeping by my desk when he stopped and looked at me and said, “Sometimes the devil does come in and believers have to fight the devil. If the devil doesn’t leave, then the believers need to leave and not be a part of the evil.”

I nearly fell off my chair and asked him why he said what he did to me. The man just smiled and said, “I don’t know but I felt you needed that message”.

He walked out of that office and I never saw him again. I knew God had answered my prayers.

He gave me the strength to meet with the pastor and tell him why I was leaving. He gave me the wisdom, insight and guidance to know what to say and to leave the evil with a clean heart and a clear mind.

Thank God for his messengers and for giving us the grace to hear.

I haveso enjoyed receiving these wonderful stories from people all over the world. They come from strangers who have read one of my books or were told by a friend to share their story with me for my next book. I feel blessed that God has chosen to use me for His purpose of reaching out to His people with stories of His miracles.

I pray this story will somehow help someone who is working through a problem or reaching for a closer walk with our Lord.

Michael Gaither, Entertaining an Angel


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