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Psychic Abilities...Are we all born with them? Don't worry, you're not crazy!

Updated on August 14, 2014

Some of us have it, some of us don't. But were we all born with it and some just choose to ignore it? At one point or another we've all said, "I've got a gut feeling..." or "Something is telling me...". This is called "intuition". Say it with (betcha just sounded that out with me. haha!) There are different levels of intuition and yes, we are all born with the ability. However, it takes time to actually develop it. Your psychic senses are always tingling, but how many of us are actually aware of it?

Different Levels of Intuition

There are different levels of awareness. Physical, Emotional, Mental and Visual. These different levels allow our intuition to communicate with us. But you have to be the one to tap into each level of awareness. Awareness is the key word. You cannot recognize intuition if you are blind to it or choose not to accept it or simply speaking, you don't believe. Here's the meaning of each level of intuition:

1. Physical - Bodily Sensations. When experiencing physical intuition you "feel it in your bones". Shivers down your spine, headaches, stomach ache. A gut wrenching feeling. Ever heard of sympathy pains? It's like you can feel someone else's pain within your own body.

2. Emotional - Have you ever just met someone or even stood next to someone on an elevator or train and something just quite didn't feel right about them. Maybe you felt the urge to just speak to them. Something about that person caused you to draw your attention to them in either a negative or positive way. You can feel their "vibes" so to speak.

3. Mental - A thought that might come out of nowhere. Did you ever think of someone that you haven't seen or spoke to in a long time and all of a sudden the phone rings and it's them on the other end. Or even started singing a song in your head then it starts playing on the radio. Completely random thoughts.

4. Visual - Dreams. Imagination. Whether symbolic or literally speaking this is a level of intuition that can be confused with "coincidence" or just over seen all together. Seeing patterns in the clouds that have specific meaning to you. Perhaps after a loved one passes away you see their favorite bird more often than you noticed before. Is it them telling you they are with you, or just you recognizing the symbol more now that they are gone?

Opening Your Senses

I have an Aunt, whom I love dearly. She has a huge sense of intuition on basically every level. She is very aware of her abilities. She senses people in the spiritual world, can sense danger of her loved ones, and just knows when something is going to happen or what someone has done. Not too long ago I got pregnant. I hadn't even told anyone yet. But I guess intuition struck and I called my cousin (my Aunt's daughter) and spilled the beans. She burst out, "OMG! Mommy just asked the other day, 'Who's pregnant?' Guess it was you cuz it sure isn't me!" Unfortunately I miscarried at 8 weeks. I'm sure she felt that too, just didn't have the heart to tell me.

Needless to say it was VERY hard to hide it from her if we did something bad when we were young! Ever since we (my brothers, sister and cousins) were kids she always said, "You all have it in you, you just have to embrace it and accept it. Don't be afraid of what cannot hurt you." Some took the advice and ran with it, others are a little more hesitant to even want to have these feelings. Maybe because of fear of "knowing".

The point is, we all have some sort of level of intuition and self-awareness. Being able to accept and embrace it is a whole different ball game. Take my dear Aunt's advice if you truly want to experience something so much deeper than science or this physical world. Which brings me to my next point...


"I see dead people..."

Ok ladies and gents, we are not Haley Joel Osment or Bruce Willis. However, there are people in this world whom we call "Mediums". They use themselves as a "channel" for loved ones in the spiritual world to communicate with those of us still living in the physical world. Most people are able to sense spirits (clairsentience) before they are able to see them(clairvoyance). You can see spirits in many different ways. A "fuzzy" texture in the air, shadows, glimpses of light, your mind's eye (between your physical eyes is your Third Eye Chakra, Mind's Eye, which houses your intuition and perception), or a full/partial apparition (usually whitish and smokey in texture or even hologram-like). How do you tap into this level of awareness? Like any other level, just let it and accept it!

Most children, especially sensitive ones like those with Autism, can tap into it quite easily. It's more of a natural instinct. We are made of spirit first and then physical body. We are spirits before we are born and thus return to spirit after death. Making it obvious why we as children are so intuitive then "grow out of it" once we are convinced it is not real. Whether by our own judgement or the help of others.

If you ever thought you saw something from the corner of your eye or something pass by the doorway you probably did. Maybe you've had a dream of a passed loved one that felt so incredibly real? It takes a LOT of energy for the deceased to show themselves. When I was 14 years old my uncle passed away at a very young age. It was devastating to the whole family. Maybe 2 weeks later I had a dream about him that felt so real I could feel his skin. I'm not going to go into detail, but my dear Aunt told me that was his way of communicating with me so he didn't scare me half to death by showing himself while I was awake. She said not only did it probably take a lot of energy for him to show himself but it took a lot out of me also allowing him to channel in that manner. He gave me personal messages as well as messages for other members of my family. Some of them still think I'm crazy but all that matters is both I and my Aunt know what he was trying to do. Give us comfort and peace after he left the physical world.



How often during the day would you say you've tuned into your "Intuition"?

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Psychic or Science?

Believe it or not the spiritual world and science have a lot in common. After all, energy (the way we communicate with our intuition) is science right? Our scientific minds can make our spiritual minds do amazing things! This may even cause people of religion to believe this is a sort of prophecy or work of God, enter religion to the mix. Telekinesis and predictions are a great example. If you think about it hard enough and channel enough energy into the source, chances are it will happen. Are we really sure if psychic abilities, religion, or science is the cause of these phenomenons? No we are not. But what if they are all the same? What if it all some how ties into one another on different levels? We have been taught in today's society to be logical thinkers. Logical thinkers need hard evidence and to be able to see something to believe it where others just believe. Telepathy is also a great example. Individuals with this gift do not use a physical sense of communication (whether with someone in another world or the living world), instead thoughts and emotion are transferred from one to the other. There is molecular (scientific) evidence of this as well. See the chart to understand...


What's a Spirit Guide?

A "Spirit Guide" is a term used to describe an entity that remains a dis-incarnate spirit in order to act as a guide or protector to a living incarnated human being. Some may call them "Guardian Angels" and we all have them. Psychics in particular call on these guides to protect them from evil spirits (yes, there are good and bad ones) while doing readings and channeling a deceased loved one. How the heck did that tractor trailer miss your car by a quarter of an inch? Someone must have been watching over you.


  • Psychic and Psychic Mediums are two different things. Psychic Mediums are way more powerful. Psychic's cannot perform Psychic Medium work. However, Physic Medium can perform Psychic works.
  • The statement regarding humans only being able to use 10% of their brains is a MYTH. 100% of it is functional, it's up to you to channel in and choose how much of it you want to use.
  • Some near death experiences cause individuals to come back with useful information and/or psychic abilities.

So what does all of this mean?

In a nutshell we are natural born mediums and psychics. Pets and animals have this natural ability as well. Don't ignore Fido when he is barking at something in the corner when you don't see anything there. There are many levels of self-awareness but choosing if and how we use them is what's important. Each level (Mental, Physical, Visionary, and Emotional) must be unlocked one by one.

I, like many, slowly lost touch with this inner beauty we all posses but still believe in it and stay aware of the signs. You're intuition is your greatest form of advice. If your gut is telling you something isn't right, it probably isn't. If something is telling you not to take that trip no matter how bad you want to, don't. If you miss someone, call them. If you see or feel something that reminds you of a deceased loved one, they are probably there with you. It is hard for our logical and "human" minds to grasp and understand the spiritual world, after life, or premonitions until it actually happens to us. Keep an open mind, accept your "gut feelings", and most of all find peace within yourself. Clear your Chakras and let it unfold. You will be amazed at the things you can do! We are and always will be connected to everything and everyone.


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    • Emeraldgreen21 profile image

      Atell Rohlandt 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      Interesting hub. I really enjoyed reading it. Voted up and interesting. :-)


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