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Mormonism vs. Christianity

Updated on September 15, 2018

God Loves the Mormons

Understand that God loves the Mormons. I understand this. After all, God loved us when we were yet sinners. He loves wayward Christians, Christians who have been taught bad theology, Muslims, Hindus, Jains, and all the other sinners. Yep, even atheists are loved by God.

Of course, God desires that all would turn away from their evil ways and be made clean.

However, my Father in Heaven, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit want people to be set free from bondage. Most religious systems are types of bondage. They are rife with spirits of control. Worse yet, they are filled with people who prefer it that way.

Most of what I have said to this point is all scripture. If you disagree, I recommend you read the Bible. It does not matter into which religion you were born. If you will seek God, if you will draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. That is His promise.

An American Fraud: One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism
An American Fraud: One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism
One of the best selling books, this explains the case to Mormons. Written by a lawyer, the arguments are logical and compelling.

Why Mormons are not Called Christians

In language, when something becomes differentiated, people begin to describe it with new terminology. Eventually, new words form to describe them. For example, if all car engines were exactly the same, mechanics and auto aficionados would only ever say "engine." Everyone would know exactly what that meant: 6 cylinders, 3.2 liters, and etcetera. But, engines are different, and so they have all kinds of adjectives: turbo, "V", in-line, 4 cylinder, German-made, and many others. This is because all engines are not the same.

All Christians are the same. In the beginning, Christians broke away from the main body of Jews because they chose a path of different doctrine. They believed Jesus is Messiah. Others did not. So, these people began to be called after the Christ anointing, "Christians", because they believed that the Redeemer, the Christ, came, died, and rose from the grave as the first fruit of God's promise. In Arabic language, they were called "Messahioon" after the Messiah title of Jesus. Muslims call Christians "Messahioon" still to this day.

So, they ceased to be called Jews. Why? Because they were different.

Mormons Different than Christians:

Likewise, Mormons differ so radically from the first Christians, they earned a new name. They are called after a man named Mormon, who is named after a land called Mormon. This is all related to a story Joseph Smith, a convicted con-artist, claimed to have read from gold plates given to him by an angel named Moroni. To translate the story about Mormon, Smith placed the gold plates into a black hat, put a magic rock into the hat, and then covered the hat with his face. According to Smith, the rock glowed light and the mysterious words on the plate could be read. He then dictated what he claimed to be reading to a scribe. That is the origin of the Book of Mormon, Mormon himself, and the LDS.

Religions Named for Who They Follow:

Followers of Buddha are called Buddhists. Followers of Mohammed are called Mohammedans (though more popularly 'Muslims' in modern times). Those who follow Rasta are called Rastafarians. The believers in Jesus Christ the Messiah are called Christians or Messahioon (for Messiah), in Arabic. And, the followers of the teachings of Joseph Smith and the false history attributed to a fictional character named Mormon are called Mormons.

Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way out of the Mormon Church
Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way out of the Mormon Church
The highest rated book about Mormonism on Amazon. An amazing 4.8 stars with 74 reviews. Written by an ex-Mormon. The story of leaving the LDS.

Why Mormons are NOT Christians

I debated a pair of Mormon missionaries once. I have done this many times. I find they are heavy on doctrine (all denominations are). They are well trained in responses to common challenges. I asked the two young men what I consider to be the most important question for Mormons to consider:

Is Jesus the brother of Satan?

Mormon missionaries avoid this question like hot coffee spiked with Kahlua. They obfuscate and dodge.

"Does the Bible talk about 'Sons of the Morning'?" they asked me. We went around this for about 10 minutes. They insisted Jesus is a Son of the Morning, and so is Satan. They refused to utter the statement, "Jesus and Satan are brothers." And, they refused to denounce that statement.

The conversation ended, and they peddled away, when I asked this,

"When Jesus died on the cross, did He have any brothers?"

Here is my very, very big fear for the Mormons. Are they trusting in salvation through a brother of Satan? I know Cubans and South Americans named Jesus. There is more than one Jesus. In which Jesus are they trusting? Is the Mormon Jesus the one who died on the cross, the Jesus called the ONLY begotten son?

If someone is trusting in a fake Jesus, are they redeemed?

The Mormon missionaries clearly believed that Jesus and Satan were brothers, and that both were "sons of the morning", which they defined as being members of a very large group of God's children- begotten children. Mormon theology teaches God is a man, like them, and has many children, as they also will have when they become god-kings, each ruling their own planet.

However, the question I asked, "When Jesus was on the cross, did He have any brothers?" is a game stopper for them. They believe Jesus had many siblings, and that Satan was just one of them. But, the real Jesus, the one through whom all things are made, and who is the only door to Heaven is clearly called the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON (John 3:16.)

Which Jesus is your Jesus?

Which Jesus is the ONLY way into Heaven?

See results

This Video was made by ex-Mormons who were Mormons for Decades. It IS Accurate of Mormon Teachings


Apple trees only ever produce apples. No matter how many times you plant the seed of one of the fruits, only apple trees will grow. Like begets like, after all.

So, let us look at the original tree to see what kind of fruit to expect from the true descendants.

Of course, an enemy can come in and plant poisonous seed after the fact. So, events involving the FLDS in recent years are not germane to this discussion. Let us look at the original founders of Christianity (Jesus) and Mormonism (Joseph Smith).

The original tree will help us discern the seed that is planted and the fruit that grows generation after generation of Mormons.

Joseph Smith vs. Jesus Christ

Smith: convicted scam artist

Jesus: knew no sin

Smith: translated golden tablets received from Moroni. He placed the tablets in a black hat, put a magic rock on top of them, covered the hat with his face, and then dictated what he read to a scribe. The golden plates were only ever seen by three other people (so they said.)

Jesus: did everything in the open. Miracles were performed in front of tens of thousands. As all prophets before Jesus, the Holy Spirit performed miracles as Jesus prayed.

Smith: Used secret Mason head-patting distress signal to mob which had arrived to kill him (and succeeded.)

Jesus: Did not resist his false accusers. Never sought aid or protection from any man. He only sought wisdom and strength from His "Father in Heaven".

Smith: Had many wives, including some he took from his own followers.

Jesus: Had no children.

Smith: Joined the secretly Satanic Freemasons (above the 30th degree, they are told to "live according to the Luciferian Order" - Albert Pike).

Jesus: Only did and said what he saw his Father in Heaven doing and saying.

Smith: Appealed to the Freemasons to make Mormonism their official religion. Incorporated secret numbers, like 32, handshakes, and symbols in the Mormon religion. These all originate in Satanism, went into Freemasonry, and now exist in the LDS system.

Jesus: Kicked out of synagogues. Told people to follow God and not men. Sought to replace religious systems with true religion- Love and Obedience in God.

Brigham Young and the First 9/11

The second apple of the Mormon tree was Brigham Young. He replaced Joseph Smith after Smith was murdered.

Brigham Young ordered a raid on a caravan of Christian settlers on September 11, 1857. His order is debated to this day.

The Mormons rode out, disguised as Indians. They slaughtered all the adults, and took all their money. Look at the abstract facts: government power, disguised as a hostile third party, killed their fellow Americans for money. Most believe that is precisely what happened on September 11, 2001 as well.

In my mind, the Mormon attack was a type and a shadow of things to come 44 years after. One thing Brigham Young later did was to install martial law. Many Christians in the first decade of the 21st century have been warned in dreams that this is coming.

The connection between the secret-society power brokers behind 9/11 and the spirit behind the Mountain Meadows massacre executed by the Mormons is easy to spot: the spirit of antichrist which flows in Freemasonry, and which seed surely rests in Mormon lines.

Joseph Smith was a Freemason. In fact, Smith proposed to other Masons that his new religion be made into the official religion of Freemasonry. For many decades, in fact, Mormons used the same secret handshakes and secret numbers (like 32) as did the Freemasons. The symbols still placed on Mormon undergarments (that give super protection against harm) are the Masons' square and compass.

Freemasons, above the 30th degree, are directed to "live according to the Luciferian order", as famous Mason Albert Pike once wrote. exposed several years ago that to enter the secret levels beyond the 32nd degree, Masons must sign a document acknowledging that the "Great Architect" who is worshiped in Mason lodges is actually Lucifer, not Jehovah God.

That is the seed of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Both men were Masons. Do you know that some Masons have left that bondage to proclaim members of that society are told to sit in churches and report back to the Lodge what they see there?

How Many gods in Mormonism; How Many Gods in Christianity?

Mormons believe they will become gods of their own planets. Each Mormon man will become a god of his own planet. All his children will populate that planet. But, here is a question to ask Mormon men:

"If you are going to have your own planet, who will populate your father's planet? Who will populate yours?"

The answer is, each Mormon man will be all alone on his very own planet. It makes no sense! They will not be procreating there. Jesus plainly told us that we have new bodies in Heaven, and there are no males or females, and none are given or taken in marriage.

Christians believe:

I am the LORD, and there is no other. There is no other God besides me. I will strengthen you, although you don't know me, That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else. (Isa 45:7-8, KJV)

The Christian God puts the faithful all together in one Heaven.

The Mormon god promotes them to god of their own planet, where they reign alone.

The teaching that men can become gods is not original to Mormonism. We find the earliest recording of this about 6,000 years ago:

“You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman.“For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”(Gen 3:4-5).

Satan is the original teacher of men becoming like God.

The Pantheon of Greek gods is the Mormon Pantheon

In ancient Greek culture, Zeus was the name of "the father of gods and men". Other minor gods included Apollo. These are names used in Battlestar Galactica, a television series based on Mormon theology. In Season 1, Episode 6, a rebel escapes and captures the top general's son, who is named Apollo. The rebel reminds his prisoner that two of the Lords of Kobol were Zeus and his son Apollo.

In the series, the characters also are heard often to give thanks or praise to "the lords of Kolob."

Kolob is believed by Mormons to be the planet closest to the throne of (their) God. Joseph Smith "translated" this information into the Book of Abraham. The Lords of Kobol are from there.

Mormons KNOW Their Beliefs are not Christian

When Mormon missionaries knock on doors, they do not mention the crazy doctrines of Joseph Smith. They only mention Jesus. They only get around to the dark and strange after people have made commitments and friends in the LDS group. I have interviewed a number of people, short-term former Mormons, who related this story. They joined believing the Mormons were a kind of Christians; they only heard about Jesus and the Bible- in the beginning. However, after attending services a few months, the church began to show them the teachings of Smith. They felt very uncomfortable, recognized it as strange fire, and left.

That happens enough that missionaries are told to mention only Jesus at the doors opened to them. It is deception. And, I believe they are well aware of it. That is why they don't talk about it.

A Mormon is Set Free when He Reads the Word

An Ex-Mormon Teaches on Problems in Mormon Doctrine: False Prophecy, Feelings


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