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Witchcraft: Healing Spell

Updated on May 2, 2017

Healing magic is a intriguing field of magic. To heal a bruise, a cut, a scratch alone is something to be admired in these days, since our loss of connection to our own spiritual abilities. But imagine healing a broken limb, a cancerous growth, a failing eye. Such things are possible, although extremely difficult to achieve.

First and foremost you need to have PATIENCE. Far too often I see someone try to do a spell, and fail, and then give up. Yes, you will fail. We all do sometimes, but just like painting, or writing the only way you get better is with practice. Even if you don't accomplish your goal with the spell, by practicing it you are dipping your toes into that specific form of magic. In turn gaining a better grasp of it for future practice.

Secondly, you need to be open minded. While also adhering to science. Allow me to elaborate, magic and science go hand in hand, for one effects the other. Sure not every practitioner will see it this way, but if you want to affect something you need to have an understanding of it. For example, when using healing magic you need to focus on the area you wish to heal, and imagine it healing. Not just getting better, like 'Poof' its better! But rather imagine the cells reconnecting, skin reforming, veins flowing. You need to envision it on a cellular level, as well as a whole.

Now this spell isn't the most powerful spell, but for beginners and practice it should suit your needs. To begin, hover your hands over the afflicted area, or person. Either one, or both, however you feel most comfortable. Picture it in your mind, and focus your intention on healing. I go so far as imaging a pure white light glow over the afflicted area. And chant, or say, or sing the following.

Healing thoughts sent in flight,
Bring me the brightest of blessings this very night.
Send this healing white light from above,
And Surround me now with healing love.

Now, I usually feel a cool sensation, almost as if there was a tiny breeze between my hand and the damaged area. For me that how I knew it was working, others may have their own way of sensing it.

The spell can also be tweaked to suit one's needs, like any. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.


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