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Healing Through the Inner Energy Cell (EC)

Updated on September 19, 2018
George Mikituk profile image

I have had a lifelong interest in the paranormal. My writing flows from the interactive use of the pendulum as a medium of communication.

From slight to serious sickness, our response to is to battle back to health using all the pharmaceutical and medical tools at our disposal. With the exception of hypochondriacs, nobody actively seeks to be ill, even if it involves nothing more serious than a headache or influenza. Apart from drugs, our own biological system resists bacterial or viral invasions with antibodies and its immune system.

A huge, health-related industry allocates billions of dollars in research and development to discover new and better cures to existing health issues. High-tech equipment for analysis and medical procedures continuously enter the market. Nations spend an ever-increasing part of their budget on health care that is beginning to exceed society’s capability to support financially. The net result of this technological progress can be seen in the increased life expectancies of nations with an advanced health care system connected to egalitarian access. On the average, we have gained over twenty years of lifespan in the 20th century.

Pushing the Limits of Life

There is a belief that advances in medicine combined with better nutrition can push the limit even further: statistics show that there are presently over 50,000 people in Japan that are over 100 years old. As we push the envelope of age we may genuinely ask ourselves if immortality is eventually within reach. The belief that medical science will constantly churn out ever more sophisticated treatments, drugs, and vitamins is taken almost for granted. Some of us even go as far as placing our bodies in cryogenic preservation units in the hope that we may be somehow resuscitated by future advances in medicine.

The essence of Immortality – Our EC

What is not realized is that the essence of what we are is already immortal at the Energy Cell (EC) level, and we continuously return to this planet and develop our spiritual wisdom within the constraints imposed by the physical brain. Reaching an understanding of this is an important path to a more cogent federation with our internal EC, which is the source of all that is physically and mentally experienced. From this perspective, sickness can be induced by the EC to provide a break from our normal life and stimulate a review of our lives, particularly on moral ignorance, which is manifested by a low degree of love, and connection to spiritual wisdom.

Being sick, for even a short period, often promotes a reflection on issues dealing with social relationships and their consequences on love. In more serious illnesses there are the inevitable concerns about the possibility of death. Whatever our beliefs are of the afterlife, there is a tendency to evaluate our past social and spiritual compass.

EC Domination in Sickness

Fear may also drive us to prayer and affirmative meditation to overcome the illness. In the sick state, the EC gains a certain degree of prominence over the physical brain and stimulates a turning towards love and spiritual connectivity. Becoming aware of this path increases the ability to make quicker progress. Depending on our developed level of spiritual wisdom, it offers the possibility to make progress on the real purpose of our lives. Since all matter is made up of subatomic particles intelligently programmed to produces the desired end results, the medicines and surgical procedures used to alleviate illness are thus “enabled” to provide healing. No drugs or surgical procedures can be effective without this enabling factor.

Breakthroughs in Medicine

We have made significant breakthroughs in medicine, and this is the accumulated, practical wisdom of the planet, which is used as a stepping stone to even more progress. We see gains in this practical wisdom in all facets of human life. The ”enabling” follows a logical path that allows past discoveries to act as foundations for new innovations. However, the combination of atoms and molecules in drugs depends on intelligent programming to produce specific results. The same holds true for surgical procedures, which require cellular action to complete the healing. The healing is enabled by the EC. The same drugs and surgical procedures that are successful in certain cases fail in others.

There may be logical explanations for a lack of success through drug use based on other connected pathogens or environmental factors, but in many cases, there is no viable explanation for failure. On the other hand, there are many recorded instances of people overcoming their illness through a positive mindset, prayer, and paranormal practices.

Interim Solutions

From the EC perspective, the current allopathic medicine, its predecessor heroic medicine, homeopathic medicine, and paranormal practices are interim solutions until we discover the more direct path through our EC for self-healing. By understanding that everything is made possible by the arranged movement of subatomic particles, we can arrive at the control center for all healing, and heal ourselves, or be healed by those who have made the connection to EC. The path to achieving this inherent ability is through meditation and possibly direct communication through a medium like a pendulum.

The time frame in reaching this plateau is not predictable because of the free will variant, but it will take place on a larger scale sooner or later. In the meantime, for the population at large, there is every reason to maintain trust in the “enabled” conventional medicine practiced today – making that our first stop to healing.

Paranormal Healing

Outside of the CE healing described, there undoubtedly are sincere and honest paranormal healers who demonstrated their abilities without being able to define the source of their healing powers accurately. Such powers can be attributed to the “enabling” factor of the EC, which throughout history pointed in the direction of a greater human potential. Defined throughout time as shamanic supernatural abilities, religiously driven miracles, and various forms of energy healing, all such unconventional claims and practices should always be approached with a good dose of skepticism, but not entirely excluded as another interim solution to pain and suffering.

What is generally referred to as paranormal healing is often performed with exaggerated physical manifestations that are more dramatic then effective, and are often confined to members within the same belief system. Media organized healing events should be particularly scrutinized as they are often led by self-interested religious leaders more intent on adding new members to their flock of believers and gaining access to their money than acting purely out of love.

Question any offer of healing that bears a price tag or requires a specific affiliation of any kind. This is also true for those offering secret elixirs in the form of drugs, and unproven medical procedures. EC healing is to be viewed as something that we are capable of attaining in the future as more individuals become aware of their inherent potential.


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