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Healing Vibrations and Frequencies which go beyond time

Updated on August 31, 2014

Mentoring from Higher Beings - Received 10th May 2011

We would like you to take down information from on high which means this is to do with vibration but probably not exactly as you would describe it.

Our information on vibrations will be far above what you consider vibratory rates.

Indeed when we consider vibratory rates they are so far beyond what you are considering that you would have to label them something totally different.

Our energies vibrate on a frequency that is beyond your time, that in itself will give you some idea of what we are talking about. If it is indeed far beyond your time then it does not fit into your idea of what vibratory rate is.

In order to give you an idea of what this vibration is, we must speak within the circle of frequency for there is a circle of frequency which then gives you the word circuit.

Our circle of frequency has many junctions which aid and abet us to raise this vibration. Within the circle are adaptors of information which allow us to raise and lower frequency. Within the lower limits we have what we call adjusters which moderate our frequency allowance. As you see we are moderators of frequency not raises of frequency for to be able to converse with you we have need of these adjustors so that we can indeed moderate our frequency down.

As we speak to you we are enabled to keep this down to a level which is allowable without harm either to ourselves or to your self. If we were to give you the full force of our vibration you would be excelled which is not a good thing but a snuffing out!


Far beyond your time is an indication to you that we have a multi dimensional frequency which allows us to interact with time. We have no control over time and time has no control over us but we can interact with the dimensional areas of time. They are all run on a particularly low frequency in order to catch time which in itself is a degradation of frequency in order to be under control.

(Question - How does this affect us) You are affected by time because of your vibratory rate. You will understand this by these times when you do not feel affected by time when your mind has allowed you to drop the barriers which control you in time frequency.

(Which vibratory rate takes us out of time) The vibratory rate which controls time is the 432 frequency, when you go beyond this frequency then you will be able to begin to adjust your experiences so that some of them are out of time.

(What about the 440 hz frequency what does that one do for us) The 440 hz frequency is the one that bends time but not in a good way, it is far out of sequence with how the higher mind works. It has an adaptation frequency in it which allows for spikes not rhythm. Do you understand us, we try to speak in terms that you are familiar with. These spikes give you headaches, give you adjustments to the brain which don’t allow much leeway in growth.

(What of the 528 hz frequency) When you begin to hear this frequency then you begin to grow beyond your normal, it is a good frequency because it allows this growth. There are others which allow for even more growth. They are the 512 and others which are all above the 432.

(Why does it have to be above 432) the above 432 frequencies are the ones which cover the aptitude of your brains to raise up, they will not be able to raise up if the frequency is below this rate. All vibrations above 432 will assist you somewhat but not all will be as balanced as others. We would say here that it is also very much to do with what part of your brain you are attempting to bring into balance or to bring into higher frequency for all parts of the brain are collaborated into different semi tones. These semi tones will be very difficult for you to calibrate with your particular methods of understanding frequency.

(How can we understand this, what are the best things for us to do with sounds). You have just remembered what we have told you before that the best sounds will be heard within nature. All sounds in nature are collaborated to your brains as well as to the brain waves of the animals and plants. They have a similar semi tone calibration as well which means they can feed that to you not by you asking as such by you being present around the sounds of nature. We have spoken before of the birds singing and the brooks bubbling and the sounds of trees swaying in the breeze which also will give you sound. The wind will blow at different rates and speed but always calibrated even when strong and to you damaging, the sound itself, the frequency will not damage you.

You have damaged yourselves greatly by allowing many sounds to be set up around you which have no resonance possible with your own frequency. This is why your old society will be required to break down completely so that you are not affecting yourselves in these damaging ways again. If you are to become who you truly are with all the multi dimensional qualitites of a higher being then you cannot damage the very core of your being which is energy frequency. This is common sense to us but it has not always been common sense to you and all the others residing on the planet.

We speak now of the resonance of the planet herself. She resonates with what you call the shumann frequency, but this frequency does not tell the whole story or in fact the real accurate story of her sound. Her sound has many frequency ratios, when she is cleansing, as she is now, her resonance frequency alters unimaginably. She sounds her birthing sound or cleansing sound which has a deeper frequency but a higher depth for her sound has a resonance which has a 3d quality which means it has breadth and depth and width. When she is balanced she will be more ethereal and you will hear her sing, for she does not sing when she is full of the toxidity that has befallen her. She had a very dull resonance until recently when the cleansing began in ernest. Her path is set now, she will sing again, will you sing with her?

We ask this because if you are willing to sing with her you will leave your own bad sounding resonances behind and cleanse with her. Be as she is, cleansing and birthing so that she can reconnect with the life song which she had before man trashed her planet.

When you hear her song, you will sing with her

She is not the planet she is the resident being within the planet, she does not sing when her home has been filled with dissident tones. Frequencies which she cannot respond to or set up a song with. When you hear her song, you will sing with her, but will you be around to sing with her?

We ask these questions so that you remember who you truly are for you know what it is like to sing with mother earth. You have been part of her residency before.

Sing like you have never sung before, sing for the earth, beat the drums for the earth, pray for the earth for these are all resonances which will not only cure her of her ailments but will also cure you of yours. She will be your ally not your enemy.

Many are seeing mother earth as their enemy as they wait for the wailing songs when the earth bounds into her creative lurches. We do not suggest that you wail and fling yourselves about but begin the healing now. She will hear you, you will assist her passage through her own birth canal, it is open but not yet wide enough for her to travel through, she requires your assistance as those that belong with her for this period of time on this planet.

Be as one, we care but we do not care too much for you when you do not behave in ways that are assisting for this passage way to be cleared.

We can only as usual be as one with you when you listen to us.

We are afraid for you when you do not listen. Be as one with us and your fellow men. We do not ask for your solitude we ask that you realise that we can be with you all times and in all ways, we will assist you also. Pray with us for you own passage and that of those who are around you, they will listen when you give of your true self. This does not mean the intellectualisation which is going on in reams of paperwork and words around the planet, it is the energy which is required, it is also the passion of the heart which heals the words. Be still be one, have a good time but do not play with time, she plays with you while you sleep, pray and love. Go beyond her, she is past time, she does not play a part in the coming times.


Amazing Resonance Experiment

The Ringing of the Earth

Channelled Book - Creative writing with message received from Higher Beings


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    • Scott P Williams profile image

      Scott P Williams 4 years ago from Miami, Florida

      I can understand that and also this hub was well ahead of some of the changes that have taken place, at least from what I can sense. Thanks again.

    • Universal Laws profile image

      Universal Laws 4 years ago from UNIVERSE

      I think sometimes the channellings can be a bit over whelming for people and they dont think to comment!, thank you for yours, Namaste

    • Scott P Williams profile image

      Scott P Williams 4 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Amazing that after almost 3 years that there are no comments on this hub. Anyhow, all I can say is that several parts of this hub must have truly been received as you stated. Thanks