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Healing and Your Electric Dreamscape

Updated on December 15, 2015

Healing and Your Electric Dreamscape

Healing and Your Electric Dreamscape

By Aida Garcia

Volume 7, Issue 7

December 8, 2015

When we are at a slumber in deep sleep we experience the healing power of energy (electric energies). Our body is a natural healing machine and when we sleep our neurons are activated and they are prompted to re-energize our bodies.

I happened to think about this more in depth when I came across an article about ultradian rhythms and where our biological mechanisms take part in the healing processes of our bodies. What is amazing is this can occur not only in the 24 hour interval but it can be experienced in a 20 minute nap session; during an electric dreamscape.

Most of the healing process comes in our electric dreamscape during the REM cycle. So what exactly is an ultradian rhythm? It is a regular occurrence in cycles of less than 24 hours from one stated point to another, as certain biologic activities occur at intervals, regardless of conditions of illumination. According to Wikipedia.

It seems that not only the practices of astral projection or Out-of-Body experiences are very profound ways to relieve stress and focus our energy.

This process is an absolute natural healing process without having to do any astral projection exercises for those who have belief systems that warrant a natural process without using astral projection.

In this day and age we all look to find ways of relieving stress and rejuvenation for our health, this is something that I found very profound and you can experience the effects in just a short amount of time (a nap). Our bodies and our dreamscape are un-explainable in methods of healing and dreaming in a conscious or unconscious state-of-mind. We can also harness the conscious state in our dreamscape, when we are considered by normal standards to be unconscious. So we can also focus that same energy into becoming a more conscious healthier person with healing our minds and bodies while we sleep.

We can also harnass the healing process with a rest break dreamscape in a short period of time. For example according to the ( we are able to harnass a healing process. Here is what the site explains:

“The basic idea is that every hour and a half or so you need to take a rest break - if you don't you may be well on your way to the Ultradian Stress Syndrome: you get tired and lose your mental focus, you tend to make mistakes, get irritable and have accidents - If you continue to ignore your need to take a break you can experience more and more stress until you actually get sick.

When you learn how to recognize your need to take a 20 minute break you can convert your stress into what I call The Ultradian Healing Response – It is that wonderful feeling of comfort and well-being that you naturally have when you are tired but let yourself have the freedom to take well deserved rest.

Internet citation: (

There is also another dreamscape cycle called the circadian process that is sustained by the external and internal environments. It includes light, temperature, and redox cycles. It is part of our dreamscape mechanisms that serves as a healing process and works with our biological processes to heal our bodies. Our bodies have five mechanisms (Circadian, Ultradain rhythm, Infradian rhythm, Lunar rhythm, and Annual rhythm) during our dreamscape that work with our biological processes individually and separately, to heal and keep our bodies healthy.

In addition to the cycles listed above we can also induce some of these dreamscapes by using a method of trance like states. Again, I caution you if you feel this is part of the occult and not within the scope of your religious belief.

Trances as some believe may be a gateway to the occult or a spiritual realm that may hamper your ability or be determental in your state of mind. The trance is a unconscious state of mind and according to Merriam Webster dictionary it is:

: a state that is like being asleep except that you can move and respond to questions and commands like a person who is awake

: a state in which you are not aware of what is happening around you because you are thinking of something else

Full Definition of TRANCE

1: stupor, daze2: a sleeplike state (as of deep hypnosis) usually characterized by partly suspended animation with diminished or absent sensory and motor activity3: a state of profound abstraction or absorption.

Carl Jung describes this state of being in one of his writings that it may be a sinister induction where fainting spells and supernatural occurences may have an entry. In other words these actions or induced trances could give way to a psychic induced state that is not in the conscious state of mind and has components that are induced in the psyche that may have consequences in its unconscious state.

What is profound is that in the present day there is more information related to generational links of dreamscapes that are passed down generation to generation and it may be related in some way to trances. Memories or induced trances that are trance like dreamscapes are not traceable like any other dream you may have and it is unknown up to present of how or when they occur in a dreamscape. Profound was the discovery made that animals have a dreamscape that is recurrent through generational inheritance and humans may have the same type of event or engage an event that is induced by a trance and is generational.

What I mean by a generational occurence is the fact that we experience dreams or trance like states that our ancestors had and it is because we are educated a certain way and a generational or unexplainable event happens that has happenned with other generations of our relatives. Our intellect and abilities are part of what we are and what we have in desires, wants, thoughts, and ideas which may occur in an electric dreamscape.


Jung, Carl, Memories, Dreams, and Reflections, (2015 free eBook)

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