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In these last days... Finding serenity in this unknown hour while having faith in the character of God

Updated on November 19, 2014

Janet Kearns: Time and Nature


Cindy Evans Art


This is Jesus. Spoken Word

The trouble with time...

The trouble with time is that we all have it yet fail to find effective ways to use it. Each day consists of 24 hours. Each hour 60 minutes. Each minute 60 seconds. God made it that way. And we all share the same hourglass. However we look at it, none is granted, theoretically, anymore time than any other. It is what we do with our vapor in the wind which matters. People can either squander their moments, or forge them. Time, is a powerful gift from God, capable of bringing out the best in someone, or silently deteriorating someone.

It is our Lord which fashioned time. Worn like a shawl about Him, He the Father only, knows when He will take it off. Christ, our Savior, even He, knows not the time of His return. But imagine His dependency on us to continue to heed the great commission. We are needed. Blood will be on our hands for our failure to be good stewards of what He has granted us.

Matthew 14:36 36But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

God's Word mentions life is a vapor. In the Word it speaks a prayer for us to ask God to help us number our days.

If we are to benefit in how close we are to the return of Christ and look boldly into His eyes on that day, we must harness the help of His precious Holy Spirit.

John 14 speaks of our Helper the Holy Spirit.

We have angels. We have the Word of God, the Bible. We have His Son Jesus who intercedes for us daily.

If you are near to Him... If you are close to His Word... If you are close to Him yet are in compromise... These end times are not to be taken for granted. The seriousness of the matter can be recognized by the blatant sin which is taken for granted, dry humor which seems coldly bitter. Beware of straying in these end days. Let your Savior hold your reins. Pray for the lost loved ones of yours and others.

Pam Thum: Life is hard but God is good

Syferboy: What Are You Living For/ Don't Waste Your Life | Spoken Word | Part 1 of 2

The last days...

In the last days, just before the Messiah is to return there are many things which must take place as the Grand Creator draws His story to a close. In the Bible there is much confusion about the final book of Revelations. Many of the stories people have either are in full knowledge of these times or are in the dark. But the most people find themselves lost and confused about the sequence of events.

Our Heavenly Father is all knowing. His authorship using human quills, of 66 Books amazingly draws on our soul His plans for the candle within man. He is intricate, accurate, concealed, and infinite. His omniscience is wrote Revelations, His omnipresence sealed it yet still grants us free will. In fact free-will has been considered the greatest invention for man. Possibly, knowing a man's curiosity, Revelations has brought and separated more Christians than any other of the 66 books written in the Bible. Confusion by the masses, those who carry knowledge are partial in understanding, and considering that even Christ is unaware of His return, Christian scholars in an entirety do not know the full scope.

Our knowledge of the ministries of the Holy Spirit

How knowledgable are you to the Holy Spirit according to His abilities to help us?

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A prayer

It is important to pray for the lost. Scriptures remind us the harvest is white, the laborers are few. Much of the time we find worry and anger and fear concerning our lost loved ones. Simply sowing seed into God's Kingdom can yield fruit in our lost loved ones. It keeps our minds of the things that choke the seeds God has planted in us and allows us to dwell in hope.

There is power in prayer. Especially in when two saints touch upon a matter together. Matthew 18:19 solely expresses this.

19 ÔÇťAgain, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

Prayer: Dear Lord, send laborers into the harvest for Your Namesake. We ask forgiveness for not being Kingdom minded. Lord, lift our lost loved ones as You have promised in Your Word to bring to them, salvation, healing, prosperity. In Jesus' Name, amen!


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