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Healing through Kindness

Updated on September 1, 2011
Pictures are so powerfull, can you see yourself no in the picture
Pictures are so powerfull, can you see yourself no in the picture | Source

Healing Through Kindness

I really don’t think there is a person alive to date that has not been cured or given Pease by a friend or loved one’s act of kindness.

The above statement should have said it all, but for those who have never felt the utter sensitivity of pain and the feeling of losing our own lust for life, I write this for you.

Snap out of it, you’re falling again with my head bowing down not to an individual but to the defeat of life. “Snap out of it” as my wife would say, looking up at her and knowing that she’s going through every pain and challenging moments that I’ am as well. My god I’m so lucky to have such a real person on my side, like my wife.

The healing process is not just felt by the individual in anguish themselves but by all their friends and family as well. Through no fault of my own or addiction process have I received these medical diagnoses nor will I submit to the weaknesses that it brings. I’m sure if you just look around and see just who your friends really are to you, it can and will change your life. The best part of this whole scenario is that we are all in training for the job of helping others.

After a few years of grappling for the stars we all find out the fall is far worse than the climb. It’s not till we lose our own perspective in life by whatever means, pertaining to your health, unique job or business. I speak a lot about cops and law enforcement in general, just because I have spent a lifetime trying to leave it. Any job that leaves you so hardened toward fellow humans hast to have a negative effect on your own personal growth.

The flip side of this is people hiding their personal feelings just to get along with others, fellow employees, etc. Sometimes these are people that we will never see again in our lifetime and we gave away of ourselves to their feelings while ignoring our own. My friend this is training for a breakdown; you are building low self-esteem instead of asking of a higher power what to do. We are not meant to be servants to mankind and fail ourselves in the process.

When this world that we all live in gave birth to the final likeness of humans we were installed with freewill as well as restrictions. It’s ok to make mistakes for without them we are just machines, ambassadors to a deity that doesn’t have our best interest in mind. Now that’s kind of a play on words but just stop and rest a moment, do we work to please a boss or do we work to please our family and give of ourselves the necessary time it takes to help our children, wife and friends. A friend of mine once told me in my travels that we need to give of ourselves 8 hours a day to work, 8 hours to our own worship and entertainment and finally 8 hours to rest or sleep. This is a prescription for the basic needs it takes to supply us with everything in life we need not necessary what we want.

I truly feel that we all are blessed with the power to heal and knowledge of when to use this power. There is a piece of God in each and every one of us, search and yea shall find, knock and it will be opened unto you. These are all the secrets you need to find happiness and power to help yourself and

others. True power is not given to you by any man alone, but comes from your life’s deeds and your ability to find it. The sign post along the way are to make us stop and think before we undertake the next important decision in life we make. This is what we bring to the table what we eat is up to every individual on earth. For we are all life based and all related no matter how ugly it gets sometimes.

Above all in deed is the ability to help others if we just try. Sometimes we are tested over and over again not to me mean to us but to see if we are worthy and well qualified to minister the help that our friends need. A quote that my dad used to say to us kids I remember so well coming from a man that was eight foot tall bullet proof, or so I thought.

“After me you come first”, I never quite knew what this meant until I was feeling so close to losing my own fight. No matter how obsolete the other person seems to be there is a purpose set out for each and every one of us. If you don’t take care of yourself first or you can’t help the other man in the fox hole with you.

We can feel sorry for ourselves and be of no use to anyone at all or we can submit to the notion that everyone’s depending on us and I must go on. This is no more than self preservation to keep living; on my part it’s being selfish to the undertaker. There is a fine line that we all must find that defines us individuals powerful but yet, just mortals of the universal conciseness.

Now that I’m close to the ending, it’s time to pay homage to those who have no real belief in their heart. My friend I’m still there for you when needed remember just asks and it shall be given unto you.


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