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How can God use an old woman to heal?

Updated on July 13, 2012

Isn't it interesting how an ordinary day can turn into something extraordinary? Take the other Saturday when I was on my way to an afternoon show in St Albans. My wife had gone off to the shops to get some sweets for the performance and while I enjoyed the Spring sunshine I spotted a banner attached to some railings. It read “Healing through Jesus”. Near the banner there were three or four people standing some distance from each other, holding some leaflets. The nearest to me was an elderly lady, probably in her eighties. I approached her to enquire what it was all about and she offered me one of the leaflets. I never did get to find out her name, but let's call her Margaret. Margaret explained that she and the others were members of different churches in the town and for two hours each Saturday afternoon they make themselves available to anyone that would like prayer. She was enjoying being in the sunshine that day, but they were there rain or shine every week of the year.

Margaret told me that at times they get abuse or nasty comments, but generally people are prepared to talk, with some becoming regular visitors. Some are even willing for the members to pray with them. They offer to pray for those seeeking healing be it from physical illness, depression, anxiety or other concerns that people have, for the person in front of them or on behalf of others.

I was asking about how many people they had prayed for who had received physical healing (how come we so often want to hear about the miraculous?) when I saw Margaret's love in action. An old lady – but probably younger than Margaret – was struggling down the steps from the bank with her shopping trolley. As I was helping the lady bring her trolley down, Margaret spoke to her and noticed bruises on her hands. “Those look painful,” she said, “would you like me to pray with you?” “Yes,” replied the old lady and off she and Margaret went to find some chairs to sit on while she offered up a prayer for her new friend.

I never did finish my conversation with Margaret, because she noticed someone's need and responded to it. That rightly became her priority. I can imagine that as well as praying with her Margaret would find out if there were any other ways that she could help the old lady.

Jesus said “Inasmuch as you helped one of the least of these, you did it to me”. There was no need for Margaret to preach a sermon to me that day, for I saw one in action. What an example Margaret was, for she could have justifiably said that she couldn't do much for God at her age, she couldn't possibly stand for long out in the cold. But there she was, doing what she could and seeing it blessed by God.

What job does God have for you, for rest assured whoever you are, he can use you to bring blessing to others. If you make yourself available.


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