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Beautiful Heart Writing with Words

Updated on March 14, 2016


We have hit -30 degrees Celsius this morning and for those who are in the US and none Celsius scale that equates to -22 degrees with a westerly wind of 5 mph. Canadians understand the word in more ways than one but at the end of the day it still equates to the word COLD. Of course I can recall a bone chilling -72 below once while I lived in the Yukon here in Canada. Trust me nothing moves at that temperature.

With that said I welcome you to the Fireside and please help yourself to anything warm including the afghans Mrs. Quill has spread all over for your comfort. Even Quigley will be willing to cuddle in close in this weather. The outside pee trips are restricted to being very fast.

Please gather and get comfortable, greet your neighbour . We have several new people who have joined us. Introduce yourself and welcome them to our gathering here at the Fireside. Lets seek out what the Father has lain on my heart today. That being the subject of writing. Not only writing in general but writing from the heart. You see the heart is the key to connecting with each other. When our words touch another then we are writing as we are called to write.

Flip on the video and allow the music to encourage you to write from the heart...

Sit back and listen


 Quill Collection
Quill Collection | Source


What makes a writer, a question which could open a can of worms in many circles depending on where you hang your hat these days. But really where is the magic line officially drawn in the sand that takes a person from someone who say journals to actually calling themselves a writer. Personally I think it is all in being able to connect with the one person you are trying to reach and that is the reader. What are the words they read which will hold their attention and gives them the desire to continue reading.

Writing is not all about placing the punctuation in the right place at the right time. Set aside all the rules and regulations and focus rather on allowing the reader into your life in such a way they feel welcomed with the words you have been given. A brief glimpse into your private world. A world you allow them into with what you have to say.

I love to read. I especially love to read about something that has passion for living. Something about taking the challenge in life head on and coming out the winner. Reading of the success or the failure of others. Forget about the fancy words, the proper grammar, order and structure. They are all only window dressing.

A thought is born in the wilderness of the mind and hopefully your are able to bring them into words that come from the heart.


© Quill Collection
© Quill Collection | Source

What is Pleasing

My background is Landscape Design and Construction, Plant Pathology, Horticulture and Arbor Culture. My major was Golf Course Design and Construction. I branched out into smaller projects after the industry became saturated. This is one of the projects I designed. I wish I would have taken a picture of this vast expanse of weeds and rough terrain before I started. A virtual dump site filled with construction material of concrete wood and weeds as high as your waist.

The first order of business was to create a plan of what the finished product should look like and make the presentation to the client. I recall the day I presented the concept. I was met with laughter. My response at the time was allow me to do this and if you are unhappy then what I have completed is a gift for you and your family.

Writing is much like that. A few words jotted on a napkin. A thought rattling around in the mind. Maybe something from your past which can be adopted to a short story. Maybe even into a novel. Characters are developed, shaped and presented. All starting with a thought.

You the writer have been given a gift. A gift to tell a story. It is your story and your calling to share it with others. It is much the same as taking a wasteland of ideas and bringing together to create something pleasing to the eye. A place where the mind and imagination of the reader come together freely and experience allowing their own emotions to be felt.

Hidden in the Depths

 Quill Collection
Quill Collection

What is Hidden

Creating is being able to live in the moment you are writing about. I love fly fishing. There is something about a new stream and the unknown at what may be lurking just around the corner. This picture was taken in a very remote location in the mountains of Alberta Canada.

An elderly gentleman shared with me the location one day telling me it had large Brown Trout. I recall stopping that morning and feeling my heart drop. The stream looked so barren. It was later in the day the Mayfly Hatch started and the water surface began to break. Small circles as the fish started to feed eventually with the water exploding all around me as they began the feed.

The rock just over my left shoulder is where I caught a 6 pound Brown. Just in the small eddy on the downstream side. The feeding only lasted 20 minutes but the satisfaction of tying the right fly and presenting it properly, still brings a smile to my face as I write this.

The same with writing. There will be days when you write something and it will fall on its face. Maybe this hub is one of those writings. If so, my condolences in advance. If it is something you enjoy then I thank you in advance for coming along and resting at the Fireside.

I like to think of what ever we write as being somewhat of a footprint in time. When we post it online it is there and it will remain. If what we write is a footprint in another's life well then we have accomplished what we have set out to do. We have touched another heart and hopefully blessed them in some small way.

Be Yourself

 Quill Collection
Quill Collection | Source

Have Fun

Have fun while you write no matter the subject. Yes there is the serious but create an environment that is pleasing to you. A good reference library is great to have close at hand. The other is right at your fingertips online. A cluttered desk will distract you. That said I have a yellow sticky on my desktop an old one I keep recycling. "Clean your office again!" The mess I have before me right now all belongs to Quigley. I had nothing to do with making it?

A good computer and writing software is wonderful. I started using a product several months ago and love the way it preforms and allows me to have everything on one desktop. It is a freedom which has been essential in keeping track of characters and locations. An amazing program and very versatile for all forms of writing. Gone are the stacks of paper, files and notebooks and searching.

Having fun well Quigley is the entertainment for me. The winter birds at the feeder outside the window, soft music for the mood I find myself in at the time. Easy listening instrumental calms the mind for me. There are times the phone and all other techie toys Mrs. Quill points out I have can be distracting. If so move them out of your writing area. I use a Mac Book Pro most of the time and have all these devices interconnected and set up in such a way and one click and they are all shut off. I also have a iMac 27 inch set up so I can access either computer from no matter where I might be.

If you travel, net access is essential. I have an Internet stick which allows me to go online no matter where I find myself. It is very secure and certainly well worth the monthly fee for security rather than a hotel or public system.

A glimpse into my world. We all have a common interest and that is to create. Enjoy your gift. It is a powerful tool and one which will bless you and the reader many times over should you decide to use it.

© Rolly A. Chabot


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