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On Heaven the Paradise

Updated on August 22, 2018
Rodric29 profile image

Rodric's opinion of the Restored Gospel's doctrines change as more revelation comes. In the meantime, reasoning and perception rule the day.

Heaven is as magnificent as we all believe it will be emotional because we will see our loved ones again and psychologically because our faith about post-mortal life will be confirmed in our minds.


Paradise or Heaven

The concept with which most of the Judeo-Christian world is familiar is that spirits of the dead go to heaven to sing praises to God for eternity (or to hell and burn in a lake of literal fire for eternity). There are differences across the spectrum, I am satisfied, but what I recorded above is the basic concept I gather.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tend to believe similarly with others of the Judeo-Christian background, but their understanding of what occurs in these places differ. Mind you, I have indicated that they TEND to believe similarly and not that they DO believe similarly, which will present itself shortly in this article.

Heaven or Paradise is the place where righteous spirits go after death to await the Resurrection. In this place, the righteous sons and daughters of God rest from all the cares in relation to the world--having to sleep, eat and work for sustenance. It is not a place where people sit idly on a cloud singing. (I bet that would be nice for a while, but it would eventually get boring--at least for me.)

In Heaven/Paradise, people will do the work of the Lord. In this place, all righteous people will preach and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ taught. All good people from the beginning of time will have a righteous Christian adorned by the authority of God to teach those who have not had the opportunity to hear about Christ in mortal life.

When we die, we do not shed our old personalities and will not be infused with un-pursued knowledge. That is important to know and pray about.

It is important to understand the significance that heaven is not a place to rest in the sense of relaxing and sleeping. Heaven is where people rest from the commandment (some call it a curse) that was given to Adam recorded in Genesis that "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground (3:19)" In other words all the people of Heaven rest from the mandate that humanity must work hard to survive and enjoy the beauty and comforts of the Earth.

In His love for humanity, God organized so that all people who have not had the chance can hear and accept Jesus Christ in the next life so that it will be fulfilled that "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess" (Mosiah 27:31) that Jesus is the Christ is the son of God and the savior of all humanity.

It is essential to God's Plan of Salvation that all human beings have a chance to hear and accept Jesus so that all of His judgements are irreproachable as He assures. If you go to heaven, expect to work!


Heaven is Work

Heaven is a place of instruction and preparation for the righteous to receive a glorious resurrection.

It is also a refuge from the worries of mortality as mentioned previously so that the righteous can help those left in mortality complete their works.

Christ organized missionary work among the righteous during his visit to paradise recorded in 1 Peter chapters three and four. Christ opened the gates of heaven to the lost souls in spirit prison giving them the ability to live "that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit" 1 Peter 4:6.

Heaven is a busy place where reunions between the righteous will occur--grandparents welcoming grandchildren and children. Brothers and sisters will welcome siblings; parents will welcome children to Heaven to commence the work of Jesus Christ as spirits unencumbered by the frailties of the flesh.

What We Have Learned so far is...

  1. Heaven is a place of work
  2. All those billions of people who died without knowing about Jesus will learned about him

Heaven, Spirit Heaven is Temporary

Yes, I did type the word temporary in relation to the state of heaven that I described above. All the dead will have been judged partially for entrance into this temporary state of heaven or hell. As busy as heaven is, it is a rehearsal for what will occur after the resurrection!


The blood of Jesus Christ will have the grace to allow our spirits to continue in joy in the next life as we have faith in this life. It is only by unshaken faith in the teachings of Jesus that all righteous people will continue in that state of mind.

It is important that we spend this life cultivating a relationship with God through the Holy Ghost because " that same spirit which doth possess your bodies at the time that ye go out of this life... will have the power to possess your body in that eternal world" Alma 34:34.

When we die, we do not shed our old personalities and will not be infused with un-pursued knowledge. That is important to know and pray about.

In the media, especially religious media, it shows people repenting on their deathbeds and floating off to the fairy tale version of heaven.

It is not so. Heaven will only be a state of mind to the dead. Whatever troubles people here in mortality will trouble them in spirit. There is no getting away from the lives that we live. If we live lives of unrepentant debauchery, we should expect it to continue with us.

If we are good in this life, we will continue to be good when we die and the Holy Ghost will still have a personal influence on our actions and continued knowledge.

The righteous will have the ability to--through faith in the Lord Jesus-- know more of the mysteries of God in Heaven if we sought to know them in this life also. Heaven will last only as long as the spirits called the children of God need it to prepare for a glorious resurrection.

Heaven is as magnificent as we all believe it will be emotional because we will see our loved ones again and psychologically because our faith about post-mortal life will be confirmed in our minds.

What about you?

Do you contemplate where you will go when you leave this life?

See results

© 2012 Rodric Anthony Johnson

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    • Rodric29 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodric Anthony Johnson 

      9 years ago from Surprise, Arizona

      Hi Cristale. I will get to the three heavens in my next hub. You are absolutely and totally wrong about you last statements about males being the only ones to get into heaven, either you have not read the doctrines correctly when you were Mormon or you did not understand them.

      You reason or reasons for not being Mormon are not because of that, unless you are speaking of a splinter group which claims to be Mormons. The Church had NEVER taught what you have written and I challenge you to find it as a teaching of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

      I do appreciate you comment, however and reading my article.

    • Cristale profile image

      Cristale Adams 

      9 years ago

      I used to be Mormon for a while, and they actually believe in multiple heavens. They also believe that males are the only ones who get to enter heaven and the number of children they have increases their chances of going to heaven after death, which is why I am no longer a Mormon.

    • Rodric29 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodric Anthony Johnson 

      9 years ago from Surprise, Arizona

      I understand Rui. It means the same in English literally the heavens, which can mean outer space also in English. I will just say that God is not in the sky. I will clarify in my next hub.

    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 

      9 years ago from Torres Novas

      Actually, the word for heaven and sky in the portuguese language (my language) is the same! - So those concepts are very much entwined


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