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Heaven and Earth, reconciled

Updated on October 7, 2009

The "Will of Heaven" represents the Divine Will of the Creator. By contrast, the supposed "Will of Earth" represents darkness and evil. The problem is of course that the "Will of Heaven" is not completely manifested and acted upon, at least from our subjective perspective. The "Will of Earth", on the other hand, is evidenced frequently by things like happenstance, corruption, entropy, brute force. Nobody wants things that suck, but they - apparently - happen that way. The "Will of Earth", then, is an argument for the existence of true evil, each moment one fraudulent witness after another approaching and testifying to its reality. It wouldn't be believable in a perfect Creation, except on the strength of its own manifest evidence.

In short, then, what the "Will of Earth" is is the strength of manifestation, of solid, concrete reality. Of the strength to achieve, though achieve what exactly it knows not. It represents physicality and solidity of Creation... the power to manifest itself as real. It is the aspect of Creation that was... well, Created, so to speak.

By contrast, the "Will of Heaven" is Divine Will, though often unmanifested in our environment (at least within out perception). It is absolutely Perfect and desirable... but evidently, often missing or elsewhere. Unmanifest.

It becomes increasingly clear that what they each are is not two opposing things or forces, but rather two sides of the same coin. We commit the perceptual error of splitting one thing into two opposite things when we commit the conceptual error of choosing to believe that there is anything else but Divine Perfection existant anywhere. The force of that choice causes us to percieve something unified as fragmented, with each fragment imperfect and unsatisfactory: a bullying and fearful Creation manifested without Divine guidance, and a sort of talking head, absentee-father figure of our Maker. Fact is, Creation wouldn't be Creation without perfect and total Divine causation, and our Divine Maker wouldn't be perfect if there were any place in Creation that He was not wholly present in. Manifestation and Perfection, two parts of the same thing that make absolutely no sense (nor should they) when perceived as being separate. Manifestation necessarily is Perfect, and Perfection necessarily is Manifest. All perceptions to the contrary are in error; we can rejoice together in their correction. Accepting the correction by Choosing in accordance with it, and acting upon that Fact, is our great joy while we still encounter an erroneous perception of Creation. Acting and Choosing otherwise, continuing to invest in the error, is to live in a weaker, spinoff fiction of reality and to perceive things like that, but Fact always dispels fiction since it displaces what was never there. And it doesn't matter who chooses Fact, since our Nature is unified. I can dispel my Brothers' error, since my Brother is truly incapable of error. There is no opposite to this approach, either; the opposite of Choosing what exists in Eternity is to Choose something that cannot exist, and that is simply a rejection of the Nature of Creation disguised as a Choice. A rejection of Fact changes nothing, and can be dispelled (since it never was). Ultimately, then, it is simply inaction. Which makes perfect sense. The opposite of living in accordance with the Fact of Creation is to do something which does not exist. I quite literally have Everything in my favor. Or, more truly, we have Everything in our favor. Since there is no contest, there is no competition, and any argument for any kind of error is truly nothing. What an ideal circumstance to abide in Love and Fact, and affirm the True Nature of my Brother by approaching him with Love and Joy? There really isn't anything else in Creation to do, or that is worth doing, though there are many ways to express Love and Joy.


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    • profile image


      13 years ago

      Great hub! I have found that when I ask for something I usually get it so fast it blows me over, but I rarely ask. I'm not sure why not. Maybe its because most of the time I'm happy, so I don't feel like I NEED anything.

      I know that when I feel really really stuck performing a ritual or "spell" can blast right through it, but you tell most other people this and they think you are mad as a hatter.

      I haven't had good experience with Wicca. Nothing bad has ever happened to me at Wiccan events, but basically I quickly get thrown out of any religion I attempt to join, even when I'm favorably disposed toward it. So I don't join them anymore.

    • Satori profile imageAUTHOR


      13 years ago from California

      Aye, there's the rub.

      My experience leads me to the understanding that it isn't so hard, and that the subjective experience we encounter that it is, is simply more of the illusion of suffering with which our physical experience confronts us. If it were truly hard, it would be imperfection, and I cannot believe that imperfection truly, objectively, exists.

      The subjective experience of suffering and imperfection in any form, from a bad day to the subjectively-experienced difficulty we have changing our own experiences, is to the best of my knowledge the result of a Choice on our part. Specifically, a Choice to reject, or not fully align ourselves with, Divine Love in all things. That is our True Nature, after all. So when we experience residual tendencies on our own part to Choose what is not wholly Love, we encounter the results of this. Another way to express the same concept is that we're purporting to make a Choice that isn't wholly aligned with Love, and therefore entering into a fictitious state (like the binding terms of a contract) because we're accepting a fictitious premise in our words, thoughts and deeds.

      Let's look at this situation from a metaphysical perspective for a moment. Altering manifest, physical reality through an act of Will (essentially, an intentional Choice) is experienced as difficult. Throughout the ages, Willworkers have attempted to overcome this by applying intense concentration and energywork. They have also found that group Willworkings for the same intent (that is, for the same Choice) allow them to accomplish it better. Sometimes this appears to take form in mundane ways. Common group Willworkings would be a witches coven, a social scene, or even a modern-day corporation. In each cases, people are working together to change the world by a shared investment in the same Choice. In their shared Willworking, they attempt to enact change upon the world in ways that would be difficult for an individual.

      But in contrast to results-oriented Willworking, or "low magick", we find that miracles and supernatural events seem to occur for highly spiritually-oriented people all the time. Saints, for example. Instead of a highly-directed, highly-conscious effort to impose ones' Will upon the world, we find that an act of Will can be quite easy when it is motivated by an uncommonly-high degree of Love.

      Consider this equation akin to leveraging. We all know that with a lever, depending on where you position the fulcrum you can move the same weight the same distance by applying a lot of force on one end, with very little motion. Or, you can shift the lever and apply very little force, and move the same weight the same distance by moving the other end along a greater distance. This is sort of like that. An individual can apply a great amount of effort by themselves, while not requiring the same degree of spiritually-pure intention (Love). A group can do the same thing more easily, with the same amount of Love and less individual effort. An individual like a miracle-working saint can apply next to no effort, and accomplish miracles without a group working, with a lot of Love backing their Choice. Additionally, strength of will for all of these people can be exerted over a long span of time.

      This becomes very simple to understand when we appreciate that all transformations of reality - magick, miracles, call them as you will - are simply an act of Will. All Will really is is Choice. The practice, then, is to make a Choice so strongly that it manifests results in the physical world. Like the amount of gold that backs paper money, the more Love underlying a Choice, the more power it has and the easier it is to make. The concept is simplified even further when we remember that our True Nature is perfect Love, and so in our True State there is no difference whatsoever between what we would Choose, and Love. We think of them as two separate things, but they are the same thing in Eternity. In this world, we've become used to dividing them into two different concepts. But they aren't. It's when our Choices are lacking in Love to some extent, that we must strain to apply them to physical reality. The problem is that we've taken the source of our power away by indulging in the fiction that we can have a Choice that isn't pure Love. It is an illusion, and by trying to act on such a false premise we find ourselves disempowered. We have literally undermined our own strength of Will - usually unintentionally - by rejecting Divine facts about Creation and ourselves and accepting a false premise that doesn't exist, and then attempting to Choose it.

      It is said that the Divine made us, and Creation, by being "wholly desirous" of us. It was pure, Loving Choice that brought us into being. Our Choices can do the same thing, but the ones we've been making in Causality have been flawed by an acceptance of lovelessness to some extent or another. It is impossible to be "wholly desirous" of something that isn't based in pure Love, because it would not be wholly worthy of us.

      Sometimes the basis for this might not be immediately apparent. We may, for example, Choose a perfect world. This would seem to be a perfectly Loving choice. But we must consider what our Choice is overall, beyond that specific. The road rage we may exhibit on our way to work, for example. How we respond to the people with whom we live. Are they all wholly Loving, or are we accepting lovelessness in what we Choose? (I'm still working on this one, don't get me wrong!) It is impossible to be wholly Loving only sometimes. That doesn't mean anything. One cannot wholly Choose something only some of the time. And this would seem to be the problem we encounter in Causality, particularly when we attempt to transform our subjective experiences into something more worthy.

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your readership, and your joining me as a fan. =)

    • virtuallymaggie profile image


      13 years ago

      Perception is an interesting thing, isn't it? Our realities are simply our perceptions of our own realities....which leads one to believe that changing a bad reality shouldn't be so hard. So why is it so hard?


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