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Hell no we won't quit

Updated on March 12, 2010
No better reason to keep fighting
No better reason to keep fighting

 If you get tired of watching the news and wondering why no one does anything about the crime corruption in Washington and all the fighting all over the world.

 My friend I suggest you just turn off your TV and try to fix the local problems in your town or even your family. The first step is to believe there is a problem. If your just bored because your retired and have nothing better to do than I think you just need to go fishing.

 Involvement doesn't mean bitching just because it means taking up a cause that your family friends and perhaps your neighbors also believe there is a problem. If you get out of your house and go to the local dinner, just look and listen to the old farts talk about the world problems ,they mean problems with local roads,building codes,new buildings, and of course the local politicians not in favor this week.

 It is very important that we as a people stay in touch with everyday affairs in our communities so that they don't get to far out of bounds and your elected officials are doing the job they said or the job that we the people there boss agreed to.

 In our home we have a few problems, but not to many that we arn't looking at what's going on around us. I'm waiting for a Kidney transplant and have been over a year, Na it ain't frustrating. my wife needs a heart valve replacement done, my sister in law has lung cancer and has never smoked a day in her life. Are we to believe that these problems make us immune to being responsible to our children are neighborhood or even our community. We must take an active role in supporting the right things and objecting the things that we feel are not right for us as a whole.

 Will you stand with me at leased in the belief  that we as a community and a larger nation must get involved in our government the best way we know how. I understand if you have a government job things don't always look rosy and you may be afraid of loosing your job if you speak out, but most of the people like us are in the know to speak out against those that don't have our best interest in mind.

Read your local paper's be informed it's the only way the carpetbaggers can't slip in some legislation that's not the best for you, your neighbor or even your friend across town. I wish the best to everyone  and hope it works out for you and your family, justice has many different meanings.



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