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Hello My Dear Terrorist

Updated on February 21, 2018

Hello my dear terrorist,

You are also born like us. You are also going to live in this world to a maximum of 80 or 90 years. Many things may happen in this world against your wishes .Can you think that you can change everything by violence? In the beginning of the mankind, there was no religion, language or any thing else. They lived only as animals. Only in the process of evolution, their brain developed and they created everything. Customs and habits developed according to their surroundings. So as the languages, religions , countries and every thing. Due to this what you think right , may be wrong to others. You can not assume that you are the only person who is following correct steps and others to follow you. Think a moment. Do you agree with your leaders all the time? No definitely not. Do you think that the bombs you plant will kill only the persons who are against your ideology? What are you going to achieve by killing people? Are you going to rule a world without any human being? Imagine this. You have achieved your goal and the entire world is under you. Do you think that all the people will cooperate with you for ever? What you will do some of your citizens become terrorists like you and do what you do earlier? Human life is precious. We all came here only to live .No body has any right to kill anybody for any reason. Murdering people and demolishing buildings may give you some sadistic pleasure. But all these can not stop the movement of the earth. The world will become normal after the memory of the disaster lapses. But you can not sleep after that. If you think a moment the scenes of disaster caused by you, you can not sleep. You can not come out from the dark after that. Your family will also suffer very much due to your activities. By violence you can achieve nothing. Don't be an instrument to anybody's hand to kill and destroy the humanity. There may be hundreds of religions ,languages, creeds etc. But we are all human beings. We are brothers and sisters. We should live in the world without hurting others. Please think about your deeds in the past and repent. You can spend the remaining of your life in helping the poor and the downtrodden. Don't be a terrorist anymore.

Yours affectionately,

A well wisher of the world.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      No matter how the terrorist will take your advice, what matters is how you made an attempt to make terrorist realise what they are doing in the name of liberation. Hats off Rengu

    • NOIDIAN profile image


      11 years ago

      Good. But any terrorist would listen to this? Terrorists don't have brains and see the logic behind their acts. They only stirred by their emotions.


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