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Hessonite: The Gemstone of Special Skills

Updated on September 3, 2015

Hessonite (Gomedh) : An Introduction

Hessonite (Gomedh) is well known for its mystical powers and gives its wearer immense potentials to succeed in pursuits, that require immense creative skills, and which are sometimes beyond the grab of a common man. It gives immense intuitive powers and super intelligence. It can bring gains unexpectedly and within very short span of time.

Hessonite | Source

Who Should Wear a Hessonite

Interestingly Hessonite (Gomedh) is not related to any specific zodiac sign. It is perfectly suited to those who have a favourable Rahu (North Node) in their horoscope which has no conflict with any other planet. Rahu is a shadow planet which is believed not to have a physical body, but meanwhile it is well known for its extra terrestrial traits. However there are misconceptions in astrology about Rahu and sometimes it is considered to be a malefic planet. But those who have an understanding of astrology know it well that any planet can prove to be malefic for anybody depending on its placement in the horoscope of the native in question. It is considered that Rahu manifests attributes like manipulation, forgery, cheating, spying, ambush, inflicting harm, foresight, sixth sense, and so on. Interestingly I too don't deny these attributes. But there are many professions where these attributes can be used for the well being of mankind. Following are a few examples:

1. Let's take example of a film actor. What does he do? Astrologically he is utilizing the so called negative attributes of Rahu for a creative purpose. He is deceiving people by his acting. In a movie, sometimes he portrays himself as a lover, sometimes as a doctor, sometimes as an officer and what not. The better deceiving he does the better actor is he considered. In fact people want to be deceived by him and even they pay him to be deceived only.

2. What a magician does? He is also doing the same thing. He is utilizing the energy of Rahu to accomplish a creative art. He is just manipulating things only to entertain people. The more he manipulates the better magician is he considered.

A good astrologer will suggest you to wear a Hessonite only if he feels that it is going to strengthen the attributes of Rahu in you for creative purposes. This can transform the lives of those who are aspiring to be good:

a. Software Engineers.

b. Illusionists.

c. Film Actors.

d. Dancers.

e. Magicians.

f. Engineers in any stream.

g. Scientists in any stream.

h. Personnel in departments like CID, Police, Military, Intelligence Bureau, Custom etc.

i. Doctors, Pathologists and Radiologists

j. Videographers and Photographers.

These are just examples. There are so many professions which actually require the positive traits of Rahu for a better performance. Astonishingly Rahu manifests the types of energy which if channelised in a right direction can transform a person for the benefit of mankind in so many ways.

What Kind of a Hessonite Should You Wear

For astrological purposes Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Hessonites are considered the best. For every 12 Kg of body weight one should wear 1 carat of Hessonite. For example if your body weight is 60 Kg, then you should wear 6 carat of Hessonite. It should be free of any kind of stains or scars. It should be from mid to deep orange in colour. It should not have undergone any kind of heat or chemical treatment.

How to Purchase an Authentic Hessonite

It is always advisable to purchase a Hessonite from a leading vendor who can give you proper "Certificate of Authenticity."Meanwhile there are some leading Vendors who give you a money back guarantee for any authenticity related issues. So take utmost care about authenticity while purchasing a Hessonite. Usually the big and leading brands in the industry take proper care about the authenticity of Gemstones to maintain their reputation and goodwill in the market.

Substitutes of Hessonite

As a substitute one can wear Natural Orange Zircon or Indian Hessonite, but truely speaking they are far less effective then original Hessonite. Fortunately you don't need to seek a substitute for economical purposes as they are quite affordable for a common man.

How Should You Wear a Hessonite

It should we worn in a Silver or Platinum ring. Gold and Panchdhatu (Five Metals) should be avoided. Right handed people should wear it in the middle finger of their right hand and left handed people should wear it in the middle finger of their left hand. It should be worn on a Saturday evening during Waning Moon (Krishna Paksha).

What if You Are Already Wearing a Hessonite And it is Not Working

Although it is very rare to have such an experience. Hessonite is likely to show its results under almost all circumstances. But still if it is not giving desired results then following may be the reasons:

1. Your Hessonite is not authentic.

2. You have worn it without consulting an expert astrologer.

3. Third and the most interesting reason is that perhaps you have a place of worship in the Southwest part of your building or perhaps there may be a source of visible fire there. This is because Southwest is the direction of Rahu whereas he is considered to be natural malefic which has a conflict with benefics. Having a place of worship in Southwest part may inflict adverse effects on the attributes of Rahu. So if this is the case then shift your place of worship to the Northeast part of your building. In the Southeast part of your building it is always advisable to place objects like machines, chemicals, heavy equipment or some sort of object that manifests creativity. Apply these changes any your Hessonite will start giving results.

I hope you will find this information useful for you and your dear ones. In case you have any doubts then you are most welcome to put the same in the comment box. I will try and answer your doubts to the best of my knowledge and experience into the subject.


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