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Hidden Knowledge

Updated on September 2, 2011

Why did this happen to me?


Have you ever had the need to understand the why of something? Many people seek a closure in a given situation, yet it is not given to them at that time. They are persistent in trying to find out the why of an event, instead of just accepting there might be no real answer at this time. In the pursuit of finding out why, they become disassociated with the opportunities available to them now, or coming in to them in their near future.

In our life time, we will all experience some event that will leave us breathless in the way it ended. We might honestly have not seen the warning signs, because there just were not any. If this is related to a person, they might not have the words to explain their leaving you behind. Their choice might had more to do with them and a need they had, then with you. The hidden knowledge is not for us to know, and must be accepted. It is also a lesson on how we are not the center of anyone’s universe but our own. Opening the ‘box’ of forbidden knowing about the actions of a person cannot ever release you from your grief. Most likely the answers are not ever available, and what appears to be the answer is only an illusion.

On another level, we might wonder at times, why are we here? What is our life purpose? We often have a yearning to understand our spirit.

“Every major experience we have had was a component of the lessons we have signed up for in this life time. Are you brave enough to face your own ‘Pandora’s box? Each time we come in contact with a situation that has left us confused is a sign that we are now entering something hidden within our own mysterious box”, the Crystal Fairies mentioned this to me awhile ago.

If you decide to open up your Pandora’s Box, you will be privy to the information about how and you are connected to this Universe and its’ many realms. This will also include a view of your ego and the spirit. Is it a hard journey [to enter this box]? In some ways yes, because it will challenge your present and past thought process. Usually when we begin asking these types of questions, it is because we are being called to examine ourselves.

“Will you peek into your box”, asked the Crystal Fairies?

“If you decide to pursue this, we will teach you ways to assess this. We ask only that you become patient with yourself. The information will never be rushed, since we know that surely is the way to failure. We give it to you in small doses, so you can meditate and use it in your daily life,” the Crystal Fairies continued.

There lessons did come in small intervals, with physical examples for me to experience. This helped me to get the full meaning, not just the mental concept. Through their teachings the process of asking why regarding events in my everyday life changed. I have learned there would be no answers coming immediately. I could ask someone what they thought, or perhaps request a reading, but the answers never filled the void inside me, nor give me a peace of knowing. The reason for this later became evident; no one could respond to it accurately, because it was not theirs to give, or mine to receive. Answers did come though, when I was not any more concerned with finding answers. They always came in a flash vision that included the bigger picture of my life purpose.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      I am very touched by your comments and that this blog spoke to you. Thank you so much.

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 

      7 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      What you write here is so profound. My master has told me, "It is only in the depths of silence that the voice of god is heard."

      And this silence is not that of speech but of the mind.

      As you rightly say, stilling the mind is so necessary for 95% of the time, the mind is only about the past and future.

      But all the answers are in the present and they can be 'heard' in the inner recesses.

      " I could ask someone what they thought, or perhaps request a reading, but the answers never filled the void inside me, nor give me a peace of knowing."

      this is so true!

      Thank you for this hub. voted Up and Interesting and beautiful


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