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The myth and the truth

Updated on December 12, 2007

Hinduism -the myth and the truth

It s frequently asked why Hindus are worshipping so many Gods? During a browsing in the net, I found an answer to this question," It is because they are misinformed" It made me laugh. Are Hindus misinformed? definitely not. Even before thousands of years, even before the emergence of the existing popular religions, Hinduism declared" There is only one God and only one mankind"(Thirumoolar- a Tamil saint) Then why Hindus are worshipping so many gods? Meditation is one of the main activity in Hinduism.In the begining of the meditational practice, each individual has to concentrate in some image. For this purpose many deities are created to suit individuals according to their mind set. Hinduism mainly preached the following types of worship.

1) Saivism--- To worship God as Shiva

2) Vaishnavism- To worship God as Vishnu

3) Saktham-To worship God as Devi,Godess

4)Ganapathyam-To worship God as Vinayaka who has elephant head and human body

5)Kumaram-To worship God as Murugan, a cute child

6) Cowmaram-To worship God as light

Due to the ignorance of the followers of this segments, they quarrelled themeselves that their God is superior to other Gods.To put a full stop to this Bhagavat Gita clarrified that doing their job in perfection and sincerely itself is enough to reach God.

Tamil saint Thirumoolar explained that "Gold is one. But different types of ornaments can be made out of it. Like that God is one, but deities are numerous"

Hinduism gives full freedom of worship.It never compels any body to worship this way or that way. No stringent rules. It believes that existence of God should be experienced by individuals and it can not be acheived by stringent prayers and other things. It wont prohibit worship of deities of other religions too. Hinduism believes that relegions are many roads to a single city, that is God. There is a motto in Hinduism that God is love and love is God.

So Hindus are not blindly worshipping many deities. They know that there is only one God and he can be worshipped in many forms.They worshipped every thing in this earth, the sun,moon,planets,sea etc as all are created by God. Hinduism is an ocean and it can not be narrated in a single page.



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    • Renganathan profile image

      Renganathan 4 years ago from Kondhai

      @Mystique sara

      Ofcourse Hinduism believes in Astrology.But it clearly explains that planets can do nothing against those who surrenders to the Almighty! Please read Bagavat Geetha and Swami Vivekananda"s Chicago Address, you might have answers to your questions. Thank you

    • profile image

      mystique sara 4 years ago

      No two hindu traditions are the same. The way they celebrate festivals is different in different states of india. Even in same state, different castes have their own set of rituals and rites which vary from other castes and tribes.

      One can never find much unity in worship also.Some say Im a Shiva worshipper, others say we are Vishnu worshippers. And there are so many other differences in worship.

      The only point what hindus can argue is that though we worship different idols, we pray to one transdental god only. Why dont the BRAHMIN's say that we are worshipping stars and planets in the form of idols? Why are'nt the priests saying?

      I feel ashamed to say that only hinduism has given the liberty to worship God in whichever way and form you like. Taking advantage of this there are so many fake GODMEN and gurus whom we all know.

      These people say whatever comes to their mouth and sway hindus because we itself dont know what is the truth.

      Hinduism is an ASTROTHEOLOGICAL religion which many of the practicing hindus dont know. Each and every thing a hindu person does is based on the alignment of specific planetary objects. They observe particular days to worship particular dietiees and keep a note of the times like Rahu kalam, Yama gandam and other things.

      What hindus think is there is only one God but we worship him in different forms in idols. But the truth is we are worshipping the stars and planets as gods and having supernatural powers which influence our day to day lives. Astrology is the EYE of Vedas, they say. A hindu's life is completely binded by astrology.

      When a child is born, we forecast his horoscope with the help of a jyotish.

      On each birthday while going to temple to get the blessings of gods, the priest asks the childs nakshatra and rasi.

      During marriage we see matching of the boy and girl's horoscope matching.

      Then for fixing the date for marriage we see a jyotish.

      Then for First night also we see favourable time.

      While entering into a new house, we wait for good time.

      For keeping the name of the new born child, we consult a numerologer nowadays.

      What Im coming to say is we people see and take the help of planets and stars for every important decision of our life. And the reason for this is all our DIETIESour personification of a planet or a star.

    • profile image

      Kerry43 5 years ago

      What a wonderful article. Thank you:)


    • profile image

      Anant(~) 9 years ago

      Sir Albert Einstein said "When explanation is simple it is from God ".When supreme personality of God Sri Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta said to achieve perfection in once work is sure path to reach simple and elegant it appears in this age where there are numerous philosophies,religions fighting amongthemselves claiming we r right others are false !

    • Rudra profile image

      Rudra 10 years ago

      Hinduism is a great religion. Hindus dont do many things that are done my religions considered as violence.

    • profile image

      Dinesh narayana 10 years ago

      how can i pray with perfect mind to lord?

    • profile image

      krishna 10 years ago

      True religion of the householder rishis were to realise the self.Which is the body,mind and life force functioning in harmony with one another and the universal cosmic intelligent energy in its quantum state(absolute).Absolute realisation of god(cosmic principle)not a personal god is ETERNAL SPACE within which energy particle funtion in motion at high spinning velocity to form waves which create a cosmic magnetic field(quantum field).THis truth can be realised by developing our sixth sense through meditation and by following a happy family life with life partner and children,living hamoniously with society.Spirituality and science are one and the same if people are willing to analyse spiritual experience with modern sciences like quantum mechanics,evolutionary biology,genetics and human anaotomy.I am god,you are god, every one is god,the universe is god,KNOW IT! UNDERSTAND IT! AND BECOME IT! samadhi-total consciousness.

    • NOIDIAN profile image

      NOIDIAN 11 years ago

      Hinduism is really great. Only Godmen give Hinduism a bad name.

    • profile image

      krptd_na_cnce 11 years ago

      Very well put-Thank you for shareing the word of God-Truth-