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His Amazing Love Letter

Updated on October 5, 2020

Song of songs 4 v 7


Dearest Beloved,

How I have missed you, how I have longed for you to come and spend time with Me. Do you not hear my voice crying out in the wilderness?

My laughter carried on the wind. My joy for you as it resounded through the mountaintops, soaring down into the valleys and ebbing on the tides of the roaring oceans?

Can you not envisage My face, My sweet embrace, My gentle whisper in your ear, touching with feather lightness the depths of your very soul, yearning for your response, calling for your hand, reaching out and taking you to My breast?

Can you not feel My heartbeat tapping out the breaths that you yourself inhale and exhale?

Have you not known that you were made especially to be My love, My breath, My life?

Do you not see that together, we would reach the highest point in the heavenlies and touch the farthest star in the galaxies?

Just for you
Just for you

Have you not heard that I am able to fulfil your deepest desire and grant you the greatest gifts?

Are you not aware that I have known you from the beginning of your life and seen you grow into the beautiful woman you are now? Nurtured and encouraged quietly by My very words which have bought you comfort in your darkest hour and joy when the tears could no longer flow.

Do you not know it was I who held your hand when you wanted to end it all and say farewell to the pain even though, somewhere deep within your innermost being, you were crying out for the release to find the reason to still go on living? My sweet lady, it was I who stopped death from enveloping your precious frame, it was I who walked with you through the times when you thought nobody cared or even acknowledged you existed. It was I Who reached out and gently swept that tear away from your reddened eyes and held you in My arms when grief threatened to take you further than you wanted to go. Even when you thought all hope was lost it was I Who sent that sparrow to sit upon the sill and sing lovingly to your soul, to restore hope.

How I have loved you with an everlasting love, with the strong cords of My faithfulness I have bound Myself to You. I have betrothed you to My heart, I have chosen you to be My Bride, to walk with Me into a place that is safe and filled with a joy unquenchable. To walk beside Me, hand in hand beside a river that flows from a golden throne room where a throne is set beside Me with your name etched in its headboard, alongside is your precious crown of jewels that are filled with the many colours of the earth.

My love, you are My princess, the one love that I have chosen to reign with Me on this earth, to sit beside Me and place your hand in Mine so that we, together, can reach out to others and shed true love abroad in their hearts, so that they too may know, how truly divine and fulfilling this love can be.

The time has been so long in waiting for you to come to Me. The waiting I have endured only because of the love I have for you, a love that knows no limits, no boundaries, no time. This love, you yourself have turned from and yet I have not turned from you, this is something I could never do, for you are a part of Me.

My Father created you especially for Me and apart from Me you can do nothing. Apart from Me you cannot know love. Apart from Me all of your life is meaningless, for I am the Life, the Truth and the Way.

Throughout all the days of trouble I have been deeply concerned for you, My eyes and ears have been upon you, darkness may have pressed in on you, but I was near at hand. When you passed through the waters I was with you, though at times you felt alone, yet My hand was upon you, My arm encircled you and upheld you.

Nothing you have done can stop Me from loving you, from wanting you, nothing can separate you from My love. Not height or depths, angels or principalities, life or death can separate us from our destiny together. Hear Me in this, there is nothing on this earth that can stop My love for you.

In those dark hours of the midnight watch when you stirred from your slumber to answer the cry of your little one, I was there, appreciating you and thanking you for sacrificing your rest for the sake of another.

I was there when you sat by their bed and cried tears of sorrow for the pain they were going through, wishing it could have been you, wishing you could bear the pain for them. I too, have lived in that moment and known what it has been like.

I was there when they laughed at you and ridiculed you, when your efforts to be like them became futile as they mocked you and you slowly hid and disappeared into the place of rejection and self despising. The cutting words of ‘You are not good enough’, reaching deep into your heart, searing your soul with a hot iron, causing your heart to break, yet again under the burden and pressure of it all.

Yes, My beloved, I was there praying you would turn and see My arms outstretched, praying you would see My eyes of liquid love, waiting for that moment when you would answer the door and let Me in so that I could comfort you. Yes, I was there, not pushing in demanding your attention but standing back waiting patiently for that day when you would finally answer Me and at least turn to see Who had been calling your name all these years.

My beloved, I was even there when they beat you black and blue and tore your innocence from you, when they degraded you and left you in a ditch with the lying words echoing in your heart, ‘You are dirty and untouchable,’ Yes, I was there wanting so much to stop this from happening to you, wanting so much to protect you and cover you from those blows and degradation, wanting so much to take away the pain but you see, I could not, you wouldn’t let Me … you wouldn’t ask Me to intervene, you chose to turn away from my outstretched hand to deliver you. Even there in that place of shame you turned to the world for justice. The world didn’t answer, the world turned a blind eye and a deaf ear towards you and ignored your suffering and still you did not hear my anguish for you. Still you didn’t sense my heartache for you, my burning desire to show you that I am the Healer and the One Who delivers and sets free those who are broken and bruised and abused.

You couldn’t believe I could help, you didn’t think you were worth it. Oh, how angry I was for you but you wouldn’t let Me save you.

Beloved, I am asking you once again, the same question I have been asking you all your life. Will you let Me come and protect you, provide for you, will you let Me come and save you?

Will you let Me come and heal you, sweeping you off your feet and taking you away to the place I have prepared for you? The place where there is healing and joy.

This is the place where you would be set free from the chains that have bound you. Where the ache that has hardened your heart will pass and in its place you will become as a sweet smelling fragrant flower, pure red, dripping with the blood I have shed for you. As I went to battle for you, as I took upon Myself all the sin and disease of the world, past, present and future. I also took upon Me all of your sin and disease. I didn’t do this for everyone else and leave you out; My eye was gazing upon you when I was on the cross at Calvary. My steadfast love never left you then and My steadfast love will never leave you now. It is eternal and steady and passionate in it’s pursuit of you. I am in love and do not intend to leave your side for one solitary moment in time.

Song of songs 1 v 3


My precious beloved I have already done this for you, not only I but My Father also because He sent Me to you. You see, it was His plan all along to choose for Me a Bride who would be pure, blameless and spotless and so in love with Me that He would gladly give eternal life as His gift and dowry for us. That He would gladly give to you My inheritance and all that encompasses.

Do you know what that encompasses? Have you any idea what that cost was to Him? I do and that is why I can now write this letter to you, so that you will be able to open your heart to My wooing. My gentle call, My quiet knock, deep calling unto deep, breathtakingly peaceful, flowing and growing, abounding in riches, sparkling with jewels. Colours that represent your beauty and My truth, love that would hold you forever and ever …

Won’t you answer?

Won’t you come?

I am waiting …..

I remain your Betrothed until we join in eternity,


©J.M.Smith – 1998 – inspired by the Holy Spirit.

You Know Me by Steffany Frizzell - Gretsinger

© 2013 J M Smith


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