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Historical Trans-Generational Genetic Data

Updated on January 16, 2012


I have a very close relationship with my 2 year old grand niece. I normally introduce her to animals and insects while she was growing up, like frogs and grasshopper. She is normally fascinated by these animals. Then one day while doing some gardening, I found a huge worm. I decided to show my grand niece the worm. I held it in front of her for a couple seconds. She was silent as she looked at the worm wiggling as if she did not not know what to think. Then she busted out in a great cry. She ran and cried like never before. Her mother came looking and was surprised that her daughter could become scared of anything as she was relatively brave up to this point.

My intentions were not malicious. After doing some research I realized that the worm may resemble a snake. I do remember when I was like 3 years old, my father had placed a snake around my neck. This was a very traumatizing experience for me. I was scared, but I did not know why. I was not thinking that the snake would bite me. I was just very afraid. The basic reason for this fear was due to my ancestors being attacked and injured by snakes. The mystery is how does this trans-genetic memory get transferred in the first place.

This had me thinking, why did she become scared? When She is seeing a worm for the first time. She was never conditioned or motivated to become afraid of a worm. Then of course I started to research this phenomena. How do people know what to run from and what to play with. The only basic information I found on the internet was that this is a innate function and with no further explanations. So, I want to explore this innate function as a biological function or a spiritual function. Are Human Beings born with pre-installed memory?

How is Genetic Memory Formed ?

Scientist have recently found that memory is stored in the DNA of cells in the form of complex protein structures. This genetic information is replicated during the embryonic stages of life. Therefore, hidden away in our brains are past experiences that are not readily available to the conscious mind for scrutiny and evaluation. This information is instead made available to the sub-conscious brain as a instinctive drive towards the natural sustenance of life. When that Cobra strikes, Humans will automatically jump back avoiding the same mistakes their ancestors made. This autonomic reaction (reflex) is powered by the genetic memories that runs throughout our blood.

The part of the brain that forms memory is also responsible for emotions. Getting bitten by a cobra will invoke deep emotions in the brain which triggers the award/pain circuit which then forces the memory into the brain permanently. Something else happens, The information is forced into DNA as a complex protein algorithm. This information is then made available to bodies subconscious, reflex systems throughout subsequent generations.

How is Genetic Memory transferred?

How this memory is exactly encoded and transferred is still a mystery. Our sense of self and life long experiences are rendered as a permanent blueprint into our DNA. Everything that has emotionally or physically impacted us is stored in our sperm or egg. When the knowledge of the egg becomes fertilized by the knowledge of the sperm. The two knowledge's are infused to become a more sophisticated being than either of its two contributors. The Architectural design contained in the DNA is shortly developed and manifested into existence with the physical and mental attributes necessary to survive the present environment.


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