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Hold On...

Updated on December 15, 2013

Hold On

As I saw the sun break in her tearful eyes; she took a deep breath and said with great relief “Praise be to God I made it through another day“. I could tell her agony tormented her so much that she repeated those words every dawn. The night was long, and though the stars weren't shining they held the moon of hope that tomorrow might just be a better day. I felt helpless to those words. The candle of life for most people was blown away by the wind of despair; hoping her case was different I held her hand and listened.

As she began to take me through the pain she endured; I felt her world fall apart the moment she talked about her lost child. I felt the light fade in the dark as her tears ran down her face. I could see the waves of blood flood the shores as she spoke of her husband’s last breath. I could hear the angels cry but their tears were overlooked by everyone. I could see the shadows of those events fill her heart. I could feel her pain…I really could.

I was speechless, but for some reason I had the strongest faith that this was not the end for her, and that maybe I can help light the candle of hope in a heart yearning for peace. I told her that those days burned through the pages of her life, but when rising from the ashes; she will rise stronger than all the men and all the youth. I told her when there is no light to break up the dark, close your eyes and wait; for the night is always darkest before dawn. I told her when you see the red waves flood, know that the sea of time will not forget those blessed souls which flourish the land of the heavens above. And I told her the angels are singing a melody of prayers for every lost and living hurt soul.

Those words were maybe incapable of curing the pain she was in, but we have to truly believe that when God says “With hardship comes ease” we have to endure the hardship to attain the beauty and delight of ease…

Reem Alirhayim


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