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Holiday Survival Tips for Empaths

Updated on December 6, 2013

Holidays As An Empath

The holidays can be a stressful time for most people. If you are an Empath, much more so. Here I offer some suggestions as to how Empaths can get through it and enjoy the season.

Shopping online is ideal for Empaths
Shopping online is ideal for Empaths | Source

Holiday Shopping

The first, and major, pitfall for Empaths usually starts well before the actual holidays in the form of shopping. Even if you just need to run out to grab something quick, it can be a process. Malls especially can be a nightmare. I always tend to avoid the mall if at all possible and have usually refused to set foot in one after Thanksgiving. Several years ago, before the advent of computers, this was a more difficult task. As most stores are now centrally located in malls, it becomes a matter of convenience to shop there. During the holidays, it is almost impossible to use the “quickly in, quickly out” method I tend to employ on my mall trips.

The first tip is obvious - Shop Online. Even if you prefer to shop local stores, many have websites available for ordering. It is painless, and you can browse at leisure without having to constantly be bombarded by other people’s energy. My experience is that I become so overwhelmed at times, no matter how strong my shield, that I end up making snap decisions that are not always the best. This is especially true towards the end of my shopping excursion. Shopping online has been a good experience for me.

Limit your shopping to less busy times if your time is more flexible. Some shopping centres have early and late hours available. If it is a possibility for you, early bird or late night shopping may work out better. There may still be a good deal of other people out, but probably not as many as during the regular hours. If you find that you have to go during peak shopping hours, try to spread it out and limit it to short trips with a specific agenda. Know what you want ahead of time and have a mission.

If you absolutely must go, don’t wait until the last minute. I always tended to put it off because I dislike shopping so much, but it ended up being much more stressful. First of all, it is more crowded as people are rushing for last minute items. Also, the mood of “good will” is quickly wearing off as people are more stressed.

Overindulging can subdue the ability to properly deflect emotions
Overindulging can subdue the ability to properly deflect emotions | Source

Holiday Gatherings

While often fun, holiday gatherings can be stressful for an Empath. The energy of parties can often go either way, especially when alcohol is thrown into the mix. If you know everyone at the gathering, the energy may be very familiar and bearable. If it is a party where you don’t know many of the guests, it can get uncomfortable.

Often at those types of gatherings, I need to step away somewhere quiet for a few moments. I use the time for a short meditation and to renew my shield. If you can step outside, it is perfect. The “fresh air” excuse is always understandable. Otherwise, you can go to the restroom. Take a few minutes to regroup and return to the party somewhat refreshed.

Also, it has been my experience that intoxicants can make it harder to shield. They amplify the energy for me. So, try to limit your intake. At the very least, alternate an alcoholic drink with water. This is good advice in general. If the atmosphere tends to get sticky or a confrontation seems likely, send some positive energy into the room to help “clear the air”.

Smudging with white sage is an excellent way to cleanse negative energy.
Smudging with white sage is an excellent way to cleanse negative energy. | Source
Labradorite Crystals can be helpful to shield your energy from the chaos around you.
Labradorite Crystals can be helpful to shield your energy from the chaos around you. | Source

In General

During this time, it is important to pay attention to self care. Empaths need to cleanse and destress on a regular basis. A salt bath is an excellent way to cleanse of negative energy while relaxing at the same time. If you are limited on time, smudging with sage or other cleansing herbs is essential.

Be sure to meditate daily and pay special attention to grounding and shielding. Surround yourself often with white light, and let it extend through your aura.

Find a crystal, or a few, that resonates with you and carry it on you at all times. I love rose quartz, labradorite and amethyst.

If you have a sacred space set up, spend time there each day. Even if it is only a corner in your home, connecting with the peaceful energy of a space all your own is very calming.

Learn to say “no”. If you feel overwhelmed and need a rest, give yourself permission to say no. We tend to think we need to go to every event, or take on every task. If you are asked to do something and you truly don’t want to or can’t, then say no. Most people will understand this.

It is also very important to get proper rest and nutrition. Non processed whole foods will nourish you while keeping you healthy. Avoid sugar and take care with intoxicants (this includes caffeine!). Drink plenty of water. Proper nutrition is key to keeping the mind, body and spirit well and working properly together.


This seems rather dire and harsh when taken all together. Truth is, the holidays can also be a good deal of fun. Empaths do not just experience the bad energy, but the good as well. It is supposed to be a time of joy and goodwill, and those feelings are circulating also. It is a time to spend with family and friends. Take comfort in your traditions and enjoy the warmth. When proper care has been taken, you can be mindful of the present and just bask in the joy of the season.

I wish you all the very best of the holiday season.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I really liked this hub. I just read it and realized that over the years I have developed most the techniques and use them, just as needed for survival. The good news is you can really feel other people, the bad news is that you can really feel other people.