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Holy Spirit Teaching- Genesis

Updated on November 17, 2009

Holy Spirit Teaching

Genesis 2:7

God created the man out of the dust. I want you to think vividly what God had done before He breathed the breath of life into the man's nostrils. First He kept the dust on the palm of Him, then He drew the man in His own image and carefully, full of awarness He breathed the life force of the Spirit into the man.  This action of breathing itself reveals how God Almighty earnestly raised His palm on which He formed the man to His own mouth to breath the breath of life force into the nostrils of the man. He formed the man with careful attention in His own image and likeness. Through out Genesis we can observe obviously the love and campassion and the earnest willingness to protect the man he had formed for Him.

Our God is  trinuine being, he created man out of his own breath of life. The breath of life is Jesus Christ. He is the life and the light! Man became a living being after God had breathed the breath of life. According to Genesis, the breath of life that we have in our soul is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the life of man. Without Him there is no true life , there is no true light in our life.

Without our Lord Jesus' existence, our soul never becomes a living soul. If there is no Jesus, the soul is dead! This is the very reason why most of people on earth have numbed feelings towards the word of God.

Genesis 2: 8

Soon after God breathed the berath of life into the man and the man became alive, a living soul. When the man became alive, he was on the palm of God, under the intensive care of the Almigty God. When you accept the Lord Jesus in your life and believe you are saved by the water and spirit, you are aslo on the very palm of God Almighty, protected by Him all the time.



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